Causes of Breast Growth in 20s in Women

Breasts are the tissue found overlying the chest muscles and their growth starts at puberty and signs of breast growth in 20s continue in women. The main components of women’s breasts are specialized glandular tissue that produces milk along with fatty tissue. The amount of fat in the breasts determines

Causes of Burning Sensation while Ejaculation

If you suffer from an inflammatory or infectious condition, you may experience a burning sensation after ejaculation. Ejaculation is a contraction of muscles in the penis that help it release the semen and squeeze it from the testicles. The muscle contractions move it through the urethra and out of the

Top Questions to Ask a Urologist about Fertility

Fertility problems can prove to be the cause of major hassles for millions of couples across the world. Even if you are seeking treatment for the issue, it is actually helpful if you seek second opinion from a qualified and eminent fertility specialist. Fertility related disorders in women can be

Questions to Ask a Lung Cancer Doctor

People diagnosed with lung cancer needs to seek the right treatment right from the beginning. Most of the time, people fail to ask relevant questions to the doctor regarding their health condition. This may lead to inadequate treatment. Therefore, you need to ask a lung cancer doctor about the problems

How to get a Second Opinion for Cancer Treatment?

Among the killer ailments affecting a significant number of women and men worldwide, cancer deserves a special mention. Every year, several thousand victims of cancer succumb to this disease and a lot of others live life with several hassles and restrictions caused by it. There are various forms of cancer