What Type Of Doctor Should I See For Weight Loss?

What type of doctor should I see for weight loss?

Obesity is the major cause for various diseases in our body. One who is categorized under the obesity may have the chances of having diseases like diabetes, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, increased cholesterol, and various others bone related problems. To lose this extra weight these people had tried a lot of many things like dieting, exercise, walking etc so that their weight can get reduced for at least by 5 to 10 kg, but if they don’t get satisfactory results they get upset.

By last, they decided to consult various doctors and asked them for weight loss pills if available. The results of these weight pills are permanent and are considered as the safest way to reduce weight. There are now many other different type professionals are also available who has done their specialization in weight loss, so one can easily consult them. There are even online consultations to these specialized doctors are also available from which you can ask your doctor for weight loss pills.

What Type of Doctor Should I See For Weight loss?

For those who want to consult a doctor for their weight loss should go, general practitioner, nutritionist, a bariatric physician, dietitian, and bariatric surgeon. Before going to consult these doctors it is important to know about their specialization and their method of treatment.

  • Bariatric Physician

    It is a field of medicine which deals with the study of weight loss. Those people who have done this course are known as a bariatric physician. Their ways of treatment for obese and overweight people are very simple. They give the proper knowledge related to the diet, nutrition, exercise, and also give behavior therapies with appropriate medications. Their main motive in relation to the weight loss deals with:-

    • Advise for the diet and promote the choice of healthy food.
    • Their exercise for weight loss with need and limitations.
    • Once they start losing weight, approach to maintaining health by maintaining weight.
    • For the change of their lifestyle for the management of their weight loss
    • For modifying their behavior.
  • General Practitioners

    General practitioners are medical doctors who have a degree of medicine and deals which the acute as well as chronic diseases. They will give you the knowledge and medication with the prevention measurement related to the diseases. For the person who wants to consult the general physician, they will treat you in a holistic way. They will treat you to get overall health. They will advise for your lifestyle to be changed and gives medicines accordingly. If there is any disturbance they found in emotional level than they will advise you to consult psychologist also.

  • Nutritionist

    For obese people to know whether which food and nutrition are helpful for them which will give them all the required things needed for the body beside avoiding the foods which give more fat and weight to the body. A nutritionist will provide you with each and every knowledge related to the food and nutrition and their impact on the body for getting a proper health. Now many of the hospitals provide the nutritionist for the patients in their own hospital for advice.

  • Dietitian

    Dietitian or dietician are those people who are expert in dietetics means human nutrition and with the regulation of the diet. For obese and overweight people they are advised to consult a dietitian to know how much to eat and when to eat. What amount of food they should consume, which will have more nutritional value so it can fulfil the basic requirements of the body.

Risk Factors On Health For Being An Obese Person

Forgetting obese means you are inviting many other diseases to your body. To know what diseases and conditions are caused due to overweight here is the list:-

  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • Heart attack (Angina Pectoris)
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Liver diseases like non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases.
  • Strokes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Kidney diseases
  • Increased cholesterol level
  • Coronary heart diseases
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Gallstones
  • PCOD in females

Obesity Can Cause Emotional Disturbance

Being Obese not only affects an individual at the physical level but it also affects at an emotional level too. A person with obesity can have many disorders at a mental level which includes disorders like:-

  • Eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia
  • Lack of confidence or self-esteem
  • Depression

They wonder to become thin and slim after seeing their friends which brings them lack of confidence and a fear to appear in public. They start hiding them in the room and start avoiding the people which cause a depression in them. Some people even think of doing suicides due to depression. For these kinds of people, they should consult the psychiatrist for their mental boost up.

Test Advised By Doctors

To know the root cause of getting obese, doctors advise various tests to perform so that you can be protected for any other major disease to be happening in future.

  • Blood sugar test- Fasting and postprandial
  • Thyroid test for T3, T4, and TSH hormone.
  • Cholesterol and lipid profile test
  • Kidney function test
  • Liver function test
  • Vitamin D level
  • ECG to know the function of the heart
  • Nuclear stress test to know any blockage of arteries in the heart
  • To know how much calories are burn during test Resting Metabolic test is performed.

These various tests are performed according to the medical condition of the person who is obese and which is advised by their doctors.

How To Choose Best Doctor Consultation For Weight Loss?

For weight loss, many people are still confused with the question of how to choose the best doctor consultation for weight loss. Weight loss consultation is communication between the patient who is obese and with the consultant who can be a doctor, dietitian, and nutritionist. It depends upon the patient to whom he wants to contact, but the aim of all the doctor consultant is same to reduce the weight and gain the health, decreases the risk of major diseases which can be caused due obesity. With this best doctor consultant will help a patient in the following way so that patient can have weight loss.

  • The best consultant will try to find out the main cause for the weight gain and will try to remove it from its root.
  • He/she will try to find out all those factors which are responsible for the weight gains in the patients. We can say all the triggers factors are to be found.
  • He/she will provide all those best options for the patient which will be more comfortable for the patient for weight loss.
  • He/she will try to provide weight loss pills to the patient which helps for the weight loss faster.
  • He/she will boost up the patient to maintain the ideal weight once gained so that all risk factors for health can be minimized.

With this, if there is any need for the bariatric surgery, if this obesity is causing major health issue than your doctor without wasting time will recommend you to go for it.

Getting overweight is not only a major problem in India but is a major problem globally. People who are obese generally advised to ask your doctor for weight loss pills so that their weight can be reduced faster along with the diet, exercise and lifestyle management. This obesity if not treated at the time can even be fatal. So consult your doctor as soon as possible before it gets too late.


Dr. Archana Tegwal

Dr. Archana Tegwal is currently working as a lecturer in under-graduate faculty of Homoeopathy in Jawaharlal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, Parul University, Vadodara (Gujarat). She has done BHMS & MD in Homeopathic Materia Medica in March 2016 from Dr. V.H.Dave Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Anand (Gujarat). She also serves as a regional manager in NGO "World Healing Society Foundation".