When To See A Dermatologist For Acne?

When To See A Dermatologist For Acne
Skin is the largest and heaviest organ in our body with a weight of a 4-5 kg in an adult. It plays an important role to protect us from external factors which may produce harm to us. These harmful factors can be any in any form of chemical, physical and microbial from the external environment. For everyone to hear this compliment “Looking good” gives the confidence to present in front others. With this compliment, we all try to enhance our appearance of the skin so that we can look more pretty and beautiful which gives a positive impression on others. This good-looking now becomes the point of an attraction.

Many of us have used many cosmetics and even some natural products so that our skin would shine always. But this does not work always, as these harmful products produce many harmful effects on the skin in form of a acne, which compiles us to take an appointment and has to go for the dermatologist for an acne. This not only happens with an adult but also with teenagers, though there are many hormonal changes are going in teenagers which produces various skin problems like acne for

What is Acne?

Acne is skin disorder which mostly affects the hair follicles (pilosebaceous unit) by producing a blockage with dead skin cells and accumulation of oil from the skin. This blockage produces a chronic inflammation in the pilosebaceous unit due to which there is increased production of sebum. With this, there is multiple bacteria colonization also take place.

This acne mostly found in the teenagers but now it is also common in adults. There are many factors which are responsible for the formation of acne. But one should one that which type of acne he/she is having as acne has many types. The most common type is Acne Vulgaris.

Factors Responsible are

  • Hormonal
  • Genetics
  • Any kind of infection
  • Dietary factor
  • Stress
  • Environmental factors
  • Various medications.

These factors are commonly responsible, there can be other factors related to any systemic diseases which can also be responsible for the formation of acne. This acne not only appears on the face but can be present on the neck, shoulder, and back.

When to See A Dermatologist for Acne?

Whenever we have any skin problem or acne the first thing which comes in mind is when we are supposed to go to a dermatologist for acne or any other skin problems. What are the criteria? In the starting, this acne is very mild in nature, which may disappear within a short limit of time, but there are many acnes which take more time as they change their nature from mild to moderate and even some change to severe conditions. Before consulting any dermatologist we all had tried many methods to make our skin healthy but as we fail to recover than we consult a doctor. So this article will let you know when to consult a dermatologist.

  • When you become saturated with using all counter creams and remedies and they finally stop acted
    When we see any of the acne on the face we go to the medical store and bring many cream or gels or any other products and started to apply on the face. We even apply many face masks on the face just to stop the growth of acne so that it can than regress in size. But if it does not work then we go to the next medical store and many other medical stores also. But this not always works beside this many money is wasted, as a result, the acne becomes more aggressive in nature by continuous use of cosmetics. At this time one should not wait to go to a dermatologist for this form of acne otherwise this can spread to other parts also. On consulting dermatologist at that stage, they will prescribe you strong antibiotics, birth control pills, a mixture of medicines and topical retinoids, all these will work when rest of the things has stopped acting.
  • When this acne appears on your skin first time especially for the teenagers
    Many of the teenagers experience the acne first time for which they become panic. If the number of acnes is less than it may go by itself without any treatment but if the number of acne is more than the teenagers are advised to consult the dermatologist for acne. As this acne can be one of the symptoms for the hormonal changes which the occurring during puberty level. With this there are many other reasons like their living style, eating habits, hygiene, and stress level during their studies. If this acne creates any discomfort zone than they should consult to a dermatologist and starts with the treatment.
  • When these acnes are very painful
    Most of the acnes are not painful until they are not suppurated (contain pus). Acne which is painful mostly comes under cystic acne. These types of acne are inflamed with pain and the sizes are mostly bigger than other acne as they have inflamed bumps inside the skin. For this one should not wait to consult the dermatologist before getting too late as this acne spreads quickly. Treatment mostly involves antibiotics.
  • When there is any other systemic disease present with acne due which the severity of acne increases
    Acnes are mostly found in females not only in puberty but also in adults. But the causes are different. Now a day many of the females are suffering from the diseases like PCOD (polycystic ovarian diseases), a rare disease like SAPHO (Synovitis, Acne, Pustulosis, Hyperostosis, and Osteitis), hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. These conditions in a female produce various hormonal dearrangement, as a result, one has to face with acne and this acne is mostly in worse form. Even some females also suffer from acne before menstruation called as PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome). For this, they should consult with an endocrinologist and also dermatologist and should get treated accordingly.
  • When this acnes lowers your confidence level
    Sometimes this acne makes you emotional hurt and lowering your confidence level to present yourself in front of others. You avoid going to school, colleges, party and others places. This is mostly seen in teenagers and young adults. For this, they should consult the dermatologist for the proper treatment.

Which Teenagers Consults Dermatologist for Acne?

Now a day this acne is becoming a very common skin problem. Almost every one once in their life had suffered from acne for which they had gone through the treatment. But many of this acne go by themselves without any treatment for which we should know which types of acne actually need treatment. Hence this article will let u know that when to see a dermatologist for acne.

The acnes produces a greater impact in one’s life as already said that good face increases the confidence level. Once if you failed to treat acne by your own way than it is advised to go to a dermatologist for acne without wasting much time as you have already wasted much. Teenagers are also advised to consult a dermatologist for acne if they are producing any kind of discomfort. So before it is too late to take an appointment and consult a dermatologist for a good skin.