Long Term Effects Of Covid-19 On Health

Know The List Of Long Term Effects Of Covid-19 On Health

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken new routes and shapes, thereby leading to a dilemma regarding how to tackle the situation both for patients and doctors. The long term effects of covid 19 on health are at present the most concerned for covid patients and the ones treating them.

It may take more time for the scientists to know how its long term effects will modify in the coming days. In this situation knowing the present long term symptoms of Covid-19 will help us get prepared for the uncertain symptoms of long covid.

What Is Long Covid?

Long COVID even called long-haul COVID and chronic COVID syndrome (CCS) is the informal term for the illness marked with long-term consequences or symptoms present following the characteristic recovery period of COVID-19.

Nearly 10% of the populace who have been diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) experience an array of symptoms that hang on for more than 3 weeks. Roughly 2% of people have reported symptoms that linger for 12+ weeks, a condition known as a post-COVID-19 syndrome. People having long COVID are at times known as long-haulers.

Studies are in progress regarding finding out different characteristics of long COVID, however, as of date, it is too early to come to any kind of conclusion. Nevertheless, one research has found the risk factors that will develop the illness.

As a base rule, anyone (even young healthy people) infected with Covid-19 are at risk of suffering from “long COVID” after the infection is supposed to have subdued. It holds good even for people who had minor symptoms during the peak days of Covid. The risk of long COVID is high in patients who are aged and suffering from age-related diseases and risk factors.

Long COVID is seen in Covid-19 patients who haven’t been vaccinated however, it is still unknown if patients who have been vaccinated too can get it or not.

Long Term Covid-19 Symptoms

Unlike covid-19 symptoms, these long term covid-19 symptoms run for months. The covid virus is supposed to hurt the heart, lungs, and brain thereby increasing the risk factors of long-standing health issues.

The usual common symptoms and signs that stick over time consist of;

Other unusual long-term signs and symptoms consist of;

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Covid-19?

The long term effect of covid-19 includes organs damage. Below are the organs that get damaged due to covid-19;

1. Heart

Imaging tests carried months following retrieval from COVID-19 have shown enduring damage to the heart muscles, even in persons who went through slight COVID-19 symptoms. This effect could heighten the risks of heart complications including heart failure in the future.

2. Lungs

The pneumonia type often linked with COVID can lead to long term harm to the minute air sacs (alveoli) present in the lungs which can cause lasting breathing issues.

3. Brain

COVID-19 can cause seizures, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and strokes in young people. The increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are also high.

Other Effects Include

Blood Vessel Issues And Blood Clots

COVID-19 may make blood cells clump and form clots which further may cause heart strokes and attacks. Much of the heart damage found in covid-19 patients is the outcome of this.

The other parts that get affected due to blood clots include the legs, lungs, kidney and liver. It can even weaken blood vessels and lead to leaks in them thereby leading to lasting issues with kidneys and liver.

Issues With Fatigue And Mood

Due to severe treatment procedures which the covid-19 patients go through they are affected with post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and other mood issues.

Many others have also gone through chronic fatigue syndrome.

These are only a few of the long-term COVID-19 effects known as of now, however, much is yet to be known and identified. Scientists doubt that there could even be more unknown serious effects and this doubt has increased more after covid strain which again showcases in different formats and symptoms.

To sum up one should keep in mind that with proper care people can quickly recover from Covid-19, however, one should also not forget that following this one should be careful as there can be chances of Long Covid.

The studies on long-term effects of covid 19 on health are still just in budding stages so it is better to be cautious and careful.