Can You Get Eczema On Lips

Eczema On Lips- Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Eczema causes acute flare-ups on the skin and can be itchy and painful but can you get eczema on your lips. The answer is YES, as lips are even part of the human skin. Let us get into detail regarding causes, symptoms and other details about eczema on lips.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a type of skin condition that leads to harsh flare-ups on the skin. Symptoms of it can be anything from painful blisters, itchy rashes to cracked skin. Eczema can begin at any age and can also reoccur all through life. Usually, flare-ups last only for a short time.

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Can You Get Eczema On Your Lips?

Yes, a person can get eczema on lips and it is known as eczematous cheilitis and lip dermatitis. Drying, redness, and scaling on the lips are the common signs of it. This condition occurs due to genetic disposition to eczema or due to external factors which can range from making use of lipstick that irritates the skin to licking of lips.

People may also be prone to weeping eczema on lips which is the condition wherein pus-filled blisters appear on the lips.

Symptoms Of Eczema On Lips

These symptoms are common and appear on both the lips besides they may even be seen around the lips, mainly the outer and inner parts of the mouth. The major area that usually gets affected the most is the skin near the mouth and where the internal red portion of the mouth contacts the skin.

It is even natural to see a modification in pigmentation about the lips. People with fair skin may have brown or reddish skin while people with darker-skin could notice the skin turning darker or lighter.

When you notice such symptoms ask a dermatologist to confirm if it as many people cannot differentiate if it is eczema on lips or cold sores or some other kind of skin infection.

What Causes Eczema On Lips?

    The definite cause of eczema is often not known and is generally interlinked to an allergy, a family history of eczema or an irritant.

    Below are the common causes of eczema on the lips;

    • Pollen
    • Eating a few types of foods
    • Smoke
    • Sensitiveness to cold or heat
    • Having an infection on the upper respiratory system
    • Animal dander allergy

    How Long Does Eczema Last On Lips?

    There is no one straight cut answer for this, in a few people it is a life-long condition. It depends on stages of it which are usually 3 stages classified as;

    • Chronic
    • Acute and
    • Subacute

    If it is chronic it gets better with increasing age and if it is acute it can last for a few weeks and come to the subacute stage, things can fall back quickly and worsen if the cause is left untreated.

    The problem here is, no person will never have a specific eczema rash incessantly but one can have the risks for flare-ups whenever one encounters eczema triggers leading to an indefinite period or uncertain period of the condition. As such, how long eczema lasts on lips is not specific.

    Treatment For Eczema On Lips

    Eczema on lips is treatable however, dryness and itching are the ones that bother people. Keeping lips moist with lip balms, lotions and moisturizers can lessen dryness and itches. Apply them when the lips are damp, usually after washing the face or cleaning it. Prefer products with 1% hydrocortisone as these will lessen inflammation.

    If it is severe and over-the-counter medicines aren’t helping, get in touch with a doctor who may suggest an antihistamine or an antibiotic lessen the condition. A few of the prescription skin creams can heal the lips and obstruct flare-ups.

    How To Prevent Eczema On Lips?

    Make the following lifestyle changes to prevent eczema on lips;

    • Lessen stress as it is one kind of emotion that can increase the allergic response of the body.
    • Moisturize the lips frequently. Make use of moisture creams every night and morning. Keep using lip balm often and avoid licking lips.
    • Avoid exposing lips to extreme weather. Extreme cold and hot can irritate lips. Rub sweat as soon as possible as it can lead to a flare-up.
    • If it is due to an allergic reaction, avoid all products and foods that have that allergen.

    So, it is now clear that the answer for can you get eczema on your lips is YES, so avoid triggers that cause eczema.

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