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Ask a Gynecologist Online for Expert Advice

Get easy access to leading Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for medical advice and second opinion for your gynaecological needs. Ask a Gynecologist Online for a second opinion on the diseases and disorders affecting the reproductive system in women. Some of them are Cervical Dysplasia, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Gynaecological Oncology, Menopause Management, Ovarian Cysts, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Infertility, Vaginal Yeast Infections, Irregular Menstruation.

Why Should You Get a Gynaecology Second Opinion?

Getting a gynaecology second opinion isn’t about not trusting your doctor. It’s about helping you to feel empowered, informed, and invested in your own health care.

It is always an excellent idea to go for a gynaecology second opinion (or even a third) if surgery has been recommended to you. Not all things in medicine are black and white, and there are chances for differences of opinion. In the current managed health care environment, many doctors will not take the time to discuss your situation with you. Also, since many doctors are not trained in the advanced less invasive treatments available, they will not discuss or recommend that to you.

Common Gynaecology Errors to Consider:

Failure to recognise bowel perforation during a gynaecological operation. 
35% - 45% C-Section decisions are misinterpreted.
Performing unnecessary surgery. Almost Two-Thirds of hysterectomies are avoidable.
In 45% - 50% infertility cases the standard protocols were not followed.
Male Infertility is under-diagnosed in many infertility cases.
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is most commonly neglected.

When to Consult our Expert Gynaecologists for a Gynaecology Second Opinion Online?

It is quite reasonable to consider an online medical second opinion with a different gynaecologist about your condition whenever:
You need a life-changing medical procedure or a major surgery
You’re having a procedure that will require a long recovery time.
Your doctor isn’t open to discuss alternative options.
You want to learn about other minimally invasive treatment options.
Your gut tells you something isn’t right.
Your treatment is very risky or toxic.
You’re thinking about taking part in a clinical trial for a new drug.

Ask a Gynaecologist Questions Online:

A woman’s reproductive system is a delicate and complex system in the body. Talking to a gynaecologist is a good first step if you want simple detailed answers about your common reproductive health concerns. 

Conditions like Gynaecological cancers, Menstrual bleeding, Pregnancy and Infertility in women can lead to many questions. Getting the best gynaecologist advice is the right for every women and not a privilege. Now you can get immediate medical advice online from board certified Obstetrician and Gynaecologists. Just ask a OB/GYN on BestDoctor and get quick personalised answers to your questions directly to your inbox.

Questions to Ask a OB/GYN Before Getting Pregnant:

How long should I be off of the birth control pill before trying to get pregnant?
When is the best time to have sex in order to get pregnant? Is there a way to know if I'm ovulating?
How long should we try to conceive before becoming concerned?
Are there natural ways to increase fertility?
Is it OK to continue my current medication (over-the-counter or prescription) when I become pregnant?
Should I make any lifestyle changes?
What are the best vitamins to take to get pregnant? When should I start taking them?
What should I consider with regard to my family's medical background?
Should I take any vaccinations before getting pregnant?

Questions to Ask a OB/GYN about Menopause:

Does menopause just mean that my periods will stop?
What is the average age of menopause?
Am I too young to have menopause?
What are the most common symptoms of menopause?
Could I be experiencing symptoms of perimenopause? How is perimenopause different from menopause?
How long should I expect these symptoms to last?
Could my symptoms be caused by something besides menopause?
Why some women get hot flashes and night sweats and others don't?
Are there any side effects for menopause treatments? If so, what are they?
Does menopause put me at risk for other health conditions such as osteoporosis, heart disease or incontinence,?
What are the long-term health risks associated with menopause?

Questions to ask a OB/GYN about Uterine Fibroids:

Where are my fibroids located (inner surface, outer surface or in the wall of the uterus)?
How many fibroids do I have and What is the size of my fibroid(s)?
What type of fibroids do I have?
How will I know if my fibroid(s) are getting bigger?
How are the fibroids related to my symptoms?
Can fibroids stop me from getting pregnant?
Will fibroids affect fetal growth If I become pregnant?
Do my fibroids require treatment?
What are the treatment options and When should I seek treatment?
What type of follow-up is needed for my fibroids?
Who should remove my fibroids my gynaecologist or a surgeon?

My online gynecologist consultation gone pretty well here.

In my country, the healthcare system is busy in treating Covid-19 patients. It is not even recommended to step out unless it is an emergency. Being pregnant, chances of contracting the virus is very high. I am at 32 weeks and having cramps and other symptoms. I do not want to disturb my gynecologist for small issues. I consulted with a gynecologist here, this is a great help to me during these difficult times.

I am on the verge of depression and my PMS is worsening my condition. Since it is not like an emergency physical condition I keep neglecting my visit to a gynecologist. Finally i made up my mind to ask a gynecologist for advice online. The answers were helpful and I have started my treatment as advised. The doctor answered all my follow up questions until I am completely satisfied.

I got my test reports on the weekend and for 2 more days I can't consult my doctor. I got an online gynecologist opinion with 3 free followups. Thank you BestDoctor!

I am very shy to discuss my gynecological problems in person. Online consultation at helped me and the service is very private and secure.

I have been suffering with irregular periods, couldn't take any step further about my treatment. When i was just working online I browsed and asked a gynecologist online. The response was immediate and detailed. Finally mine came out as slightly elevated prolactin and nothing to worry. Thanks to the team that made this so easy for the worried patients.

The medical history and conversations are 100% private. I do not hesitate to ask a gynecologist online here about my health concerns. Previously i posted my issue else where and it was public. So I would prefer only premium second opinion service, though it might cost me few bucks.

Had some post delivery issues and much needed a second opinion. Thanks to the entire team for their support. Great Gyanec support indeed.

I have taken a second opinion for my daughter's PCOD issue. It would be very easy to upload scanned reports and ask a gynecologist online here.

This is the best platform for Gynecologist second opinion online. During my first trimester i was diagnosed with diabetic and thyroid syndrome. This option helped me to go through that stage and to have a healthy baby. I used this service parallel with my Gynaec visits.

I am from Dubai, i am always worried about my family in india. I frequently take Gynecologist consultations online for my wife here. so i think i am qualified to write a review. 1. They are prompt 2. Hassle free 3. Expert panel 4. Value for the money 5. Free follow ups Go ahead!

When we go to a doctor, many times we hear that 'nothing to worry' and we regret why we waited so much time with unnecessary doubts. Since you don't spend much time waiting to ask a doctor online, and there is no need to travel anywhere, just don't miss to consult a gynecologist online.

Thanks for the advice on general gynaecology health concerns. You read random stuff online about contraceptives and avoid visiting physician for obvious reasons. But atleast you need to consult a doctor online before jumping on any self medication. Its easy though!

I am writing this post delivery, our baby at 27 weeks measured small and the gynae assistant indicated some issue. We were on hell stress and my wife didn't want to hear anything negative. I randomly went online and finally found a good Doctor. I have posted and asked randomly. But they were patient and helped me answering all my questions, Thanks team.

In my first pregnancy i had some complications, this time we want to make sure we need some expert help through out. Since we can't see a second doctor when we are tagged to our gynae, we thought of reaching online. Luckily we have reached here. I have taken multiple consultations all these days and i am in 3rd trimester. Feeling better with no major worries left.

My teenage daughter have been facing endometriosis. When i searched online, I found BestDoctor Gynae QA support where i could ask a Gynecologist online. My daughter is doing good now. Thanks to the Gynae Panel.

My consultation with IVF specialist here was wonderful. We were on infertility treatment and 2 cycles were failed. It was painful and expensive. Then I reached BestDoctor for second opinion, the team has highly experienced Gynecologists and Infertility Specialists. They guided me well about different approaches and answered all my concerns. Now i am all set to welcome our baby!

I have used ask a gynecologist service at BestDoctor. I am very happy with my consultation. Very detailed answer.

This site has almost replaced my physician visits. It takes just five minutes to ask a doctor online, I could skip calling off to work now.

My sister consulted here for her daughter's rare Gynaecological issue. We also got to know about the treating options. Thank you for the support team's efforts.

Thanks a ton for the help, this is a precious pregnancy for me since I conceived through IVF. Gyanae Doctors availability is good here. They have lot of patience in answering all my questions. The doctor understood my excitement and listened to all my concerns.

I am so lucky to have found BestDoctor! Dr. Sameer has been such a caring and great doctor! The entire team is so sweet and helpful. I definitely recommend gynecology second opinion online and am so thankful for their wonderful service!

We have been trying for a child for years. BestDoctor's Gynaecology panel has the best infertility specialists. You can ask the gynecologist from the list or when you choose a standard or panel opinions, they will arrange a gynaecologist second opinion from their network on demand. I have got the best experience with the case assistance support team. Keep up the Good work!

Hi, My wife was diagnosed diabetic during her first trimester regular routine. We were really worried about the baby and mother's health. I read somewhere that increased insulin levels will affect the baby's spinal growth. We opted Gynaecologist second opinion along with our treating Gynaecologist suggestions. We are now blessed with a healthy baby girl. Thanks to the entire team for their awesome work and support.

My wife had been diagnosed with fibroids in the Uterus; her gynecologist had advised surgery to remove the Uterus. We have submitted a gynecology second opinion online case at BestDoctor. The second opinion report reassured that the procedure that my wife is undergoing is right, and we must continue to visit our doctor. Fast and Easy Service at the comfort of our home. Kudos to the team.

OMG! I used Ask a Gynecologist online service. It is awesome service, who are in that unknown state and need confirmation.

Thank you! I got my question answered by a Gynecologist. It was very easy to use.

Ask a Gynecologist service is very helpful. My doubts got cleared.

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