The Importance of ENT Second Opinion

Did you know that more than half of all visits to the physician’s office are for ENT problems? An ENT (ears, nose and throat) specialist is a medical professional trained and specialized in the medical and surgical treatment of the ears, throat, nose and nasal passages, upper pharynx (mouth and

Heart Attack or Panic Attack?

Everyone has some kind of fear in their life and many of them happen to be health related. What if the person has a fear that he is going to die soon? It is difficult to imagine a life of such person who lives in the fear of death every day! Contributed

Radiology Second Opinion – Facts and Reasons to Opt for It

The diagnosis and prognosis of your disease and path of treatment is strongly dependent on your imaging reports that includes MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT(Computerized Tomography) Scans, Mammography, Ultra Sound, X-Ray (Computed Radiography), etc. But, even the most experienced doctors and physicians can make mistakes in diagnosis once in a while.

8 Conditions that Require Neurology Second Opinion

Being diagnosed with a neurological disorder or facing a neurosurgery can be confusing and frightening for the patient as well as his/her family members, because everything depends on the right diagnosis and treatment. Getting a second opinion from another neurosurgeon is always a good idea in such cases because it