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Ask a Dermatologist

We provide dermatology second opinion for all types of skin, nail and hair related problems and diseases. Some of them are Acne, Eczema, Hair Loss, Moles and Melanoma, Nail Disorders, Psoriasis, Rashes, Athlete's Foot, Ringworm, Herpes Infection, Warts, Chancroid, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Granuloma Inguinale, Syphilis. We also provide second opinion for cosmetic dermatology.

Dermatologists are skin specialists, who can handle all sorts of issues regarding skin, hair, nails etc. You can always consult and ask a dermatologist online about your skin or hair issues and seek suitable solutions for the problems. Usually people ignore problems related to nails, hair and skin in the beginning, but when things start getting serious; it becomes mandatory to consult a dermatologist.

Ask a Skin Doctor for a Dermatology Second Opinion

It might happen that you have consulted a dermatologist, but are not sure whether he has done the right treatment or prescribed the right medicines. To be sure of the diagnosis and prescribed medication, you can also ask a dermatologist online for a second opinion. If both the opinions tally, you can carry on with the same easily. For online medical second opinion, you will have to send all your reports, images and prescriptions online through email. The doctor will take a look at the reports and prescriptions and give his opinion.

When Should you Consult our Experts for a Dermatology Second Opinion Online?

  • To confirm whether your medical diagnosis is right
  • To confirm that your medication regime is the best course of treatment
  • To find out if there are any side effects which can damage your body
  • To find out if there is any alternative procedure or treatment
  • To find out if the disease can spread causing damage to other organs
  • To know additional details about your medical condition

Dermatologist Online Consultation

Visiting a dermatologist might not be possible physically always. There is no need to worry in such a case. You can find a dermatologist online too. We have expert dermatologists who offer online consultation to patients. For that you have to fix an appointment with the online skin doctor. It is interesting to note that many of our dermatologists offering online services provide video calling facilities and you can chat with the doctor directly and sort your problem. You will just need a device like a computer, laptop or smartphone with internet connectivity to contact the best online dermatologist and seek online consultation.

Benefits of Asking a Skin Specialist Online

More and more numbers of people are seeking consultations from doctors online. There are many benefits of the same. You don’t need to step out of your house for visiting a doctor for online consultation; it can be done from the comforts of your home or office. There are times when a patient hesitates asking doctors something while being face to face. In online mode, there is no such hesitation and one is free to ask any question. Most importantly, there is no fixed time for such consultations. It is possible to find some or the other skin specialist on round the clock basis.

Ask a Dermatologist about Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems from which both men and women suffer at one point of their life or other. In some people the problem is so grave that they need to get consultation from a dermatologist.

  • What is the main cause of acne?
  • What foods can aggravate acne breakouts
  • Will wearing makeup increase chances of acne breakouts?
  • What skincare regimen should I follow to stop acne breakouts?
  • Are there chances of any side effects from the medicines and creams that are prescribed for acne?

Ask a Dermatologist about Hair Loss

Hair loss is probably one of the most common problems from which people suffer nowadays. There are many factors that cause hair loss in individuals. Along with physical health problems, there are many environmental factors that lead to hair loss. Stress is also a major cause of hair loss. There are many natural remedies that can help in reducing the extent of hair loss, but it is important to find the root cause of the problem at the first place. This is the reason visiting a dermatologist is important.

  • What is the exact reason that is causing hair loss?
  • What can be done for minimizing the problem of hair thinning?
  • What are common myths about hair loss?
  • Can I take supplements for combating hair loss problems?
  • Can you please suggest some natural remedies for dealing with hair loss?
  • What hair care regimen should I follow to prevent hair loss?

Ask a Dermatologist about Eczema

Eczema is a skin problem, which can affect people in any age group. Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema can be of different kinds and with varying severities. Incessant itching and formation of rashes on the skin which refuse to go are the primary symptoms of the disease. Sometimes with itching, the skin turns red and swell up, giving an ugly look to the skin. Environmental as well as genetic factors are responsible for this skin problem. Eczema can also take place as allergic reaction. While in some cases eczema gets cured on its own, in other cases dermatological opinion is needed.

  • What is eczema and which parts of the body might be affected by the skin disease?
  • What are the chances of eczema spreading even when treatment is done on time?
  • What investigations and tests are done for diagnosing eczema?
  • Do I need to take special precautions for my family if I suffer from eczema?
  • What lifestyle changes do I need to make to combat eczema?
  • Can eczema be prevented and cured completely?

Ask a Dermatologist about Skin Cancer

As is evident from the name, skin cancer is one of the deadliest kinds of cancers. People across the globe are falling prey to this ailment. Dermatologists and oncologists globally opine that exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun is one of the main causes of skin cancer.

  • What are the initial symptoms of skin cancer?
  • What are the different kinds of skin cancers?
  • Who are more prone to skin cancer?
  • What tests are done to confirm skin cancer in individuals?
  • What are ways in which skin cancer can be prevented?
  • What are common treatment methods of skin cancer and what are survival rates?

Ask a Dermatologist about Moles

Moles might not be a serious problem in most individuals. Moles can be in the form of external growths or might be at the same surface as the skin. They are usually black, brown, red, reddish brown or even of skin color. The sizes and shapes of moles vary from one another significantly. Usually moles are benign and cause no harm to the body.

  • Are pigmented lesions and moles same or different?
  • When should I start worrying about the moles?
  • I have seen changes in moles during pregnancy. Is it normal?
  • Are there risk factors for melanoma?
Do not ignore if you suffer from the above mentioned skin disorders and ask a dermatologist online for a second opinion at the earliest for best results.

Dr. Akhil Kumar Singh has shown me that he has real concern for his patients. He patiently responded to 4 of my followups. If you need dermatology care, 'Ask a Dermatologist' service at BestDoctor is as good as it gets.

I was on a three-month waiting list to see a dermatologist. Then I found 'BestDoctor'. I was able to ask the dermatologist online and get diagnosis for my skin condition. In two weeks, I had relief.

I would definitely recommend 'BestDoctor' for a dermatology second opinion online to any of my family members or friends. It’s quick. It’s easy. And, it gives you peace of mind.

In less than 24 hours a board-certified dermatologist replied with professional information about my condition. I took two pictures of my skin problem; uploaded them directly on the website and described my symptoms using the form. I would surely recommend the dermatologist online consultation for anyone.

I used dermatologist online consultation when I had a rash and didn’t have time to visit the doctor’s office. I received an answer within a few hours which was fast and accurate and a over the counter medicine recommendation. I will continue to use BestDoctor in the future!

I got my skin treatment crosschecked with a dermatologist using ask a dermatologist service. It was simple and was happy to know that i was getting correct treatment. Thank you!

Many times we still have questions post our doctor's visit. While casual browsing to ask a Doctor online, I found BestDoctor and used ask a dermatologist online service. The team paid utmost attention and analyzed the root cause. I realized my skin allergy is caused by stress and now taking the appropriate treatment.

Recently i have been trying to opt a cosmetic treatment. I just consulted a cosmetologist. Still i am not sure to go about it. This platform helped me to know more details to take a decision correctly. This extra piece of advice is always recommended.

I have recently taken a chemical peel treatment. When i came home i started experiencing an awful feeling, when i consulted my therapist they were not clear to me on this. To avoid further issues, i quickly reached out here. You guys are amazing!

This is indeed a great platform to consult a dermatologist online. You can give it a try!

I have suffered with a complicated skin issue, the dermatologist from BestDoctor panel helped me suggest the line of treatment. I followed the same and within a week i started noticing improvement in my condition.

I have taken second opinion for my hair implantation options. I am happy with my dermatologist consultation online.

Thank you for the great consultation, i have discussed about the treatment plan you recommended with my dermatologist. Now i could see so much improvement.

We have been consulting a dermatologist for an accidental scar removal. Still have concerns after consulting two three visits. This online dermatologist consultation helped me a lot.

My skin got ruined inspite of taking an expensive treatment from a well reputed cosmetology clinic. To my surprise they didn't consider my worries. I was panicked and tried everywhere to ask a dermatologist online. Finally I found an experienced dermatologist second opinion.

Recently my sister is having frequent allergic break outs. As per BestDoctor dermatologist second opinion, we went for the allergy test. My sister got her allergy test done and she was allergic to almost everything they tested for. Lucky that we have an opportunity to ask a dermatologist online here.

Thanks for the advice on my treatment for "Basal cell carcinoma". I was lucky to reach out to this website to ask a dermatologist.

My nephew have some skin issues like purplish patch kind of. We have uploaded the picture of him and the doctor told us it is Morphea and a rare one. The recommendation and the communication was worthy.

Today i got burnt on my face due to bleach, and immediately i searched online. Since it is my face, i don't want to take a risk and searched online to ask a dermatologist. The doctor recommendations helped me.

The injury on my hand was getting better, i have consulted bestdoctor and it was diagnosed as pyoderma gangrenosum. I have taken Immunologist second opinion along with the Dermatologist second opinion online for my speedy recovery.

Thanks for your Dermatologist second opinion for hsv treatment for my friend. Initially she was hesitant to ask a doctor, but online second opinion is very easy to approach.

When i was at dermatology clinic, whatever the doctor has suggested seems to be very pricey and i felt i am getting trapped in their marketing pitching. To rescue myself i opted to ask a dermatologist for an expert second opinion on the suggestion and found some alternative generic options. Thank you BestDoctor!

In the recent past I've had a few less-than-stellar experiences with doctors. When I consulted a podiatrist for help with foot issues, he seemed stumped and offered a smattering of wild-guess suggestions. so i have lost my faith in few specialists. I just need confidence when it comes to treatment. I had a good experience here. I will defintely ask a doctor online at bestdoctor before i take a call.

After my sun bath i was experiencing burning sensation all over my skin, i have taken dermatologist consultation online and feeling relieved with quick remedies. Thanks to the team who made it easy.

I have been neglecting my itchy scalp treatment from years just because of the fear of over billing of a dermatologist in my place. Ask a dermatologist feature allows you to upload photos and reports, medical history etc to consult a dermatologist online. The reply was very detailed and answered my follow up questions. completely worth the time and money.

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