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Get Medical Second Opinion Now

Get the most informed medical second opinion for yourself or that of a loved one from top doctors who are leaders in their field. We have solved complex medical cases of patients from around the world. Our physicians are world-class experts.

Online Medical Second Opinion at

Put your mind at rest with an Online Medical Second Opinion from a board certified specialist at BestDoctor. Making the most important health decisions about yourself or a family member can be a daunting task. BestDoctor connects you to the expertise of world class specialists all by the click of a mouse without the time and expense of travel. Online Medical Second opinion can be sought on chronic health conditions that impact your quality of life or conditions that may be more serious or life-threatening.

BestDoctor unlocks the expertise and experience of the medical experts across the globe, to review your case and either confirm your diagnosis or recommend changes. We have several 'Disease Based Panels' that include cardiology panel, tumour panel, diabetes panel, infertility panel, nephro-uro panel, orthopaedic panel, ophthalmic panel and lifestyle panel where a group of experts from related specialities will evaluate your case and provide a detailed second opinion report.

Our team of senior physicians will personally guide you and make sure you get the right  diagnosis and treatment. We recommend consulting them: 

  • To make sure your medical diagnosis is correct
  • To confirm your course of treatment is the right one
  • Prior to a major surgery to find out if there are less invasive options
  • Prior to non-emergency surgery

Medical Second Opinion - Research based studies

Two recent studies have shown that seeking a second medical opinion may result in changing the course of treatment; or getting a different diagnosis. In a University of Michigan study of breast cancer patients, more than 50% of them changed their treatment plan after getting a second opinion on their diagnosis from a “tumour board” of oncologists, surgeons and radiation therapists. In a Johns Hopkins University study of around 6,000 cancer patients, researchers found that one to two percent patients who sought a second opinion after a tumour biopsy had received a misdiagnosis.

Medical Second Opinion Online - How it Works?

  •  Register with and provide detailed medical case information like gender, age, current diagnosis, symptoms, allergies if any, past and current medications, and treatment options.
  •  Upload medical lab reports, first physician reports, x-rays, MRI, pictures if necessary, that are related to your medical condition.
  •  Use our 'Pay Now' option to securely make the payment via card, net banking, wallet or UPI.
  •  Your medical case information is organised and securely sent to the right specialist for evaluation.
  •  Our expert physician will provide comprehensive, personalised second opinion report, taking care to answer your individual questions.
  •  The second opinion report will include an evaluation of your medical condition and potential treatment recommendations.

Online Medical Second Opinion questions that offer a good place to start

  •  Is my current diagnosis correct?
  •  What are my treatment options, and the pros and cons of each?
  •  Are there any alternative treatment options?
  •  Is my surgery avoidable?
  •  Are there any less invasive options for surgery?
  •  What is my MRI/CT Scan showing?
  •  What are the likely results if I wait or don’t have the treatment?
  •  Are there any additional tests you think I should have?

Benefits of getting an Online Medical Second Opinion

Access to world renowned specialists: It is usually difficult to contact world-renowned specialists and often their expertise is in high demand and It may take months before a patient gets an appointment. At BestDoctor, we understand that it is the patient's right to seek a medical second opinion from top doctors. The online second opinion offers a direct contact to physicians and specialists without appointments and within a few days. Also, those who live in remote locations or rural areas can receive expert second opinions in spite of distance or mobility.

Convenient and Cost Effective: Patients seeking an online medical second opinion no longer need to travel long distances or otherwise disrupt their lives to gain access to world class expert medical advice.

Fast Expert Second Opinion: Online second opinions are the best way to get a fast expert second opinion and make an informed decision about your health or that of a loved one. They potentially reduce life-threatening delays in obtaining expert second opinion in emergency cases thus saving lives.

The pediatric second opinion for my 1 yr old's condition helped me extensively to calm down my anxiety. I am now with much clarity on my baby's condition.

We have taken a second opinion from a cardiologist recently. It has resolved all our doubts about the ecg and helped us to calm down about the situation.

I have been tested positive for Covid 19, since it is asymptomatic i am in the home quarantine . Besides the care givers i am asking a pulmanologist online for expert advice to keep checking on my progress.

I am experiencing burning sensation while urinating, i was suffering alot and not able to do my daily chores or work peacefully. Living with covid we are unable to visit a doctor physically just to avoid unnecessary risk. This service helped me to see an urologist online. He gave quick response and i am seeing good results with his advice and OTC medication in just one day.

The doctor's opinion was definitely helpful for my tinnitus issue apart from the online research I have done. Thanks!

My sister had an operation of left L4-5 fenestration with left L5 foraminotomy with L4-5 disectomy. It has been 2 months, still she is complaining of pain in her legs and thigh. We regret that we didn't opt a second opinion. Now asked a neurosurgeon here for the prognosis and better treatment options. Overall happy with the experience.

My doctor told me i have left atrial enlargement and ecg shows the abnormality, my country is not having advanced treatment options. since i am just 25 i would like to travel to another country for my treatment with guidance. Bestdoctor helped me in getting cardiologist second opinion online. I am really thankful to them.

I have twisted my ankle and lead to surgery, it was fine for walking after 2 years. But there is swelling still the same, my orthopedist says its normal but it doesn't look normal to me. I have taken 2 other orthopedic surgeon's opinion on my reports including BestDoctor. Thanks!

I have been suffering from bad GERD problems from 2 years now and lost a lot of weight. Few of the Gastroenterologists recommended for the surgery and few are not. I have opted bestdoctror as one of my second opinion Chanel to make my mind about the treatment.

I have taken kidney LM & IF, EM and other couple of tests which is more suggestive of dialysis. I wanted to see 2,3 more nephrologists before going with dialysis. Then my son has posted here to ask a nephrologist for a second opinion on my reports. The reply was helpful and getting another specialist opinion without traveling is really disruptive in healthcare.

I have been consulting about my Psoriasis condition from 3 years with my dermatologist and other sources. I happened to land here while searching for a dermatologist second opinion. Fortunately, i could speak to multiple specialists to get to know more about my condition.

It was a great relief for me to know that my doctor was on the right path. Thanks a lot guys!!

My father is working working in the traffic department and he is facing respiratory issues now a days which seems to be very severe now. The doctor's treatment didn't help greatly though we have taken number of tests. I have taken a pulmonologist opinion here, he guided us with care instructions and respiratory pumps for quick relieve etc. Thanks to the doctor!

My father having hyper tension where he is now diagnosed with kidney failure. Thank you for helping me with the authentic information and reassurance on my doctor's advice.

I am 40 female, my mom died of lymphoma cancer when she was 52. My grandmother died of an unknown type of cancer at 38. My great grandmother died of an unknown cancer at 56. When I got worried and asked an oncologist during my visit, the response is always, “Lymphoma is not a hereditary cancer.” End of discussion. I have never found this reassuring until my online second opinion at bestdoctor. They explained me with facts and reasons in a more understandable way.

This online second opinion service saved my mother's life. I can't possibly thank you enough.

My son is going through treatment for generalized epilepsy (Primary). Even though the hospital and doctors who is treating him are renowned, somehow i can't keep my mind quite. After the neurologist second opinion online at bestdoctor, then only i got confidence on the treatment and all my worries are relieved.

The medical history and conversations are 100% private. I do not hesitate to ask a gynecologist online here about my health concerns. Previously i posted my issue else where and it was public. So I would prefer only premium second opinion service, though it might cost me few bucks.

I didn't take a second opinion from a cardiologist So, I ended up in the hospital for a whole week and lots of trauma post surgery. Later i came to know that the surgery was avoidable. Again I never feel unnecessary to ask a cardiologist for a second opinion in future. I highly recommend online second opinion to all my near and dear. My message should reach more people that is why I am posting my review here.

I have taken an oncologist second opinion on my spouse diagnosis of promyelocytic leukemia. They have the best oncologists in the panel.

When i was at dermatology clinic, whatever the doctor has suggested seems to be very pricey and i felt i am getting trapped in their marketing pitching. To rescue myself i opted to ask a dermatologist for an expert second opinion on the suggestion and found some alternative generic options. Thank you BestDoctor!

Thanks for your Dermatologist second opinion for hsv treatment for my friend. Initially she was hesitant to ask a doctor, but online second opinion is very easy to approach.

When i consulted a psychiatrist with depression symptoms the doctor kept me on anti depressants and i put on so much weight, but there is no recovery. I have taken online psychiatrist second opinion at and the doctor advised me that the symptoms may mimic depression but they could be due to hypothyroidism and he recommended a blood test. Strangely he is right. Now working on my weight that i gained unnecessarily and the hypothyroid issue. It won't hurt you much to take a blood test and second opinion online before starting antidepressants.

The price what you pay for the psychiatrist second opinion here is very less when you compare to the session cost. Do not neglect taking second opinion especially when you are being put on pills.

I am happy with the bariatric surgeon second opinion on my weight loss surgery.

After my trip to Philippines I have suffered with acute Diarrhea for almost 10 days. I was put on antibiotics and all the medicines possible. When I took gastroenterolgoist second opinion here, the tests and diagnosis approach was different. I have posted all the documents/reports they requested and started feeling better after 2nd day and now almost fine at 5th day. I really regret why i didn't ask a Gastroenterologist early on day one itself when this is easily accessible.

My brother is diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and there is hardly any good specialist available in my city, my doctor was referring to another city. He was not inclined towards the treatment they recommended. With the help of Gastroenterology second opinion, we have planned the treatment in the best possible way.

We have consulted here for pediatric second opinion when our child was admitted in NICU. This service is really helpful. Do not hesitate to ask a pediatrician online about your child's hospitalization when needed.

It's really tough to take half hearted treatment, I took second opinion online while i was already being admitted. It gave me peace of mind. It is much advanced now a days!

I just found out that i have hyperfunctioning thyroid nodules which i never heard. Then i bumped into online for Endocrinologist second opinion. The team is so friendly, doctor had answered all my follow ups.

My specialist recommend a minor surgery, it was very tough for me to be prepared for the surgery. Urologist second opinion at BestDoctor gave me confidence to go ahead with my surgery.

I have not been diagnosed correctly though i took a series of tests in a local hospital, i have uploaded all my reports here for a Neurologist second opinion online. Finally heard some good helpful advice.

Their oncologist panel has some of the most experienced oncologists. Thank you for helping us with the second opinion.

In my first pregnancy i had some complications, this time we want to make sure we need some expert help through out. Since we can't see a second doctor when we are tagged to our gynae, we thought of reaching online. Luckily we have reached here. I have taken multiple consultations all these days and i am in 3rd trimester. Feeling better with no major worries left.

My consultation with IVF specialist here was wonderful. We were on infertility treatment and 2 cycles were failed. It was painful and expensive. Then I reached BestDoctor for second opinion, the team has highly experienced Gynecologists and Infertility Specialists. They guided me well about different approaches and answered all my concerns. Now i am all set to welcome our baby!

The Doctors are really approachable and attended all my follow ups. Second opinion is something you should never miss before going ahead with the surgery.

I met with an accident and post discharge it was hard to visit hospital for every minor concerns. You guys helped me during my recovery. Thanks for being my 3 am friend.

Thanks for diagnosing my underlying anxiety disorder when i consulted for a test out counselling here at bestdoctor. Later i rechecked with a psychiatrist, which came out true. Thanks to the expert psychiatry team.

My concern is not about how quick they are replying, its about how authentic the answer is. I am satisfied with the oncologist second opinion here.

There were few hospital bad experiences in our family, second opinion before surgery is highly recommended. I am happy with the cardiology second opinion at bestdoctor.

Thanks to the online psychiatrist here, about the extra support in my cousin's de addiction program. We actually needed a psychiatrist second opinion because of the stress we were going through. Like many others he was feeling that he wasn't getting the right treatment. The service is 100% private.

This is the best platform for Cancer Second Opinion. I am fully satisfied with their service. Keep up the great work!

I was diagnosed with 3rd stage ovarian cancer just 2 weeks before my daughter's wedding. I was in a dilemma and oncologist second opinion here helped me to plan everything in a better way. The counselling was really nice.

This is the first ever review I wrote, i got two operations in the same month TURP and Left Laparoscopic Nephrectomy to remove my non-functioning kidney and while going through this my daughter took a Nephrologist second opinion at BestDoctor. The doctor's assurance was much valuable while we were going through a lot.

After my EUS with biopsy, I was diagnosed with esophageal tear 2.5mm at GE junction and we were really horrified to learn this and unable to sit calm. GE team at bestdoctor helped me to learn more about my condition. Instead of reading randomly, go and ask a gastroenterologist for better understanding.

Thanks for helping my daughter with her endocrinal obesity issues. I really appreciate BestDoctor for keeping the highly experienced doctors accessible!

When i had my routine tests, my cardiologist mentioned mild leaky valves. This team helped me to understand many things. Its always good to have a second opinion.

My right arm got weak and floppy and I could not move my leg where I wanted it to go. My doctor diagnosed it as spinal stenosis with cervical myelopathy. The surgeon’s treatment recommendation was a cervical spine fusion which is a major surgery involving a long hospital stay and several screws and plates in the neck. My daughter insisted me on getting a second opinion. I went online to request the second opinion. I submitted the case on with the needed reports and images. I got a second opinion report from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spine cases which was very timely and helpful. The doctor confirmed the cervical spinal stenosis diagnosis, but did not see any evidence of the spinal compression that is indicative of cervical myelopathy. He indicated that surgery was not needed at that point in time. I was able to send two more follow-up questions which helped to further clarify his decision to delay the neck fusion. Also, my symptoms have continued to improve. The entire team couldn’t have been kinder or more understanding of my condition and helpful throughout the process.

I would like to thank the entire team for making this possible. You made it instant and affordable to get pulmonology second opinion online. Your medical second opinion online service is awesome! Great going Guys!

We are from Bangladesh, planning for my father's liver transplantation in india. I found while was searching for Medical second opinion Online since our travelling involved so much money. The support team was very polite and swift. They arranged me hapato billary& liver transplant doctor's opinion and the best hospitals information. Our surgery is scheduled now. Thanks to the team!

My wife suddenly developed no interest in life and she stopped caring about house. She broke down for many times for no reason. After seeing lot of changes in her personality, at that stage i couldn't initiate a hospital visit. Hence i tried here and thankfully after the assessment, she showed willingness towards treatment.

My father has heart problem. I got medical second opinion from Best doctor and it helped me understand the problem and my family is happy now with the confirmation that he is getting the right treatment and diagnosis.

The second opinion service is truly superior. One of the most reputed cardiologist reviewed my case and gave me his opinion. The second opinion made a big difference to me.

I encourage everyone to take a second opinion at best doctor. I am feeling much better about a tough decision i had to make. The specialist reviewed my case and provided alternative options and asked me to talk to my family doctor. I felt they are giving unbiased opinion.

I used medical second opinion service and a cardiologist answered my question. I got the response within 4 hours and the answer was detail with clear explanation. I was skeptical initially about getting second opinion online but after using it and seeing the value. I will recommend this service. Awesome!

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