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Ask a Doctor Online and get immediate answer from our top physicians. Our physicians are world-class experts.

Our team of senior physicians will answer your question in detail. 

  • Board certified specialist doctors
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  • 24/7 Instant access to doctors
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Ask a Doctor Service at

Gain peace of mind with expert medical advice from our world renowned best doctors in each field who will provide personalised answers to your health queries. Our experts are available online when you need them. We have a trusted technology platform to ensure that all your private information is secure and encrypted. It's free to go back and forth with your doctor from your phone or computer 24-hours a day with two followups. BestDoctor offers patients the most cost effective options to ask renowned doctors and make informed decisions.

We have over 500 top doctors from 60 specialities to educate and guide you in arriving at a proper medical  diagnosis, treatment plan and decision making. The doctor will provide you a personalised medical advice. Most of the questions submitted under ask a doctor now service are answered within an hour. We recommend you to use 'ask a doctor online' service for non critical and wellness related health questions only. For emergency and critical conditions, please call emergency or go to your nearest hospital.

Our goal is to empower patients so they can make better health care decisions

Ask a Doctor Online if you:

  •  Are not keeping well — but not sure whether to see a doctor
  •  Need some medical advice about a family member or friend who’s sick
  •  Are on a holiday and need immediate medical advice
  •  Are embarrassed to go to the doctor about sexual conditions, hemorrhoids, depression, etc. 

Ask a Doctor - How it Works?

Submit your health question with gender, age, symptoms, current medications, height and weight. Explain your condition in detail so our doctors can understand your problem. Attach any lab reports and pictures if applicable. Your health query will be assigned to the concerned doctor/specialist for medical advice. Based on the criticality of the question, the doctor may discuss your medical case with other doctors in the panel to provide the right answer for your medical question. You will receive prompt and secure answer for your question to your Inbox. Top doctors from more than 60 specialities have been giving online medical advice to thousands of patients worldwide.

Advantages of Ask a Doctor Online:

Seeking online medical advice is proving to be of great use to patients across the globe, it’s an effective means of getting your health queries answered.

1. No Location Boundaries or Limitations: One of the major benefits that is very obvious is the fact that you can gain online access to renowned general physicians and specialists across the globe that otherwise would not be available to you. And you can also get medical advice in places where it’s not possible. Ask a doctor online provides remarkable benefits to everyone, even if you are restricted at home, in remote locations, in rural areas or in other settings that limit your access to conventional treatment options.

2. No more waiting rooms: No unnecessary hassle such as driving to the doctor’s office or sitting in a waiting room, you remain in the comfort of your own home. It's simple. Just ask a doctor online and our experts will take care of the rest.

3. Better than Self-Diagnosis: Asking a doctor online is so convenient and is always better than self diagnosis by relying on health and medical information provided by general health sites. Without a physician or specialist advice and proper diagnosis, you won’t be able to identify the underlying cause behind your condition.

4. Cost Effective: You’ll be amazed at how little it will cost to ask a doctor online. It also helps people with limited or no insurance.

5. 24/7 Instant access to doctors: Most online health service providers including us offer 24/7 access to board certified specialist doctors with the convenience of receiving care sitting at home.

Thank you for providing a detailed answer, it helped me reduce the anxiety.

The online consultation was informative. I was able to ask specific questions and the doctor gave detailed answers.

I used ask a doctor online service and got medical queries answered by a specialist. Did not expect the process to be so simple and easy.

The advice given by the doctor was excellent. I appreciate the knowledge and understanding of the doctor. Also, thanks for the free followups that were given without any charge.

Thank you so much. Got the diagnosis I was looking for and will be taking a print out of this to my local doctor for further treatment, etc. Thank you very much. Laila.

Thank you for the advice. I have peace of mind now. Thank you for making some great doctors available online. I will definitely recommend ask a doctor online service to my friends.

Ask the doctor online service is very helpful. Thank you for clearing my doubts.

I am happy that best doctor does not publish patients questions and answers and protects patients privacy. I used another site for online doctor consultation and they published my problem online, i couldn't believe it.

I used ask the doctor online service and a specialist answered my question within 2 hours. Thankyou!

After 1 month of consultation, here i am writing about my experience. Due to my bad lifestyle and eating habits, i got ulcers and losing weight. I have posted my issues at Ask a Doctor specialist option and gastroenterologist guided the treatment. Now i am recovering and much better.

I was amazed at the detailed answer the doctor provided. I will recommend Ask a doctor online service for understanding the medical problem.

I Got second opinion for my skin treatment using Ask a doctor service. It is cool!

I feel better after going through your response. Ask a doctor service is easy and helpful.

Thank you Doctor for replying to my query . It was very helpful to have a feedback from you.

Excellent consultation and great cardiologist answered my health question.

Thank you for the information. I would check out as you instructed. This site has proved to be very helpful.

Ask the doctor service is cool. Thank you so much doctor.

I couldn't be more satisfied! This is the site I will always come to when I need to ask a doctor.

I wish it was free but anyway it was worth paying. At-least I know who is answering and they don't publish my answers like most other ask a doctor online health websites. Thank you doctor for the detailed answer.

I had always been scared to trust health services like ask a doctor online service. However with, I felt, I am getting advice from genuine reputed doctors.

Discussing a personal health problem with doctors online scared me but I tried it after a friend suggested I got an excellent advice from a top doctor. changed the perception.

The doctor gave me free followups until I understood my health problem. Awesome service.

I couldn't be more satisfied! This is the site I will always come to when I need ask a doctor service.

Thank you for answering my question today. The answer was far more informative than what I got from the Physicians I saw in person for my problem.

Thank you so much! We will watch her health carefully and get medical tests you recommended soon. It really helped!

Suggested diagnosis was what I hoped and will take this info to my doctor's appointment next week. I feel better already! Thank you.

Thank you. I wish you were in my area so I could have you as my primary Doctor.

Thank you very much for your reply. Your answer is very helpful and precise. I greatly appreciate the information and I will get the medical tests done now to see if I can get this cleared up. You have been a huge help to me and I can't thank you enough.

I am taking Betaloc 50 mg and Metformin medicine. I have recently experienced shortness of breath after walking for 10 minutes. I had an angiogram on Tuesday and the the result revealed there was no problems. I have consulted a cardiologist here if I may have side effects from Betaloc. I got all my concerns addressed. And thanks for their private consultations feature.

When i had my routine tests, my cardiologist mentioned mild leaky valves. This team helped me to understand many things. Its always good to have a second opinion.

Recently i have been trying to opt a cosmetic treatment. I just consulted a cosmetologist. Still i am not sure to go about it. This platform helped me to know more details to take a decision correctly. This extra piece of advice is always recommended.

Thanks for helping my daughter with her endocrinal obesity issues. I really appreciate BestDoctor for keeping the highly experienced doctors accessible!

After my EUS with biopsy, I was diagnosed with esophageal tear 2.5mm at GE junction and we were really horrified to learn this and unable to sit calm. GE team at bestdoctor helped me to learn more about my condition. Instead of reading randomly, go and ask a gastroenterologist for better understanding.

We have been consulting many psychiatrists for my wife's depression, we tried online too. Especially here its more convenient because she is more comfortable to ask a psychiatrist online anonymously than one to one. Hope the panel will have more doctors. We may use this further too.

There were few hospital bad experiences in our family, second opinion before surgery is highly recommended. I am happy with the cardiology second opinion at bestdoctor.

I was on Paxil for generalized anxiety disorder and i am worried to know about it's side effects listed and all these negative reviews about paxil on the internet. Thanks for your help with psychiatrist second opinion and the consultation experience is different and anonymous.

Initially i was not ready to pay here to ask a psychiatrist, but the support team's assurance made me to try this out. When i compared with my past bills, its much affordable. You can just try it out!!

Thanks for diagnosing my underlying anxiety disorder when i consulted for a test out counselling here at bestdoctor. Later i rechecked with a psychiatrist, which came out true. Thanks to the expert psychiatry team.

It is so much easy and refreshing experience to see a doctor here online.

I met with an accident and post discharge it was hard to visit hospital for every minor concerns. You guys helped me during my recovery. Thanks for being my 3 am friend.

My consultation with IVF specialist here was wonderful. We were on infertility treatment and 2 cycles were failed. It was painful and expensive. Then I reached BestDoctor for second opinion, the team has highly experienced Gynecologists and Infertility Specialists. They guided me well about different approaches and answered all my concerns. Now i am all set to welcome our baby!

We have noticed some psychological issues in my child, we just want to get a nod before visiting a hospital here. I really didn't want to start in a big way. I shared my observations with online pediatrician and this 'ask a pediatrician' service at BestDoctor is much faster than I expected. We then kept on asking follow ups. All my concerns are answered and it was easy for us to take it further.

My friend got into ER and ECG was abnormal. Since he is too young and looks healthy, we couldn't believe. He requested to ask a cardiologist second opinion asap, due to lack of options we approached online at BestDoctor. The Cardiologist explained the abnormalities very well. It was really worth trying this.

Easy, quick accessibility and affordable. What else can i expect than this to consult a specialist online.

I am away from home due to work, i always wanted to be with my mother when she needs me but couldn't make it. Thanks for the parallel assistance on her case. Thanks to the entire Doctors team and support team. Your support is priceless.

We just tried randomly for a urologist consultation online. Since my grand father's case came out something oncology related, They arranged a Uro-Oncologist consultation who is from a top hospital, which we didn't expect. It would have been tough for us to travel and have a physical consultation.

You have helped me so much in my post hospital recovery. My special thanks to the urologist team.

I have used this service for my UTI problem and it was really helpful. The urologist was friendly and answered all my questions.

It is a wonderful place to get medical second opinions online. You have all the specialists available.

I have been facing dizziness and the reason was unknown. I have taken tests and uploaded here to ask a doctor online. The analysis and diagnosis was helpful.

My teenage daughter's hormonal functioning is not well. I am really busy to take her to the doctor's visit every month on a working day with long waits. We managed to get tests at home and i am taking endocrinologist consultation online at bestdoctor. We can upload reports and pictures and discuss when ever you can. Nothing like keeping me on my toes.

My baby boy had distal radius fracture due to fall. We were worried about the way of treatment by the hospital people and there is so much billing. We couldn't get a chance to ask a pediatric orthopedic surgeon also about the post care instructions clearly. But by spending very less, we have discussed many concerns at BestDoctor.

Me and my wife couldn't agree on the same phase on my son's behavioural issues that we have noticed. She didn't agree to initiate therapy for him. The pediatrician helped in convincing her and getting the treatment rightly.

My child has become impulsive like hitting and throwing things and stuff. As a single parent i am so much worried. My sessions with a paediatric psychologist was a relief and i have been following this strictly. I use this service very often.

This is the best platform for Gynecologist second opinion online. During my first trimester i was diagnosed with diabetic and thyroid syndrome. This option helped me to go through that stage and to have a healthy baby. I used this service parallel with my Gynaec visits.

My new born son has been exposed to high decibel sound. We have consulted a pediatrician online. The pediatrician replied to all our questions. I am happy with this service.

My baby had fever and chills in the night and our pediatrician gave medicines. But due to some confusion, i don't remember the exact format. I have asked pediatrician opinion online at bestdoctor to use the correct dosage of the medicine

My son seems to be having problems with puberty growth. I have consulted the endocrinologist and we are happy with the reply.

I got a stomach bug after my last night dinner and i have a busy scheduled week and travelling. The regular medicine didn't help me. And i have posted at ask a gastroenterologist and followed his advice. Thanks to the entire team.

My 65 year old grand father is an onion farmer. He was admitted to ER with complaints of dry cough, general fatigue, and dyspnea after using air compressors to clean up the onion peels. As per the pulmonologist second opinion, this could be a case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by a fungus called Aspergillus niger . We have discussed the same with our local pulmonologist and followed up till he recovered. Big story in short, Ask a pulmonologist option helped us in a great way.

I have been suffering with continuous vomiting and esophagus infection and my condition was so bad. The recovery was not so good. The Gastroenterology advice was helpful.

My father reported discomfort post cauterization and he says its unusual and he wanted to ask a cardiologist. Its late night and we do not want to rush to ER. To our rescue, we found bestdoctor cardiologist second opinion, they reviewed the reports and guided him.

I was told my pain after my invasive surgery will be very high, like 8/10, i am really petrified before surgery. I did not want to ask my treating cardiologist since he is very busy. I have asked a cardiologist online for pre counselling and I must tell you that was a great conversation. Highly recommended for non ER!

Thanks for helping me with my sleeping issues.

I suspected there was some issue with my vasectomy surgery incision and my surgeon is too busy to ask him more questions. So before going to him I wanted to get clarification myself. Ask a surgeon opinion helped me overall. I would definitely look forward to coming back here again if needed.

I found the best cardiologist opinion here, reading online sometime makes you confused and may not give you trust with your doctor. Better to go with a trusted one. Why do you want to miss it when you have easy access to ask a doctor online.

I have married a person in a different culture and country, but after 3 months we started having terrible issues. I have been taking sessions with the psychiatrist regarding adjustmental disorder, I must say it is our first step and the doctor is guiding me honestly how to handle everything followed by the therapist recommendations.

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