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Online Gynecologist Vs Visiting A Gynecologist Near Me

Telemedicine has significantly changed the functioning of the healthcare system. With technological advancement, online gynecologist consultation becomes much easier than in the past. Freedom from travel burden, no leaves from the office and adherence to the follow-up consultation are some of the benefits offered with an online gynecologist consultation. Choosing a gynecologist from the ‘best gynecologist near me’ search on the internet is surely an object of the past.

Difference Between Obstetrics And Gynecology

Although generally used along with each other, Obstetrics and Gynecology are two different fields in women’s care. Both these laterals of women care focus on their overall health, however, the target patients for these specialties are different.

Gynecologists are the healthcare professionals that look after all the female health issues. These include disorders related to the menstrual cycle, PCOS, gynecological infections, hormonal fluctuations, hypogonadism, problems related to teens and adolescent women, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, pelvic floor disorders, and post-menopausal problems.

Obstetrics particularly deals with pregnancy and related problems. The area of care of these professionals include pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. In a general sense, the service is related to pregnancy and midwifery. Main areas for obstetrics include prenatal care which comprises of various blood tests and imaging assessments during various trimesters, managing the intercurrent disease that may occur during pregnancy, such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid, and SLE. Obstetrics is also responsible for managing induction and labor and ensuring adequate postnatal care.

What Conditions Can Online OB/GYNs Manage Using Telemedicine?

Advanced and highly sophisticated technologies have made possible the consultation for various diseases on the online platform. The diseases, for which women frequently visited the gynecologist before, can now be managed through an online gynecologist. You can ask a gynecologist online for;

1. Gestational Diabetes

Inadequate management of gestational diabetes may lead to pregnancy complications. Along with medications such as insulin, special care should be taken regarding meals and exercises. Online consultation helps the patients to remain in constant touch with the clinician.

2. Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is one of the most common conditions experienced after childbirth. You can talk to a gynecologist online for help.

3. Hypertension And Preeclampsia

Hypertension and preeclampsia require regular monitoring. Gynecologist advice online helps patients to get the best assistance by allowing close monitoring by doctors.

4. Overall Pregnancy Management

Pregnancy requires regular attention, right from the food you eat to exercise and medications. Online gynecologist consultation makes it possible as the doctor is now just a few clicks away from you.

5. Counseling For Conception

Tele consultation also helps in counseling for conception and helps the couple in achieving pregnancy.

6. Family Planning Consultation

Tele-gynecology also provides consultation related to family planning and advice you regarding various methods of contraception.

7. Tele-Diagnosis

Digital platform is also used to submit various reports for diagnosis of disease. These include Telemammography, Telecolposcopy, Telepsychiatry, and Telemedicine in fetal monitoring.

The Importance Of Gynecology Second Opinion

The second opinion in medical conditions is an important tool in case there is a confusion regarding diagnosis and treatment suggested by the primary physician. Although a second opinion is generally suggested but becomes more essential when;

  • You are not convinced by the advice given by your doctor or all your queries are not answered satisfactorily.
  • You have co-morbid medical conditions.
  • The treatment suggested by your primary physician is risky such as recommendation for immediate surgery.
  • You are diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

The second opinion not only provides you satisfaction but also allow you to make a well-informed decision by increasing the volume of disease-related information. With a second opinion, you have more than one treatment options and based on the advantages and disadvantages of all treatment options, you may opt for the best.

In certain cases, the insurance companies make it mandatory to get a second opinion before reimbursing the cost of treatment.

How Is An Online Gynecologist Consultation Different From Visiting A ‘Gynecologist Near Me’?

Just a few years ago, many doctors were not comfortable in using the internet service to provide consultation. With the technological advancement, powerful cameras and vast network of the internet almost at every corner of the world, doctors began to show a more positive attitude for implementation of teleconsultation.

Taking online gynecologist consultation is better as compared to visiting a ‘gynecologist near me’ as the former separates out the non-essential things from the essential stuff. During online consultation, you feel more comfortable at your place as compared to a hospital/clinic environment. Traveling, looking space for parking and waiting for your turn is avoided that makes you more relaxed and you communicate with the doctor in a better mood during online gynecologist consultation. Almost 95 percent of your total time is devoted to interaction with gynecologist during online consultation as compared to approximately 20 percent in traditional visit where most of the time goes in waiting for the turn and traveling.

Studies proved that online gynecologist is as good as a 24-hour gynecologist near you. A study was conducted to compare the quality and communicative interactions between the doctor and the patients in web-based consultation and face-to-face consultation. The study concluded that there was no difference between both the consultations in terms of sharing information, relationship building and decision making. In both types of consultation, doctors and patients were equally satisfied. Another study indicates the teleconsultation helps reduce distress in patients.

A study conducted in 2007 suggests the need for new training programs to improve the communication skills of doctors and the ability to express empathy in web-based consultations. However, the study was done more than a decade back and the doctors are now more experienced in web-based consultations.

How Do I Look For Best Online Gynecologists?

Service providers generally manage teleconsultation. These service providers list various online gynecologists on their platform from which you must choose the one that provides the best experience during consulting a gynecologist.

Although these service providers verify the medical degree and training documents of the online gynecologists still many patients are confused regarding how to choose the best gynecologist. Apart from reading the patients’ feedback related to a doctor, you should also check the credibility of the doctor from other sources.

You should go through the experience section of the online gynecologist to ensure if he/she has a hands-on experience to treat medical disorders that you are suffering from. You should also verify the claims of gynecologists/service providers by your friends or family members who had visited the doctor.

Taking cautious measures while using technology is need of the hour. Care is even more essential when it is related to your health. Various web platforms are available on which you can ask pregnancy questions online with free follow ups.

What Are The Requirements For Online Consultation?

There are two ways to present yourself for online gynecologist consultation. One is to visit the nearby clinic or center which connects you with the gynecologists. In such cases, you would not have to worry regarding the requirements as everything will be at the perfect place before you visit the center.

However, if you are planning for an online gynecologist consultation from your home then you should cater to certain needs. The requirement includes a quiet room with enough light so that your face is easily visible to the person on the other side of the digital platform, a computer or tablet or mobile phone with a camera, and an internet connection fast enough to ensure uninterrupted consultation.

Your device should be equipped with a powerful microphone for a better conversation with the gynecologist. To avoid any last-minute problems, you should check all the connections beforehand.

How Would Be My Starting Session?

Many patients feel anxious about their first session of teleconsultation. There is no need to get worried as online gynecologist consultation is almost like face-to-face consultation. During the first session, you may be asked general questions related to your life to make you feel comfortable. The doctor will listen to you carefully regarding the medical conditions you are experiencing. As the doctor requires detailed information to diagnose the disease perfectly, you should ensure that you provide comprehensive and correct information. Your first session would be an orientation and induction with the doctor providing general instructions along with access to online gynecology prescriptions. The first session may end up with the follow-up consultation schedule and the benefit you may experience until the next session.

What Are The Benefits Of Tele-gynecology?

Online gynecologist consultation in women’s health has opened new prospects to the patients as it is now possible to take consultation from the doctors to whom the patients cannot visit due to various reasons. Tele-gynecology is advantageous to the patients, clinicians and overall healthcare resources.

The Benefit To The Patients

  • In many cases, women may not be able to visit the clinic. In such cases, teleconsultation helps in connecting the patient with the gynecologist.
  • In cases of immediate help, tele-gynecology bypasses the traveling time and tiredness due to traveling. They are free from travel burdens.
  • Most patients take a lax attitude towards follow-up visits primarily due to a cumbersome process of traveling and visiting a clinic. With teleconsultation, the adherence of treatment and follow-up are high.

Benefits To The Clinicians

  • Teleconsultation allows the clinicians to consult the patient through advanced care.
  • Tele-gynecology increases the number of patients for consultation including the follow-up consultation.
  • The consultation of doctors is not only restricted to its area of service rather it has a far-reaching digital presence throughout the world.

Benefits To The Healthcare System

  • Teleconsultation helps in optimizing the use of healthcare resources.
  • It helps in increasing overall customer satisfaction.
  • It helps in synchronizing the appointment leading to minimum time-loss.
  • Tele-gynecology improves the healthcare infrastructure by channelizing the consultation of specialist gynecologists to remote areas.

Get Your Questions Answered

When you enter personal information on a digital platform, the most serious concern is privacy. The digital platform is managed by the third party and you may have a data integrity issue. As you are discussing your intimate issues with the doctor on a third-party platform, you have all the right in the world to make clear all your doubts related to data confidentiality.

You may also ask other apprehensions such as cost and how to validate the genuineness of the doctor. Following are some of the sample questions that require answers;

  • Is my personal information would be kept a secret?
  • What would be the cost involved?
  • Do the cost incurred through online consultation can be reimbursed through insurance?
  • Can I accompany any friend or relative in the online consultation?
  • What are the requirements during the initial consultation?

Tele-Gynecology Is All Set To Knock The Medical Service Industry

Online gynecologist consultation is all-set to disrupt the way women were provided consultation. High-speed internet, informed patients and familiarity with digital technology are the growth drivers of online gynecologist consultation. Web-based gynecology consultation imparts benefits to patients, physicians, and the overall healthcare system. Tele-gynecology has already knocked on the door of the medical service industry and increased acceptability is not too far on the cards. Teleconsultation has ensured that you do not have to choose from the search for ‘the best gynecologist near me’ when doctors from all over the world are available for providing online gynecologist consultation.

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