Painful Bump On Bottom Of Foot

Do Not Ignore Bump On The Bottom Of Foot

Bump on bottom of foot is a common condition. It can occur due to various reasons. Fortunately, most cases are not much of concern. However, bumping in the foot may reduce the quality of life and cause discomfort. In case of a painful bump on bottom of heel, you should visit the doctor to identify the possible cause. Most conditions require non-invasive treatment. Various factors increase the risk of developing a bump on bottom of foot. The doctor may advise some preventive measures to avoid their recurrence in the future.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bump On Bottom Of Foot?

A painful bump on bottom of foot is sometimes a symptom of the underlying disease. It can be accompanied by various other symptoms. These symptoms are;


Bump on the bottom of foot may be accompanied by pain in the foot. Patients suffering from synovial sarcoma experience pain along with a bump on the foot. Similar symptoms are experienced in patients with Haglund’s deformity.


Patients may also experience swelling and inflammation surrounding the bump. Swelling is of common occurrence in bursitis of the heel.


Painful bumps on the bottom of heel are sometimes tender to touch and cause discomfort.


Bump on the bottom of the foot may also cause itching and irritation.

Difficulty In Walking

Patients may feel difficulty in walking when they are suffering from bumps on bottom of foot.

What Are The Causes Of Bump On Bottom Of Foot?

The following are some of the various causes for a bump on bottom of foot;

Plantar Fibroma

A plantar fibroma is a benign mass of cells. The exact cause of plantar fibroma is not known. Researchers believe that genetics plays a role in developing this condition. In this condition, there is a bump on the bottom of the foot arch. Patients experience severe pain while applying pressure on the foot with plantar fibroma.


Overuse of the heel may cause inflammation in the bursa. Bursa is a sac present at joints and contains fluid. Bursitis may lead to a sore bump on bottom of foot. Repetitive pressure on heels such as prolonged running and jumping may cause bursitis.

Haglund’s Deformity

Haglund’s deformity may also cause a painful bump on bottom of foot. The condition is caused due to irritation in the heel bone. If Haglund’s deformity remains untreated it may progress to cause bursitis. Patients with this condition experience pain and irritation.

Synovial Sarcoma

Although rare, sarcoma is the malignant mass of cells with the potential to spread to other organs. It causes pain and numbness in the foot. Synovial sarcoma may occur at any part of the body.

Dyshidrotic Eczema

The exact cause of Dyshidrotic eczema remains unknown. However, researchers link this eczema with allergies and stress. Patients suffering from Dyshidrotic eczema are presented by fluid-filled itchy bumps on the bottom of the foot.


Cysts are fluid-filled sacs. These may occur at any part of the body. Patients may or may not experience symptoms. These are benign and do not spread.

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Plantar Warts

Human Papillomavirus is the main cause of plantar warts. Patients with plantar warts have a small fleshy mass. The plantar warts are healed without any treatment.

Excess Force On The Toe While Walking

Because of extra force on the toe, a callus is formed. The patient may have their bone enlarged.

Abnormal Alignment Of Toes

Because of a problem in the alignment of metatarsals, the patient has an unequal distribution of weight. This may cause excess pressure on certain areas of the foot leading to mass formation.

What Are The Risk Factors For Developing Painful Bump On bottom Of The Foot?

Painful bump on bottom of heel is caused due to many conditions. Various factors increase the risk of developing this condition. These risk factors include;

  • Medical history of occurrence of a bump in the foot
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes
  • Wearing high heels
  • Family history such as in plantar fibromas
  • Foot injury
  • Overweight or obese

What Are The Treatment Options For Painful Bumps On Bottom Of Foot?

The following are some treatment options for painful bumps on the bottom of foot;

Relieving Pressure From The Bump

To treat bumps, the physician must remove pressure due to which it is caused. The doctor may advise using foot orthosis. It helps in relieving the pressure. The molded insole also helps in normalizing the pressure.


For Dyshidrotic eczema, antihistamines and corticosteroids are prescribed to reduce itching and irritation. For reducing inflammation in bursitis and Haglund’s deformity, anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed.

Surgical Interventions

In some cases, the mass of the fluid is to be removed. This is done through minor surgical interventions. For example, in the case of plantar fibromas, the plantar fascia is to be removed. The fluid is drained from the cysts through the sterile needle.

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