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Ask a Cardiologist Online for Expert Advice

Ask a Cardiologist Online for cardiologist advice with free followups on complex heart conditions which include: Arrhythmia, Angina, Atrial fibrillation, Coronary artery disease, Cardiac catheterization, Stents, Valvular heart disease, Mitral valve prolapse, Mitral or aortic valve repair or replacement, Bypass surgery, Pacemaker placement, Aortic aneurysm, Myocardial aneurysm, Atrial septal defect and patent foramen ovale (PFO), Peripheral vascular disease, Heart failure, Cardiomyopathy, and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Ask a Cardiologist Questions Online

Are you concerned about your heart condition? Want simple detailed answers about symptoms, given diagnosis, possible diagnosis or medications you take. We are here to help. Our online cardiologists with lot of passion for their field will clarify all your doubts and will put your mind at ease. They help you get a better understanding of cardiovascular diseases. 

Cardiac or heart problems can lead to many questions. You have every right to be as informed as possible about your heart condition, diagnosis and cardiac treatment options. Now you can get immediate medical advice about your heart health from board certified cardiologists online. Just ask a cardiologist on BestDoctor and get quick personalised answers to your questions directly to your inbox.

Benefits of Online Cardiologist Advice

Expert Opinion without leaving home: By using ask a cardiologist online service, patients can gain access to world renowned cardiologists that might otherwise not be possible based on geographic or time constraints.

Private and Secure: The process is simple, convenient and completely secure. The answers to your questions or the second opinion report will be directly emailed to your inbox.

Cost Effective and Convenient: Since everything is done remotely, there are no travel costs involved. 

Ask a Heart Doctor for a Cardiology Second Opinion

Seeking a Cardiology Second Opinion is one way to learn more about any diagnostic or treatment recommendations. As medicine becomes more complex and the number of treatment options continues to multiply, getting a second opinion has become a common practice. Don't be surprised to learn how often doctors seek informal second opinions on their own patients. 

Our online medical second opinion service provides access to leading cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, no matter where you live. If you are facing a complex cardiac condition or tough treatment decision, having a cardiology second opinion online from a world-class specialist can provide valuable guidance and put your mind at rest.

When to Consult our Expert Cardiologists for a Cardiology Second Opinion Online?

  • To explore other treatment options prior to major heart surgery or procedure
  • After heart surgery, if you are experiencing new symptoms
  • Prior to non-emergency procedures such as a pacemaker placement
  • To confirm that your medical diagnosis is correct
  • To confirm that your physician's treatment recommendation is the best one
  • To confirm that your medication regime is the best source of treatment

  • Common Questions to Ask a Cardiologist If You Have:
  • Angina

    • What distinguishes chronic angina from a heart attack?
    • What are the activities or conditions that can cause me to have angina?
    • Can I exercise if I have Angina?
    • How should I treat my chest pain or angina when it occurs?

    Aortic Aneurysm

    • When should an aortic aneurysm be repaired?
    • How often should my cardiologist order tests to monitor the size of my aortic aneurysm?
    • Are aortic aneurysms genetic?
    • Are aortic aneurysms associated with other medical conditions?
    • If I need to have my aortic aneurysm repaired, should I undergo an open-repair or an endovascular repair?
    • Can I exercise if I have aortic aneurysm? Is there any type of exercise that should be avoided.


    • What is the cause of my cardiomyopathy?
    • Could a heart attack have caused my cardiomyopathy?
    • Could high blood pressure contribute to my cardiomyopathy?
    • Do I need to limit my physical activity because of cardiomyopathy?
    • Will I need a pacemaker for my cardiomyopathy?
    • Do I need to avoid certain foods because of my cardiomyopathy?

This is a quick and effective service.

I am from France. My father had undergone heart surgery recently and his Blood pressure was going up. Unable to consult a physician due to COVID 19 lock down. Online Cardiologist here helped to monitor his health condition on an ongoing basis with regular followups.

My doctor told me i have left atrial enlargement and ecg shows the abnormality, my country is not having advanced treatment options. since i am just 25 i would like to travel to another country for my treatment with guidance. Bestdoctor helped me in getting cardiologist second opinion online. I am really thankful to them.

I was constantly feeling that my heart beats fast for no reason, the cardiologist second opinion is really on par. Post my physical I came back to followup with the ECG.

I am 62 yrs old and i went to ER recently with heart palpitations and came out with little bit abnormality within the ECG, this gave me anxiety. I am really worried about the long waiting list in my city for a specialist consultation. I am following the medication and other things given by my doctor, luckily this portal made things easy for me, wherein i got an answer from an online cardiologist in just 2 hrs. Now a days this has become a go-to option for all my other health concerns too.

I found the best cardiologist advice here, reading online sometime makes you confused and may not give you trust with your doctor. Better to go with a trusted one. Why do you want to miss it when you have easy access to ask a doctor online.

We have taken second opinion regarding my 12 yrs old son if he can fly with Supraventricular tachycardia. The doctor's suggestion was very helpful.

My father had bypass surgery 9 years ago, he has been facing lot of difficulties and we thought it must be pain due to gastritis. The cardiology expert team advised us with out any delay.

I was told my pain after my invasive surgery will be very high, like 8/10, i am really petrified before surgery. I did not want to ask my treating cardiologist since he is very busy. I have asked a cardiologist online for pre counselling and I must tell you that was a great conversation. Highly recommended for non ER!

I have been suffering from angina pain on and off. The cardiologist second opinion relieved my worries.

My father reported discomfort post cauterization and he says its unusual and he wanted to ask a cardiologist. Its late night and we do not want to rush to ER. To our rescue, we found bestdoctor cardiologist second opinion, they reviewed the reports and guided him.

My friend told me I should consider a second opinion for heart care since mine is a surgical procedure. I have taken 2 different cardiologist second opinions to have faith on my treatment plan.

I was at work and i was rushed to a hospital with a complaint of chest pain, and the doctors were saying this as "Angina Pectoris" , i have posted here to ask a cardiologist second opinion. Doctor helped me to understand my condition.

This online second opinion service saved my mother's life. I can't possibly thank you enough.

I am happy with the spine surgeon's second opinion from Bestdoctor. Followed by this I also posted another family member's medical case to ask a cardiologist opinion. I really appreciate your efforts.

A friend of mine have gone straight for stent which costed him around $10k. When he shared his reports with his friend who is a doctor, he realized that could have been avoided. He introduced me to bestdoctor when we were looking for a surgeon second opinion for my mother. This gave us confidence and is very easy to use.

I didn't take a second opinion from a cardiologist So, I ended up in the hospital for a whole week and lots of trauma post surgery. Later i came to know that the surgery was avoidable. Again I never feel unnecessary to ask a cardiologist for a second opinion in future. I highly recommend online second opinion to all my near and dear. My message should reach more people that is why I am posting my review here.

I went for a cardiologist second opinion locally, he ordered all the tests again. This seemed to be pretty annoying. Then I came across the cardiologist second opinion online. I uploaded all my current reports and I got the response. I feel this is way cheaper and sorted process.

My cousin died in SICU post Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, i am really worried when i was recommended to get this surgery for myself. To avoid my anxiety, i have uploaded all my reports to ask the cardiologist about the prognosis of my case. I also shared his reports with his family permission to know what exactly was his condition.

I was told by my cardiologist that i am in danger of developing a fast or irregular heart rhythm that can lead to death. He recommended for ICD. I wanted to ask a cardiologist for a second opinion about the surgery decision, i am really feeling knowledgeable about the surgery post my QA with the cardiologist.

My second opinion regarding Patent Foramen Ovale Transcatheter Repair for my grand father was satisfactory. The cardiologist guided about the complications very well.

My case was left undiagnosed after many tests at a corporate hospital, then i posted details here for a second opinion and the doctor gave me all possible cases and guided with further diagnosis. He seems to be well experienced.

My friend got into ER and ECG was abnormal. Since he is too young and looks healthy, we couldn't believe. He requested to ask a cardiologist second opinion asap, due to lack of options we approached online at BestDoctor. The Cardiologist explained the abnormalities very well. It was really worth trying this.

We were told my husband has Ventricular Hypertrophy and some issues at border line. The cardiologist here helped me.

To start off, the cardiologist who attended my case was great, extremely efficient to address my concerns, and kind.

The doctor ruled out the actual cause of my irregular heart beat and the guidance helped me to take further call. Thanks to the cardiology team.

The Doctors are really approachable and attended all my follow ups. Second opinion is something you should never miss before going ahead with the surgery.

My experience here is commendable. We are really thankful to the Cardiac panel.

I am the only child to my parents and now staying in USA, when i heard about my father's diagnosis i tried online help. BestDoctor helped me in getting right opinion about my father's treatment options..

There were few hospital bad experiences in our family, second opinion before surgery is highly recommended. I am happy with the cardiology second opinion at bestdoctor.

I am taking Betaloc 50 mg and Metformin medicine. I have recently experienced shortness of breath after walking for 10 minutes. I had an angiogram on Tuesday and the the result revealed there was no problems. I have consulted a cardiologist here if I may have side effects from Betaloc. I got all my concerns addressed. And thanks for their private consultations feature.

I asked a cardiologist. He is very professional and knowledgeable, I highly recommend his medical opinion he gave me straight answers and quick follow ups. Thank you.

I am from Bangladesh, here we have camps to help about getting treatment in India. But we can't trust everyone especially the agents. I do not have great option to take a cardiologist second opinion at Bangladesh. When i searched online, Bestdoctor made easy to take a cardiology second opinion online before my travel to India. The team supported throughout my stay in India during treatment. I have posted all my reports to ask a cardiologist whether everything is right or not. Thank you for all your Doctors team..

My husband just got some reports about his heart health from a reputed hospital in India. To ask a cardiologist at this hospital about the results it seems to be longer than expected. Since our case is not an ER they generally give an appointment after 2 days only. I couldn't wait till the next appointment. I just took pictures of the reports like echo, myocardial viability study etc., and initiated to ask the cardiologist at BestDoctor. This cardiology second opinion online is as good as the one to one consultation here we get. Happy that i found a right option.

I just did an Echo, I just got a basic briefing about the results from my physician here. I wanted to ask an online Cardiologist to interpret my echo report. I found this is amazingly easy and i fortunately, had nothing to worry. I would consult a cardiologist at BestDoctor again if I need so... Great !!

I was at the ER after a bout of chest pain, sweatings and throwing up - EMS got me on track on the way to the hospital with Nitro support - got placed an implanted a stent. I'm 55 year old with no past hystory, so you could imagine what we have been going through. My son being a tech savy happened to found a second opinion blog here to ask a cardiologist. He found the treatment i have been given can be improved and the team helps us with all our questions parellely. Though we get to speak with our ER doctors, still we sometimes be unclear. Though they are outstanding in the Cath Lab. Ask a Cardiologist option made my stay more easy by giving peace of advice in the right time. Just go ahead!

In our country (Kenya) we do not have advanced health options. We are fortunate to find an online cardiologist on this website. Earlier we traveled to India for a major surgery we opted a second opinion. That helped a lot to prep.

I did not expect a senior cardiologist will answer my query. The advice was very detailed and helpful.

Thank you for the information. I would check out as you instructed. This site has proved to be very helpful.

I used ask a cardiologist online service and got detailed explanation and advice. You have some great cardiologists in the panel. Thank you!

My mother has heart problem. I got cardiology second opinion online from and it helped me understand the problem and my family is happy to know that he is getting the right treatment and diagnosis. Got peace of mind now. Thanks.

The cardiology second opinion at best doctor helped me feel more confident in my cardiologist's words. Would like to thank Dr Soma Raju for his medical advice. It's treat to see his name on the response! I am well aware of the medical benefits we enjoy due to Dr Soma Raju's work. A heartfelt thank you, Sir! I think this is a great service.

The second opinion provided a complete review of my mother's heart problem. Words can't express my gratitude to the best doctor team during our time of need. I would highly recommend the cardiology second opinion online service from to anyone seeking medical guidance.

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Q: When should I consult a Cardiologist?

A: If you feel sudden onset of left sided chest pain, perspiration, sweating, uneasiness, palpitations, breathlessness on exertion etc then you should immediately consult a Cardiologist.

Q: What is a heart attack?

A: It is an emergency situation where blood supply to heart is compromised due to blockage in heart vessels.

Q: What investigations does a cardiologist usually prescribe?

A: Cardiologists usually prescribe ECG (Electrocardiogram), 2D echo (Echocardiography), TMT (Treadmill test), Coronary Angiography etc.

Q: What kind of food is harmful for the heart?

A: Foods rich in saturated fat like ghee, butter, cheese, groundnut oil, junk foods like breads, pizza, burgers, packed food items etc are harmful for your heart.

Q: What kind of exercises are beneficial for Heart?

A: Regular exercises like brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, zumba etc. are beneficial for the heart.

Q: Do Yoga and Pranayam help Heart function?

A: Yes, if done under expert guidance, both Yoga and Pranayam are very helpful to prevent heart diseases. It is also beneficial for those who already have heart disease.

Q: What is Palpitation?

A: It is subjective awareness of one’s own pulsation. Most common cause for this is anxiety. But this can be an early sign of heart disease.

Q: What is TMT?

A: It is a Treadmill Stress Test. During this test, the patient is made to walk/run on a treadmill with continuous monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate and ecg. It is to monitor your heart and its condition in exertion.

Q: What is Coronary Angiography?

A: It is direct visualization of heart vessels with the help of a dye. Main purpose of this test is to identify which vessel is blocked. It also tells you the quantity (% of block) of blockage.

Q: What are congenital heart diseases?

A: CHD (Congenital Heart disease) is mostly seen in children. They are due to a developmental defect when the baby is developing in the mother’s womb. It is usually diagnosed antenatal in the ultrasound.

Q: What is Angioplasty?

A: It is a procedure in which Stent is placed in the heart vessel after removing the blockage. It is a life saving emergency procedure.

Q: What is heart failure?

A: It is a condition in which the heart fails to meet its demand. Main function of the heart is to provide blood to different organs. When heart pumping is reduced, it is known as Heart failure.

Q: How cholesterol affects Heart function?

A: There are two main types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL. LDL cholesterol is responsible for blockage in vessels while HDL cholesterol prevents this blockage. So high HDL and low LDL cholesterol is desired.

Q: How diabetes affects Heart?

A: Uncontrolled diabetes can worsen heart conditions in all possible ways. It increases chances of uncontrolled hypertension, heart attack and heart failure. So always keep your sugar level in control.

Q: What tests should I do to prevent heart diseases?

A: You should regularly check your blood sugar, blood pressure, ECG (Electrocardiogram), 2D echo, lipid profile, hemoglobin etc.

Q: What is the effect of smoking on the Heart?

A: Smoking has a very adverse effect on the heart. It not only damages heart vessels, but also reduces pumping of heart by affecting heart muscles.

Q: What are the ways to keep your heart healthy?

A: Regular health checkups, avoiding unhealthy foods, regular aerobic exercise, avoiding stress etc are ways to keep your heart healthy.

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