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Dr B Soma Raju

Dr B Soma Raju

Dr H P C Khincha

Dr H P C Khincha

Orthopedician and Traumatologist
Dr P Vijayanand Reddy

Dr P Vijayanand Reddy

Radiation Oncologist
Dr Surendra Ugale

Dr Surendra Ugale

Bariatric Surgeon
Dr Thomas Cherian

Dr Thomas Cherian

Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgeon
Dr Tomasz Kameczura

Dr Tomasz Kameczura

Interventional Cardiologist

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30% of patients had a change in diagnosis and/or treatment options after their second opinion.*

What can you ask our specialists?

What is my MRI/CT scan showing?
What could be the cause of my chronic pain?
Can I change my Medication?
Are there any alternative treatment options?
Is this the right treatment?
Is my surgery avoidable?
Is this diagnosis right?

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