When To See A Doctor For An Insect Bite?

When To See A Doctor For An Insect Bite?

Bug bites or insect bites are annoying but most of the bites are harmless. Nevertheless, some may be infectious and itching. And during such times seeking doctor intervention and getting treatment is necessary as these are infected insect bites. Most of the insect bites are cured with antibiotics but few bites trigger us to ask the question: is this an infected insect bite when to see a doctor? Visiting a doctor is a must in conditions such as a bite from poisonous insects, a bite that leads to allergic conditions, and Lyme disease.

What Are Infected Insect Bites?

As said above insect bites are of 2 types: infected insect bite & non-infected insect bite.

To know if the bite is infectious look for the below symptoms;

  • Redness & swelling that lingers for long around the bite
  • Pus
  • Rising pain
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Warm feeling surrounding the bite
  • A long reddish line that extends from bites
  • Abscesses or sores around or on a bite
  • Swollen glands

How To Identify Infected Insect Bites?

If you notice any of the symptoms from the above-mentioned ones it could be an infected insect bite. In addition, a person will also experience a few common infections such as;

  • Impetigo, a type of skin infection usually in children but can also be found in adults.
  • Cellulitis, a kind of bacterial infection that’s found near the bite.
  • Lymphangitis, a kind of inflammation that extends from the bite.

When To Worry About Insect Bites?

If no over-the-counter drugs and home remedies work it means the insect bite should be taken seriously. In addition, any of the above symptoms too can sound a worry as if left untreated things may worse and lead to some other serious health concern.

How To Treat Infected Insect Bite At Home?

Many of the home treatments aim at curing the infection symptoms while one is on antibiotics. Try these home remedies for quick relief;

  • Use water & soap to clean the insect bite.
  • Cover the bite and other infected regions.
  • If you have swelling use ice bags.
  • You can use topical hydrocortisone cream or ointment to lower swelling and itching.
  • Calamine lotion can be used to lower itching.
  • You can also rely on antihistamines such as Benadryl to lower swells & itches.

Infected Insect Bite When To See A Doctor?

If all these home remedies don’t work then it’s time to visit a doctor. See a physician if;

  • If you experience systemic infection symptoms like fever and chills. Immediately seek physician advice if the fever is more than 100 degrees immediately.
  • Be careful with children who have an insect bite, it’s better to take the child to the doctor as soon as he/she is bitten by a bug.
  • Lymphangitis signs like extended streaks from bites.
  • Abscesses or sores around a bite.
  • Increased pain around the bite after a few days.
  • If the infection isn’t getting better even after the application of antibiotic ointment for 2 days.
  • When the redness increases and spreads following 2 days of insect bite.

Extreme Medical Treatments

In most cases, home remedies and doctor prescribed antibiotics work and in case these don’t show any efficacy then the doctor may prescribe stronger oral or injectable antibiotics and topical lotions.

The other extreme case may be a minor surgery in case an abscess develops due to insect bite infection. This surgery drains fluid from the abscess.

Other Times To Consult A Doctor When Insect Bites

Contamination is merely a reason to seek doctor advice following an insect sting or bite. You should even consult a physician if you:

In addition to these doctors also say people often ask if I have a spider bite when to see a doctor and according to them a spider bite followed by cramps, fever, nausea, heavy pain, and ulcers is good enough to consult a doctor.

Most of the times insect bites are not dangerous and infectious but still, it is better to be cautious with them. These, in brief, are the answers from experts regarding infected insect bite when to see a doctor and how to deal with insect bites.

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