Why Choose an ABSN Over Other Nursing Degrees?

Why Choose an ABSN Over Other Nursing Degrees?

If you are looking for a new career and have a passion for nursing, there are multiple paths you can take to earn your degree. However, if you already have a bachelor’s degree in any other field, attending an ABSN program could be the best way to leverage your previous qualification into a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree.

For those looking for a meaningful career change, an ABSN program could be best for you. However, why should you choose an ABSN over other nursing programs? What makes it different and more desirable?

The Time Factor

Accelerated nursing programs, or ABSN, are designed to give you eligible credit for your previously completed college coursework, thereby reducing the time it takes to become a registered nurse.

These programs allow you to graduate with a BSN degree in less time than it would take in any other traditional nursing program. Regular nursing programs can take around four years to complete, whereas the same qualification can be earned by an ABSN course in around half the time.

In an accelerated program, you will be taught the same material as you would in a traditional nursing program. It will just be at a quicker pace, but you will still gain all the required hours of clinical experience.

Multiple Start Dates

These ABSN programs offer multiple dates to start per year, so if you want to apply for it, you don’t have to wait for long. With accelerated nursing programs, you can start at any time you want. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. This will help you to enter the job market much more quickly.

More Demand

Nurses with bachelor’s degrees are more efficient at managing different kinds of patients and therefore are in high demand. Medical facilities and nursing homes prefer candidates with ABSN degrees.

The reason behind this is that Accelerated BSN programs are designed in a way to make students better nurses and leaders through comprehensive training in evidence-based clinical care. The coursework by ABSN on community health and care ultimately results in better patient feedback.

Research by the AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) shows that patients cared for by nurses with bachelor’s degrees had lower in-hospital mortality rates and enjoyed a substantial survival advantage.

No Need For Healthcare Experience

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can apply for an ABSN. Although this program is a popular choice among people in the medical field, you don’t need any healthcare experience to get this degree.

In fact, any experience you have in other fields is an added advantage that can help you become a better nurse. It is ensured by ABSN programs that you can apply your knowledge to the dynamic field of nursing.

More Flexibility

The ABSN programs are mostly hybrid or online ,which gives you more flexibility when it comes to learning. Unlike traditional nursing courses, online ABSN programs allow you the option to design your study schedule.

Several reputed universities are offering this program. Institutions like Holy Family University provide active clinicians to their ABSN students. They bring real-world experience into the 100% online classroom and during the hybrid campus residency.

Some ABSN programs even allow you to choose the time you would like to take to qualify to get your nursing degree. This gives you an easy way to switch if the workload increases or your situation changes at any given point.

It is Affordable

An ABSN program will cost you much less compared to a traditional nursing program. If college fee is one of your main concerns, getting an ABSN degree online could be the best resort for you.

Since these programs take significantly less time to complete compared with a traditional BSN, you will have to pay lower tuition fees. You can save even more money with online accelerated nursing programs as you don’t have to worry about study materials, transport costs, or relocation.

Real-Life Experience

If you are going for an ABSN program, it automatically means that you have already finished your bachelor’s degree which can be an added advantage for you. This gives you an upper hand in the nursing field. You have real-life experience as you have previously been a student and gained insight into the workforce.

This means that you are already a few steps ahead of a traditional nursing student. With your previous education, the adjustment period will be shorter for you. In addition to that, you’ve learned to manage real-life situations and know which resources to tap into when faced with challenges.


It is never too late to take the right path. If you feel that you have a passion for nursing and want to switch careers, the ABSN program is the best option available. It comes with so many benefits and helps you put your current skills and experience to work.

Finding an online ABSN program that can meet your requirements as a student is important for your future success in this field. So, if you make up your mind to go for it, think through it and choose the best program that can give you the desired results.