How Long Does A Black Eye Last?

How Long Does A Black Eye Last?

A black eye is certainly not appealing to watch, and yet, there are over 2.5 million traumatic eye injuries every year in the United States alone, and they do result in a black eye. This means that there are a lot of people asking the same question – How long does a black eye last? And of course, what can you do about it? Let’s find out then, shall we?

What Is A Black Eye?

A black eye is defined as present bruising around the eye. The most common cause for a black eye is trauma that has happened to the face or the head, which has resulted in bleeding beneath the skin around the eye. The blunt force trauma has led to damage to the small blood vessels under the skin around the eye, which causes blood to leak into the surrounding tissue, resulting in the obvious black eye.

Most black eyes do not classify as a medical emergency; however, some cases of the black eye can point out to a skull fracture. A black eye can also develop after certain surgical procedures such as a facelift or nose surgery. Hemophilia, epidural hematoma, concussion, subdural hematoma, etc. are just some other health issues that result in a more severe black eye.
Black eye symptoms, apart from the evident discoloration around the eye, include pain and swelling around the eye, and potentially a blurred vision. If you experience double vision, vision loss, blood on the eyeball surface, fainting, and a severe headache, please contact a healthcare professional right away.

The Stages Of A Black Eye

A black eye does not appear right after the trauma has taken place. Instead, there are certain stages of a black eye that need to happen in order for the black eye to develop at the end. Let’s look into these four stages of a black eye that characterize themselves mainly with changes in the discoloration of the surrounding tissue of the eye.

Stage One

Once you have experienced a trauma to your face or head, the skin around the eye will start to look pink or red. The surrounding tissue will also become swollen and tender at the touch, as pain will start to take place.

Stage Two

Within the next day, the surrounding tissue will start changing its color. From pink or red, you will notice as it becomes blue or dark purple. Because of the low oxygen supply and the present swelling, hemoglobin, which has its typical red color, has now changed its color into a blue or dark purple. Stage two is the one that lasts the longest.

Stage Three

Stage three characterizes itself with the present bruising changing its color and appear more greenish in color. The green color represents the breakdown of hemoglobin, but also, the beginning of the recovery and healing process.

Stage Four

Stage four is the last stage that your black eye will go through. This is at the very same end, and it represents the ending stage of the reabsorption process that your body goes through. During stage four, your black eye will start to fade and change its color to yellow.

How Long Does A Black Eye Last?

Many will have a doubt of how long does a black eye last as most of the people are very concerned for injuries on the face. The healing time of a black eye usually takes up to 10 days. In cases of a more severe head or face injury, the healing time can be longer, but that is not the usual case. Most black eyes do not require medical treatment and can be treated at home with remedies that we are going to discuss in a little while. As for a permanent black eye, you should not worry about it. Black eyes are temporary, and in a few days, it will all be back to normal.

How Do You Make A Black Eye To Go Away?

Black Eye Remedies

  1. The black eye remedy for milder black eyes usually involves using pain medications, rest, and applying cold compresses on the area. Please use ice only as applying frozen packs, and raw meat can be contaminated with bacteria that can cause additional infections to the eye.
  2. Using Vitamin C and Vitamin K has also proven to cause many beneficial effects for black eyes, speeding the healing process.
  3. A gentle massage in the surrounding area can help activate the lymphatic system in order to speed the healing process as well. Avoid this remedy if you still have swelling or if massaging causes pain.


Today we explored the topic of black eyes. From how long does a black eye last, to what are its symptoms and common black eye remedies. We now believe that you have all the information that you need about black eyes and how to treat them the next time that you might end up with one!

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