Best Medical Tourism Companies

Best Medical Tourism Companies

According to the Medical Tourism magazine, more than 30 million people annually choose treatment abroad, as they cannot receive healthcare at home. German, Israeli, Indian, European, and South Korean clinics have been a priority for decades among foreign patients who have not received healthcare in their countries.

According to the US Medical Tourism Association, the reasons why people choose other countries instead of home are:

  • 56% of patients want to receive a higher-quality treatment;
  • 22% are looking for lower prices;
  • 18% are looking for a treatment option not available at home;
  • 10% want treatment as soon as possible, without queues.

Hospitals abroad offer innovative methods of treatment that many citizens cannot receive in their country’s hospitals. For example, there are minimally invasive robotic operations on DaVinci or the most modern lutetium-177 therapy offered by German clinics at affordable prices.

However, searching for a quality hospital can become endless. Since there are many hospitals worldwide, most of which claim to be experts in their field of specialization, more choices must be made. And that’s where the services of a medical tourism company become necessary.

The first question that interests all patients is how to get treatment abroad. Medical tourism agencies entirely organize your trip to any of the best hospitals in the world. Leave a request on the website, and the doctor coordinator will contact you.

Top 7 of the best medical tourism companies

The top 7 best medical tourism companies include:

1. Airomedical


Address: Germany, Heidelberg

The organization proudly provides its clients with affordable, high-quality healthcare services. During the trip, they will provide you with the necessary comfort through their patient coordinator. Their services include the treatment of oncology, cardiovascular diseases, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, and spinal surgery in any hospital of the World.

2. Maya Medical Solutions


Address: United Kingdom, London

The company has been around for more than three years and is engaged in providing individual healthcare. They will give you reliable medical consultants in Turkey (a country widely known as a medical tourism destination). Their staff also consists of professionals who are friendly with the patients under their care. Their services include hair transplants, plastic surgery, and cosmetic dentistry.

3. Hermes Clinics


Address: Turkey, Izmir

Hermes is a medical tourism clinic based in Izmir, Turkey. The company’s founders consist of doctors with significant experience in their fields of work, so they share the importance of a comprehensive approach to healthcare throughout the company. The agency actively cooperates with surgeons with more than ten years of experience and with JCI-certified hospitals to provide patients with the best healthcare. Main areas of activity: weight loss surgery, dental treatment, aesthetic medicine. Their services include consultations, transportation from the airport to the hospital or hotel, and daily assistance. In addition, they take on the hassle of booking airline tickets and hotel rooms.

My Medical Suitcase


Address: France, Wallers

My Medical Suitcase is a federation of French oncologists-radiotherapists, and experts in the field of radiotherapy using the latest technologies for cancer treatment.

It is a holding company with two of its subsidiaries:

My Medical Suitcase Radiotherapy is a service company connecting cancer patients needing radiation therapy with French radiotherapy centers. It has exclusive agreements with many radiotherapy centers throughout France.

My Medical Suitcase Travel is a medical tourism operator that offers customized turnkey logistics services related to healthcare trips to France.

Kliniken Allianz München


Address: Germany, Munich

Alliance of Munich Clinics combines the leading hospitals of southern Bavaria into a single comprehensive system that provides diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in all areas of medicine. For more than 12 years, the medical tourism agency has been organizing the treatment of diseases of various complexity in the best German hospitals, and conducting diagnostics, rehabilitation, and restorative rest in Munich and throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.



Address: Italy, Modena

Medendi is an international intermediary company in the field of medical tourism. Medendi’s structure includes scientific and medical staff from Europe and the USA and an extensive network of the best hospitals leading the ratings of medical institutions, laboratories, and medical centers located in more than ten countries on three continents. The company’s employees will organize all stages of the journey for healthcare, which will help make the best choice in the interests of the patient’s well-being.



Address: United Kingdom, Brighton

BritMed offers medical trips to various parts of the world, including Germany, Malaysia, the UAE, France, Lithuania, Thailand, Egypt, the USA, and the UK. You can book a trip with them for eye treatment, infertility treatment, orthopedic surgery, cancer therapy, dentistry, plastic surgery, and general health checkup.


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