5 Things to Learn about a Dentist before Choosing Them

5 Things to Learn about a Dentist before Choosing Them

Finding a suitable dentist, especially when you’re not satisfied with the current one or are on the move, might seem overwhelming at first. After all, if you want to find the right person for the job – it will be important for you to dive into a sea of options.

It’s like every corner has a dental office! But don’t worry, here are five simple questions to ask to ensure you’re picking a dentist and a team who match your needs perfectly.

1: Check for Their Reputation

According to dePacific dental group, before selecting a new dentist, it’s important to check their reputation first. After all, you need to know about them first before trusting their skills.

You can easily do this by Googling the dentist or their office. It’ll uncover any negative reviews or press, and positive feedback like testimonials, patient videos and community involvement. These can be found by visiting their website or searching through the internet.

2: Learn about Their Location

When you’re hunting for your next dentist, don’t forget to factor in traffic, parking, and how far the office is from your home or job.

Before you go, hop on Google Maps Satellite View to check the parking scene. That way, you’ll know if you’ll need extra time to hunt down a spot or if you’re in for a meter or garage situation.

3: Verify Their Qualifications

“Hunting” for a dentist is almost like putting your detective hat on and doing a lot of research. I personally will ask you to begin your search by going through the website of your state’s dental board. This, in turn, will help you find a lot of details about –

Your potential dentist’s license,

Including any past bumps in the road or claims against them.

Your dentist’s office should be an open book too, ready to dish out info on their qualifications. And don’t forget about the local dental society or even your dental insurance provider – they might have some insider knowledge too!

Just a little extra sleuthing to make sure you’re in good hands.

4: Learn More about Their Personality

Choosing a dentist is like finding the right pair of shoes – it’s about more than just qualifications; it’s about compatibility. Before committing to dental work, have a chat with them.

Ask about their training, experience in the area, and any specialties they have.
Also, consider their team size and staff satisfaction.

When you meet them, trust your instincts. Are they attentive to your concerns, or do they seem rushed? Your comfort is key when it comes to your oral health.

5: Meeting the Standards

A great office prioritizes transparency in their sterilization procedures. They aim not just to meet but surpass standards. Feel free to request a tour!

Look for a sterilization area equipped with either a chemiclave or an autoclave, clearly marked zones for dirty and clean instruments, and proper packaging to maintain sterility.

Also, ensure that they sterilize dental handpieces and regularly disinfect all surfaces. A top-notch practice prioritizes your safety!

Bonus: The Thing about Insurance

Insurance companies prioritize profits over your health, often restricting the frequency of dental visits and coverage for necessary treatments.

However, just because they recommend one annual dental visit or refuse coverage for extensive procedures doesn’t necessarily align with your best interests.

A reliable dentist prioritizes your needs over insurance mandates, crafting personalized treatment plans tailored to you, not your policy.

The Bottom Line

In the past, dental decisions were often straightforward—pull a tooth or leave it. However, today, dentistry offers a range of complex treatments. That’s where treatment coordinators step in.

They’re experts who can meet up with you before your dental appointment to discuss options, answer questions, and address concerns. Working together, you can fine-tune your treatment plan until it’s much clearer and more comfortable for you.