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Ask a Gastroenterologist Online for Expert Advice

Ask a Gastroenterologist online and get Gastroenterology Second Opinion for conditions and disorders of the stomach and intestines. Some of them are Dyspepsia/Indigestion, Nausea and Vomiting, Peptic Ulcer Disease, Abdominal Pain Syndrome, Belching, Bloating, Flatulence, Biliary Tract Disorders, Gall Bladder Disorders, Gallstone Pancreatitis, Gallstones in Women, Constipation and Defecation Problems, Diarrhea (acute and chronic), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hemorrhoids and Other Anal Disorders, Rectal Problems in Women.

Stomach problems are not uncommon. Lots of people suffer from issues like acidity, gas, bloating, lack of appetite, constipation, loose stool, abdominal pain etc. These problems might be symptoms for graver abdominal disorders. Ask a gastroenterologist Online in detail about your problem and how permanent cure for the problem can be attained.

Apart from the above mentioned abdominal problems, there are many other issues that can trouble your abdomen. Some of these include IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, GERD etc. Immediate medical attention should be sought if you think your abdominal problems are not getting relieved even after taking medicines.

Ask a Gastroenterologist Online for a Second Opinion

Second opinions are quite common for abdominal problems. It has been seen that many times a doctor fails to diagnose the problem accurately and hence the patient does not get relief from the problem. In such a situation, it is best to seek a second opinion as it will clear your doubts regarding the treatment. You can also be sure if the treatment you are undergoing is okay or not. Sometimes, a gastroenterology second opinion Online helps in getting better guidance regarding the prevailing medical condition and we provide you just that. The doctor offering online medical second opinion might make slight changes in the prescription and you can benefit greatly from the same.

When Should you Consult our Experts for a Gastroenterology Second Opinion online?

  • To confirm whether your diagnosis is right
  • To know what are the alternative procedures and treatment
  • To confirm that your medication regimen is the best course of treatment
  • To know additional details about your medical condition
  • To find out if there are any side effects of the treatment that you are taking
  • To know how long your medical condition will take to cure
  • To find out whether you have taken the right tests and what further tests are required for your medical condition

Gastroenterologist Online Consultation

If you detest going to a gastroenterologist physically, you can ask a gastroenterologist online by choosing one of the best gastroenterologists on our panel. Get answers from the best gastroenterologists and discuss your problems without any kind of hesitation. You will need to send across your reports and previous prescriptions if any so that the gastroenterologist can study your case and offer expert opinion for the same.

Benefits of Asking a Stomach Specialist Doctor Online

  • Seeking consultation and advice from a gastroenterologist online comes with many benefits.
  • You don’t need to travel to the doctor, particularly when the symptoms of the abdominal problems are acute and severe, and still get advice on the condition.
  • You can fix appointment with the doctor as per your convenient time. In fact you can present your problem to the doctor at your suitable time and get suitable advice later.
  • Since payment for the consultation can be made online, you don’t need to worry about the same as well.
  • Some doctors also offer facilities of online video chatting with patients to understand their problems better.

Questions to Ask Gastroenterologist about IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common abdominal problem from which millions of people in the world suffer. Mostly women are affected by this problem. Main symptoms of this problem are belly discomfort along with troublesome bowel habits. Patients suffering from IBS can suffer from either diarrhea or constipation and the stool type is also different.

  • What is IBS?
  • What are the probable reasons for IBS?
  • Are there any tests which can be used for diagnosing IBS?
  • Do I need to make dietary changes to keep IBS under control?
  • How can I reduce stress levels to keep IBS at bay?
  • Can IBS lead to more serious abdominal problems?

Questions to Ask Gastroenterologist about Crohn's Disease

Among various kinds of gastrointestinal and abdominal disorders, Crohn’s Disease needs special mention. It is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and is different from IBS. The main problem in this disease is inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract or the digestive tract. Usually the small intestine is the worst hit area in Crohn’s Disease, though any part of the GI tract can be affected by the problem. This disease often appears in patches and runs through the entire bowel wall.

  • Which parts of the intestine are affected by Crohn’s Disease?
  • Are other abdominal disorders causing Crohn’s Disease?
  • Will lifestyle changes help in improving conditions of Crohn’s Disease?
  • Are there side effects of medicines which are recommended for Crohn’s Disease?
  • What will happen if medications are stopped for the problem?
  • Do I need a regular follow up for treatment of Crohn’s Disease?

Questions to Ask Gastroenterologist about GERD

GERD is gastroesophageal reflux disease. In this, the acid from stomach reaches the esophagus causing immense heartburn. Burning feeling is felt in the chest area along with immense sore throat. The total feeling of GERD is very unpleasant and uncomfortable. When GERD is severe, it might lead to tissue damage in the esophagus. If you have been diagnosed with GERD, you must ask the stomach specialist doctor as what exactly happens in this problem.

  • What is the status of my GERD?
  • What are the reasons that I have GERD?
  • Should I avoid specific kinds of foods and beverages?
  • Do the medicines I take be a cause of GERD?
  • What tests and investigations need to be done for treating GERD?
  • Will other medical conditions aggravate the problem of GERD?
  • What kinds of complications can develop from GERD?

Questions to Ask Gastroenterologist about Ulcerative Colitis

Like Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis is also a kind of inflammatory bowel disease. The colon and the rectum are mainly affected by this disease and it is quite painful and uncomfortable. While in some people, parts of the colon are affected; in others the whole colon might be affected. And obviously when the whole colon is infected, the symptoms are severe. Sadly this problem is hereditary in nature and someone in the family definitely has the problem.

  • What is ulcerative colitis and what are the reasons causing the same?
  • Are there specific factors that aggravate the chances of getting ulcerative colitis?
  • What investigations and tests help in diagnosing ulcerative colitis?
  • What will be the treatment procedure for treating ulcerative colitis?
  • Is ulcerative colitis completely curable?
  • Should I be under strict diet regimen for keeping ulcerative colitis under control?

Do not ignore if you suffer from the above mentioned gastrointestinal disorders and ask a gastroenterologist for a second opinion at the earliest for best results.

I had undergone gallstone removal 5 years back and now I have some issues. I have submitted my reports and got a response which was of great help. Never hesitate to ask a doctor online.

I have been suffering from bad GERD problems from 2 years now and lost a lot of weight. Few of the Gastroenterologists recommended for the surgery and few are not. I have opted bestdoctror as one of my second opinion Chanel to make my mind about the treatment.

I have been suffering with continuous vomiting and esophagus infection and my condition was so bad. The recovery was not so good. The Gastroenterology advice was helpful.

I got a stomach bug after my last night dinner and i have a busy scheduled week and travelling. The regular medicine didn't help me. And i have posted at ask a gastroenterologist and followed his advice. Thanks to the entire team.

I am happy with the bariatric surgeon second opinion on my weight loss surgery.

After my trip to Philippines I have suffered with acute Diarrhea for almost 10 days. I was put on antibiotics and all the medicines possible. When I took gastroenterolgoist second opinion here, the tests and diagnosis approach was different. I have posted all the documents/reports they requested and started feeling better after 2nd day and now almost fine at 5th day. I really regret why i didn't ask a Gastroenterologist early on day one itself when this is easily accessible.

My brother is diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and there is hardly any good specialist available in my city, my doctor was referring to another city. He was not inclined towards the treatment they recommended. With the help of Gastroenterology second opinion, we have planned the treatment in the best possible way.

I was in a worse condition with esophagus and gerd issues. 'Ask a Gastroenterologist' team arranged a second opinion based my reports with an experienced top gastro surgeon. I have got the doctor's advice before the things are out of hand. The doctor is from a different country and its almost impossible to consult in person. This service made the patient's world wide connectivity with the Doctors. Tremendous efforts!

I have suffered with acute GERD issues. I am from north east state and the medical facilities are not great. I would appreciate all your efforts.

I am away from home due to work, i always wanted to be with my mother when she needs me but couldn't make it. Thanks for the parallel assistance on her case. Thanks to the entire Doctors team and support team. Your support is priceless.

Easy, quick accessibility and affordable. What else can i expect than this to consult a specialist online.

Earlier I was in an assumption that this online thing may not work. After approaching BestDoctor I realised it is not true. Reading just online doesn't help you always. If you are good at expressing your concerns, you can definitely give a try for online second opinion. Ask a doctor online without any hesitation.

Due to my ER condition i spent the entire day at the hospital. After that i had to take a gastroenterologist consultation online and i then realized the ease in online consultations. I would highly recommend BestDoctor for anyone in need.

My father is diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Thank you for helping us with the senior gastrosurgeon second opinion on the complications he may get post onco procedure he is going to have. Thank you for the number of follow ups you allowed to get answers all the questions.

I had a list of questions and the Gastroenterologist answered all of them without missing on anything. Nice experience!

I had suffered stomach bug and fever for a week during my work visit. My physician prescription didn't help me much. Got here and saw a GI specialist who made my life easy. Got quick relief. Thanks

This is the best platform for complex GERD issues, the team helps with follow-ups as well which is needed for longterm chronic ailments.

After my EUS with biopsy, I was diagnosed with esophageal tear 2.5mm at GE junction and we were really horrified to learn this and unable to sit calm. GE team at bestdoctor helped me to learn more about my condition. Instead of reading randomly, go and ask a gastroenterologist for better understanding.

Great Service. All my doubts cleared in no time. Doctor took the time to explain next steps and was able to answer all my questions. He answered all my followups with great patience. Ask a gastroenterologist online for all your gastroenterology questions.

When you have a long term disease, you need constant support and visiting a specialist is not always easy. I tried gastroenterology second opinion online panel, they helped me with the follow ups through out the treatment and charged me just once. It is definitely less cost compared to the multiple visits and is much more convenient.

After 1 month of consultation, here i am writing about my experience. Due to my bad lifestyle and eating habits, i got ulcers and losing weight. I have posted my issues at Ask a Doctor specialist option and gastroenterologist guided the treatment. Now i am recovering and much better.

I have used ask a Gastroenterologist online service at BestDoctor for my acidic reflux issue. I have been guided with the right treatment, which is way different from the over the counter drugs I have been using all these days. Luckily I got recovered at an early stage. TheY gave me advice regarding the eating patterns. Thanks!

The Gastroenterology second opinion online service at BestDoctor was a very positive experience. After sending all my medical records and test results, I quickly received my second opinion report which shocked me. Dr. Raghu Ram indicated that after reviewing all the reports documenting my disease for the past 2 years, he didn’t believe Crohn’s was the cause of my symptoms. Instead, he believed I was suffering from indeterminate ulcerative colitis. He suggested a different medication therapy. Because of this change, I saw an immediate improvement in my health.

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Q: When should I consult a gastroenterologist?

A: You should definitely consult a gastroenterologist if you have chronic diarrhoea, bloody diarrhoea, blood in vomiting, blood in stool, chronic abdominal pain etc.

Q: What is heartburn?

A: It is seen due to hyperacidity in the stomach which causes burning type of pain in the middle and left side of the lower chest. Patient should definitely rule out heart disease.

Q: Why do I have central chest pain after eating spicy food?

A: Spicy food makes stomach to produce more acid and this in turn causes gastritis which gives central chest pain.

Q: How to treat hyperacidity naturally?

A: You should avoid spicy food, junk food, large meals. Avoid sleeping immediately after taking meals. Go for a walk after meals.

Q: What is dysentery?

A: When you have bloody diarrhoea with abdominal pain, fever, it is known as dysentery. This denotes severe intestinal infection.

Q: What are the home remedies for constipation?

A: If you have constipation (difficulty or straining in passing stool), drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, avoid oily and spicy food, avoid junk food. Take more dietary fibers like fruits and vegetables.

Q: What is IBS?

A: IBS is Irritable bowel syndrome. It is mostly stress and anxiety related. All reports are normal but still patient has alternate diarrhoea and constipation with abdominal pain.

Q: What is upper GI scopy?

A: It is a procedure done by gastroenterologist in which an endoscope is introduced from mouth to visualize esophagus, stomach and duodenum.

Q: What is colonoscopy?

A: It is a procedure done by a gastroenterologist in which endoscope is introduced from anus to visualize rectum, sigmoid colon and large intestine.

Q: Why do I have blood in my stool?

A: Most common cause of blood in stool is hemorrhoids. Other causes are dysentery, cancer, tuberculosis, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) etc.

Q: What is Hematemesis?

A: Hematemesis is blood in vomiting. It is an emergency condition where bleeding is mostly from stomach or duodenum ulcer.

Q: What is hepatitis?

A: Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. It can be due to a viral infection, alcohol, drugs etc.

Q: Is hepatitis sexually transmitted?

A: Yes, Hepatitis B and C is known for sexual transmission. They can also transmit by needle stick injury.

Q: Which hepatitis spreads by food?

A: Hepatitis A and E are transmitted by food and water.

Q: Is fatty liver dangerous?

A: Yes, fatty liver if not taken care of can lead to hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver), Hepatitis and Cirrhosis.

Q: How alcohol affects liver?

A: Alcohol affects the liver directly and causes fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, Cirrhosis and liver failure.

Q: How to keep my gut healthy?

A: You should adopt healthy dietary habits like avoiding smoking, alcohol, junk food, oily and spicy food. Eat more freshly cooked home made food. Take more dietary fibers.

Q: What are the symptoms of worm infection?

A: Worms are parasites that commonly affect the intestine. It causes abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, abdominal enlargement, diarrhea etc.

Q: What is typhoid?

A: Typhoid is a bacterial infection of the small intestine that causes fever, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

Q: Do I have appendicitis?

A: If you have unbearable right lower abdominal pain with fever, vomiting then this could be appendicitis.

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