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Dr Thomas Cherian


Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgeon

  • He has about 12 years surgical experience in the field of liver and pancreatic pathology, both for cancer & benign disease. He has significant (>100 cases) experience in advanced pancreatic surgery including Whipples, Beugers and Frey resection; and major liver resections (>250)
  • He has contributed a major role in over 400 Liver Transplant; about 20% of which were in children. Apart from routine cadaveric and living related liver transplants, he has over 4 years of experience in complex transplant procedures (over 80) such as split, domino and auxiliary liver transplants.
  • Chief of Surgery & Head, Dept of Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation, Global Hospital, Hyderabad
  • Fellow of the RCS and Physicians of Glasgow, Inter-collegiate exit exam in Gen.Sur (Sub Speciality : Hepato-pancreaticobiliary and UGI Surgery)
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MB. BS) - Division of Medicine, Bangalore University, India. Distinnction in Human Anatomy
  • He has over 70 international publications and 90 international presentations. He is a faculty and examiner for various national and international medical schools and universities. He has been the Principal Investigator for many prestigious clinical trials. He is also the advisor to Govt of Telangana for Liver Transplant Programme.
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