Side Effects of Birth control Pills for Teenagers

Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills For Teenagers

It is a fact that most teenagers in the US are engaging in sex. The most worrying thing is that they are oblivious of the dangers they are exposing themselves to out there. Again, it is an open secret that many of the teenagers are using birth control pills. You cannot doubt the benefits of the pills. But it is also good to highlight the side effects of birth control pills for teenagers.

Effects Of The Pill For Teenagers

Most teenagers will attest to the beneficial part of the use of the oral contraceptive pill or birth control pills. One thing most of them do not realize is the magnitude of the short and long term side effects of birth control pills. As we know, it is prudent to talk to a medical practitioner about a suitable pill for you. Since you can secure pills without prescription, most of the teenagers do not. This leads to the concern of the day. That is the untold story behind the side effects of birth control pills for teenagers.

Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

There are two ways to approach this issue. The side effects are both psychological and medical. Today, we are looking at both of them. Psychological Side Effects

1. Casual Sex

Teenagers using the oral contraceptive pill know that they are secure from pregnancy. This mental effect drives them to engage in free unprotected sex with casual partners. Apart from the exposure to venereal diseases, there is a danger of having a bad reputation.

2. Bad Social Reputation

This is common in school or social setups. When a girl gets intimate with several partners, she becomes the talk of the town. Everyone keeps talking about how sweet or sour she tastes. This may lower the self-esteem of the victim.

Long Term Medical Side Effects Include

Apart from the common short term side effects, there are also several long term side effects that people rarely talk about.

1. Infertility

Exposing yourself to casual sex can lead to some sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. If you get these conditions over a period of time, they affect your reproductive organs. Eventually, you may suffer the ultimate risk of infertility in your later reproductive years. Then you may go into depression.

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2. Ineffectiveness

This is one side effect of birth control pills for teenagers that few know about. The chemical composition of the medicines may interact with other medication. When this occurs, it can be ineffective in its work. Thus, you may still get pregnant while on the pills. You need to visit a health expert before you choose what is suitable for you.

3. Cardiovascular Problems

These long term side effects of birth control pills for teenagers are perhaps the most fatal. The common trend is the use of a combination of birth control pills. This tendency brings the risk of exposure to other aliments like stroke, blood clots, and cardiac arrest. Again, if you have a history of one of these diseases in your family, then you are in a higher risk of the same. Liaise with the doctor on the same.

4. Cancer

There are several types of cancers that a teenager can contract while on the pills. The increase of the female hormones like estrogen exposes a teenager to cancer. Any surge of the hormones put you on the line of getting long term cancer. Some of the cancers associated with birth control pills are ovarian, breast, cervical, and liver cancers.

Consult a Doctor

There are several things that you need to consider before you settle for the birth control pill for your teenage girl. You need to consult your doctor to access what can be suitable for her. What is working for her friend can be detrimental to her overall health. Besides that, the doctor will advise the options available other than the pills. Whether you are religious or not, abstinence is the best option. It does not have any short or long term side effects.


It is the worry of any parent to have his or her daughter safe as they explore their sexuality. Wherever you can, talk to your daughter about abstinence. If that does not work for her, then visit the health expert for information. Explore both the short and long term side effects of birth control pills for teenagers. This way, you will help in exposing the real side effects of birth control pills for teenagers.

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