10 Questions to Ask a Doctor before Surgery

10 Questions To Ask A Doctor Before Surgery

Millions of people undergo surgery every year in all parts of the world. While some surgeries are minor; others are major. Also, some surgeries are elective and some are recommended to be done on an emergency basis. Whatever be the kind of surgery it is important to have complete information regarding the same before the beginning of the procedure. This helps in understanding the procedure as well as gives an idea regarding the risks and complications that might be associated with the surgery. Not only this; the benefits of the surgery are also explained to the family members of the patient. If your surgeon is not very co-operative, you can always seek consultation and ask a doctor online regarding the surgery. Before the surgery, get an appointment with the best online doctor and place all your queries in front of him. Since the doctor is online, you can freely ask him questions as many are hesitant to ask the doctor questions face to face.

Questions To Ask A Doctor Before Surgery

When a doctor recommends surgery for a patient, it is important to understand whether the patient needs it at all or if it can be averted. And for that, it is important that a thorough discussion with the doctor takes place. Along with discussing with the doctor, you can also ask a doctor online and seek his consultation regarding the case. You might have to present all the reports and investigation results of the patient to the doctor online so that he can provide his valuable opinion after studying the case in detail. When both the doctors say that surgery is the only remedy, you can be sure that the treatment is being done in the right direction. However, there are times when there is an opinion difference. In such cases, it becomes difficult to understand which doctor is providing the right treatment. A third opinion might be useful.

But if surgery is inevitable, here are some questions to ask a doctor before surgery:

1. What is the surgical procedure which will be followed and why is this method being chosen over other alternative surgery procedures?

2. How will the surgery be performed? Is a demo available?

3. What are the risks and complications associated with the surgical procedure? Can some preventive measures be taken to minimize the risks and complications?

4. What are the anesthesia options available for the surgery? Will it be local anesthesia or complete general anesthesia?

5. Are any kinds of special preparations needed before surgery like a special diet, stopping any medication, starting some medicine, investigations, etc?

6. What would be the approximate time taken for the surgery to be completed?

7. What is the approximate time for which hospital stay is needed after the surgery? For many surgeries, patients can go back to their home on the same day of the surgery.

8. What kind of post-surgery care is needed for the patient? What will be the medications, diet and other things so that quick recovery is attained?

9. Will there be changes that need to be made in the lifestyle post-surgery?

10. What should be done if some complications arise after surgery, after getting back home?

Make sure that you ask a doctor online these questions so that you have a complete idea of the whole surgery procedure. These are all simple and general questions and must be answered by the surgeon. However, it is also true that there is no golden rule that works for surgical cases. While for one patient, the rule might work, but for another, it might not.

Online Medical Second Opinion For Surgeries

Particularly for complicated and complex surgeries, it is always recommended to seek a medical second opinion online so that you are sure that the right decision is being taken. You might have the best surgeons doing the surgery, but when your loved one is under the knives and scissors, it is always good to be double sure of the whole process. And this is where the importance of second opinion is established. You can ask a doctor online regarding a complex surgery and he will also opine regarding taking a second opinion to be extra sure. Make appointment with the doctor online and discuss the case in detail for your own peace of mind.

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