Long Term Side Effects of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Side Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

According to the data in the custody of the World Health Organization, the emergency contraceptive pill is safe. Similarly, the data confirms that only a few women use this morning after pill after unprotected sex. This raises a concern about the civic awareness of the proper use of the emergency contraceptive pill. It is valid to some extent. But the reality is that there are several long term risks that most health experts are shy to speak about. Today we will discuss the long term side effects of emergency contraceptive pills.

Long Term Side Effects

The long term side effects of emergency contraceptive pills are both behavioral and medical. The most known are the short term effects like nausea, headaches, and delaying the monthly periods for some days. Let us get down to debunking the safety myth of the morning-after pills.

Behavioral Effects

1. Casual Unprotected Sex

The dependence of women on emergency contraceptives prompts the morality question in society. It is high time the health experts start this debate. Most of the clients who purchase pills are young women and girls. The presumption is the girls are not married yet. Thus, there is a higher risk of these girls suffering other casual sex-related predicaments. The same WHO report confirms that many of the women in western countries ignore safe sex or are indifferent to it.

2. Dosage Abuse

In most pharmacies, the emergency contraceptives are over the counter drugs. This gives the leeway of people of getting them without proper prescription. Again, experts agree that the contraceptives are not 100% effective. Though there is little conclusive data, there is a possibility of abuse by increasing the dosage. Unless there is a substantial restriction, this underlying factor will erupt as a long term side effect of emergency contraceptive pills.

Medical Effects

1. Ectopic Pregnancy

This possibility is a fact in medical circles. In some cases, fertilization occurs before the woman takes the morning pill. When this happens, the emergency contraceptive pill blocks the fertilized egg from attaching itself in the uterus. Thus, it implants itself in the fallopian tube. An ectopic pregnancy is a fatal medical condition. Eventually, an abortion occurs.

2. Infertility

Well, there is little direct connection that emergency contraceptive pills can cause infertility. The primary risk in women is exposure to venereal diseases. The morning-after pill prevents pregnancy, but not sexual diseases. Gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and hepatitis can contribute to infertility. So, it remains the fact that infertility is a long term effect of emergency contraceptive pills.

3. Terminal Disorders

Levonorgestrel is the main ingredient in most emergency contraceptive pills. The long term effects of emergency contraceptive pills are dire. Though people are not aware, they may get several lifelong diseases. The long term exposure to the chemical leads to massive deposits in your body. Internal body organs gradually deteriorate in their functioning. The end result is suffering from fatal life disorders.

4. Cancer

The long term exposure of these powerful chemicals can expose you to the risk of cancer. The debate over this is still raging in the medical fraternity. Some of the chemical ingredients are known to be triggers of certain malignant cell tumors. Since most of the manifestations will be similar to some venereal diseases, there is a high possibility of you getting cancer.

5. Hormonal Imbalances

The emergency contraceptive pills help in delaying the ovulation of a woman. Every time you ingest the pill, you have some days of delays. Over some time, your natural reproductive calendar becomes captive to the pill. In short, you lose control of your monthly period calendar. Due to the irregular functioning of the hormones, your body may suffer other regulatory functions of the internal organs.


Unlike the popular belief, the long term side effects of emergency contraceptive pills are real. It is good to have morning pills but under strict regulation. This will help consumers to get the full information of what they are using. That rules out any future contradictions or court battles after adverse exposure to the chemicals. With researchers still battling in their medical field, women will continue to suffer. The silent information should be evident for all to be aware of a better choice.

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