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Ask a Neurologist Online for Expert Advice

Ask a Neurologist Online and get neurology and neurosurgery second opinion for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system, which include the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Some of them are Alzheimer's disease, Amnesia, Autism Spectrum, Brain Damage, Brain Injury, Brain Tumor, Birth Defects of the Brain and Spinal Cord, Brain Aneurysm, Cerebral Palsy, Disk Disease of Neck and Lower Back, Epilepsy, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Neuralgia, Neuropathy, Neuromuscular Diseases, Parkinson's Disease, Scoliosis, Seizures, Spinal Cord Injury, Spinal Deformity, Spinal Disorder (subacute combined degeneration), Spine Tumor, Stroke, Vertigo.

Ask a Brain Specialist for a Neurology Second Opinion Online

Seeking a second opinion in cases related to neurological disorders and complications from an eminent brain specialist often becomes a prerequisite. The fact is that neurological ailments can be pretty complex and involvement of things like genetics, external factors and lifestyle can make diagnosis a hurdle for patients affected by such disorders. To ensure the diagnosis and treatment is done in the most apt manner, it makes sense to seek a neurology second opinion online from a veteran brain specialist.

Our web based online medical second opinion service gives you access to top notch and reputed brain specialists and experts in neurology as per your need. It does not matter where you are located at, you can seek our service. It can be a savior when you are afflicted with complicated and serious neurological condition or someone in the family is battling such conditions. In such times, getting a Neurology second opinion from leading neurologists can ease your woes and help you get better treatment.

When to Consult our Expert Online Neurologists for a Neurology Second Opinion?

  • To confirm whether your diagnosis is right
  • To know about the alternative procedures and treatment
  • To confirm that your medication regime is the best course of treatment
  • To know additional details about your medical condition
  • To find out if there are any side effects of the treatment that you are taking
  • To find out the steps and precautions to be taken before and after surgery
  • To know how long your medical condition will take to cure
  • To find out whether you have taken the right tests and what further tests are required for your medical condition

Ask a Neurologist Questions Online

When afflicted with any neurological ailment or condition, it is only natural that you will be stressed and questions will be lurking inside your mind. You may not understand complex medical terms and jargons on the subject and seek simple and detailed information on symptoms, medications, diagnosis and follow up options for such disorders. That is where we step in! Our veteran neurology experts and brain specialists are capable of resolving all your woe and they will answer your queries in the best possible way. With their aid, you will have a better understanding of the neurological ailments.

Neurological ailments can leave you baffled and you deserve the right to learn about the nuances of the condition. Now, you can obtain prompt medical guidance and information on neurological health issues from certified and experienced neurologists. Ask a Neurologist online on BestDoctor to receive personalized answers in your mailbox directly.

Benefits of Asking a Neurologist Online

Expert medical  advice sitting at home- By contacting a brain specialist or neurologist online, you can get access to clinical advice and information on the nuances of neurology and geographical location or distance does not matter.

Security and privacy assured- Seeking a second opinion from a leading online neurologist is secure and hassle free. You get answers to the queries sent to your inbox and so there is no need to bother about privacy.

Easy on the wallet- You need not travel to any healthcare facility or doctor’s clinic and that cost is reduced. You are only charged consultation fees.

Common Questions to Ask a Neurologist about:

a) Headaches

What types of headaches usually indicate serious brain ailments?

Can headaches related to neurological conditions have specific triggers?

How Can I see treatment for such headaches?

Do I need to make any change to lifestyle/ diet to combat such headaches?

b) Multiple Sclerosis

Why and how Multiple Sclerosis sets in a person’s body?

What are the main symptoms of this disorder?

If it is genetic, what can be done to keep symptoms under control?

What kind of exercises I can do to keep Multiple Sclerosis in check or get relief from symptoms?

What kind of medications I should take to reduce pain caused by it?

c) Stroke

What are the major triggers of stroke?

What lifestyle and dietary changes I can make to keep the risk of stroke at bay?

How elevated blood pressure and cholesterol is related to stroke?

If I had suffered a stroke earlier, what I should do to prevent its recurrence?

What kind of medication I should and should not take to reduce risk of stroke?

d) Parkinson’s Disease

Why and how Parkinson’s disease sets in?

What can I do to improve resistance to the disorder?

What are the treatment options available for Parkinson’s disease and can I seek alternative treatments?

What kind of dietary changes and lifestyle alterations I can make to cope better with this condition?

e) Dementia

How can I prepare myself for battling with dementia better? What type of lifestyle changes can be helpful for this?

Can I gain by changing my diet to combat dementia?

Can it be affected by any existing medication I am taking? If yes, what can be done about it?

Do I need a companion by my side to cope with it better?

We were just in the middle of my son's diagnosis, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are out of medical resources. This gave me anxiety about the test results. I have uploaded the reports and connected with a neurologist online. He gave me an elaborated and valued opinion.

I have been experiencing an uncomfortable feeling & numbness in the right side of my head. My consultation with a neurologist here helped me visit the ER in the right time without any further delay of my condition.

I am 40 and since a few days i have noticed lower limb weakness, also numbness and tingling while walking. I have been taking multivitamins. I have decided to ask a neurologist online. I got a response in few hours with the possible conditions and tests to be taken are explained well. I will start my treatment without any delay. is really a ray of hope for the non emergency conditions during the lock down. I got an evaluated report on my neurology condition. I am planning to proceed as suggested once the situation gets back to normal.

I was experiencing dizziness while kneeling down. After consulting a physician, based on the test reports I was diagnosed with Spondylitis. Never hesitate to ask a doctor online or consult a neurologist immediately when you have similar symptoms.

Sometimes, I suddenly feel numbness on my left side from head to toe and i am currently living away from my home country. Consulting a specialist will take a lot of time here. I just uploaded my reports and got a reply from a neurologist on the same day. The process is just great!

I am having heavy headaches on the topside of my head, I needed an initial talk with a doctor before fixing my specialist appointment. This is the best platform for people like me with complex symptoms.

I was involved in a minor motor cycle accident and since then experiencing headaches, migraines, tingling and numbness. I had an MRI based on the advice from my doctor. I choose to ask a neurologist for the second opinion just to make sure i am not warranted any long term issues.

My father had a rare kind of surgery to his back recently. The procedure explained was not popular and I am not able to find it online. To my surprise, I found this website when I searched for ask a neurologist for second opinion. The doctor cleared all my concerns regarding the surgical process.

My son is going through treatment for generalized epilepsy (Primary). Even though the hospital and doctors who is treating him are renowned, somehow i can't keep my mind quite. After the neurologist second opinion online at bestdoctor, then only i got confidence on the treatment and all my worries are relieved.

My second opinion with a neurosurgeon was helpful to understand my condition which is involuntary shaking.

There was a concussion i suffered when i played sports in my school, seems it has some reason behind my blackouts. As per the second opinion from BestDoctor, i have followed my diagnosis accordingly.

I have taken upto 4-5 neurologist second opinions for my son. Bestdoctor provided me a detailed reply and 3 follow ups as well. I have uploaded all the mri reports and it was quite a good experience.

It was very tough for us to find a skull based neurosurgeon second opinion although we have searched the entire city for recommendations. There was 15 days waiting time for consultation unless ER. We got a second opinion in just few hours at bestdoctor without travelling anywhere. Thanks to the entire team. Keep up the good work guys!

My father was in ER due to stroke. We were in a traumatic condition and the treating Specialists were suggesting some treatment line and not giving assurance about prognosis. Like any others in our condition, we too reached out for a second opinion just to make sure if this is normal in cases like him. BestDoctor's neurologist second opinion gave us confidence that everything is going well what ever the best they can do to him. Now we have no regrets or second thought on the treatment we arranged for him.

I have not been diagnosed correctly though i took a series of tests in a local hospital, i have uploaded all my reports here for a Neurologist second opinion online. Finally heard some good helpful advice.

We only have good things to say about Bestdoctor neurologist panel, they are knowledgeable, attentive and have lots of patience. If you reach out here, you must be lucky, especially when you are so much confused out there.

We generally do lot of research before buying something, but we tend to ignore when it comes to health which is irreplaceable. You must consider second opinion online or offline. But you should take advice before going through anything major.

I don't write reviews much, but as a guy who has trust issues with doctors, this platform is the REAL DEAL! They are absolutely kind and knowledgeable.

This is a wonderful platform for serious health issues. One of my friend recommended this to me when i was ill. Great efforts!!

I have been consulting Doctors from very long time, finally i got an expert opinion for my neurology issues.

I cannot thank you enough for helping in my case, I was 20 wks pregnant with my first baby and i have epilepsy for 10 yrs. Suddenly i cant feel the movement of the baby and felt an urge to ask a neurologist immediately if this could be a side effect of my medication or to consult a Gynaecologist. They have guided me and avoided my ER visit.

I used to fear that my doctor may think i don't make sense. My mind is clear now. The neurologist at BestDoctor answered all my questions. Ask a Neurologist service is wonderful!

My grandma suffering from involuntarily humming for about a year and half now. Usually it is part of some song that she repeats it over and over. Lately, it has began annoying to everyone around. We wanted to check if this is a psychiatric or neurologic issue? We feel obviously awkward to go to a doctor for such small this to ask a neurologist about this small thing. But we cannot ignore this. BestDoctor guided us on this. Thanks for their private consultation part.

Thank you so much! We will watch her health carefully and get medical tests you recommended soon. It really helped!

Thank you for the advice. It helped me understand my health problem. I highly recommend your Ask a Neurologist service.

Discussing a personal health problem with doctors online scared me but I tried it after a friend suggested I got an excellent advice from a top doctor. changed the perception.

This is my first time consulting ask the doctor services online. I used to have myths about the online second opinions unless my child's medical case reviewed and provided me neurologist second opinion on my child's epilepsy condition. I would recommend everyone this service.

Sometime back i was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in my left parietal part of my brain also I had a stroke in the past. The doctor had removed it last year. After my surgery in the hospital I had a seizure 3 times within less interval. I was then put on Keppra with Dilatin. No good. My mood swings went crazy. Then the Doctor switched to Lamical with a low dose of dilantin eventually weaning off of the dilantin. I was put on 400 mg of lamictal. Just recently I had a bad seizure and now they increased the dose to 600mg. It is working but I feel very disconnected and spacey. Its helping with seizures but not liking the side effects. I am now looking for a Best Neurology second opinion online. I feel the medical second opinion advice on my case might be of help!

Thanks for the neurosurgeon second opinion about my Ventriculoperitoneal shunt and cost related details. Thanks to the Case assistance team too for the best assistance!

Great and fast advice from Dr. Sudhir Ambekar on my questions regarding my chronic headache and eye problems, l feel reassured having consulted a kind neurologist online. Thanks to Neurology second opinion online!

The neurology second opinion online service was excellent. As soon I submitted a case on, I got a call explaining the documents/reports the neurologist wanted to see. The neurologist reassured me that the diagnosis I received from my first doctor was correct and it gave me peace of mind.

I have used ask a neurologist service on twice in the past one year. Their service was very prompt. The neurologist doctor online diagnosed my problem, and with trial and error and with a lot of patience, found the right drug combination to keep my pain at bay. A big Thank you to the entire team.

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Q: What is neurology?

A: It is a branch of medicine which deals with Brain and its various pathologies.

Q: Who is a neurologist?

A: Neurologist is a super specialist doctor who diagnoses and treats various brain related problemslike brain stroke, Epilepsy, Brain Hemorrhage etc.

Q: What is the difference between a neurologist and a neurosurgeon?

A: The doctor who performs brain Surgery is known as Neurosurgeon while a neurologist treats nonsurgically.

Q: What are the diseases of neurology?

A: Common neurological diseases are brain stroke, Epilepsy, Dementia, Migraine, brainHemorrhage etc.

Q: When should I consult a neurologist?

A: If someone is having paralysis of any limb, sudden onset of speech difficulty, uncontrolledheadaches, chronic headaches, unexplained giddiness or dizziness etc then one should consult aneurologist.

Q: What is a brain stroke?

A: It is an emergency situation where blood supply to part of the brain is reduced either due toblockage in brain vessels or Hemorrhage.

Q: When should I consult a neurologist for a headache?

A: If your headache is chronic (more than 1 month), severe in nature, associated with vomiting,seizure or memory loss then you should definitely consult a neurologist.

Q: What is migraine?

A: It is a type of chronic headache which is precipitated by fasting, dehydration, stress, excessive sun exposure etc. It is mostly due to hypersensitive brain vessels.

Q: What is Epilepsy or seizure?

A: It is a type of brain disease in which the whole body or part of it shakes without any control without awareness of the patient. It is due to extra electrical activity in the brain.

Q: What is EEG?

A: EEG is Electro Encephalo Gram. It is a graphical representation of the brain ‘s electrical activity. It is useful in the diagnosis of Epilepsy and other brain diseases.

Q: What is dementia?

A: It is a scientific term for memory loss. It is seen with brain parenchyma diseases. Dementia can beshort term, long term.

Q: What is Bell’s palsy?

A: It is the paralysis of the facial nerve which results in paralysis of one side of the face.Most common cause for this is a viral infection. It is 100% reversible.

Q: What are the symptoms of Alziemer’s Disease?

A: It is a very common brain disease usually seen in old age. It is also seen in families. Characteristic symptoms are tremors, memory loss and gait abnormality.

Q: When should I consult a neurologist for tremors?

A: When your tremors are uncomfortable, uncontrolled, excessive, affecting sleep andconsciousness, you should definitely consult a neurologist.

Q: When should I consult a neurologist for my child?

A: If your baby’s growth is slow and all milestones are delayed then you should definitely consulta pediatric neurologist to rule out brain pathology.

Q: Who performs brain surgery?

A: A surgeon with additional qualification in Brain surgery known as Neurosurgeon performs brainsurgeries.

Q: What are the diseases for which brain surgery is required?

A: Most commonly brain surgery is done for Tumour removal. Other indications are brain Hemorrhage, shunt surgeries, head injuries etc.

Q: How is brain surgery performed?

A: Our brain is protected by the skull. So for any brain surgery, neurosurgeon needs to make hole inthe skull (burr hole) and perform surgery.

Q: Which anesthesia is used in brain surgery?

A: Brain surgeries are always done under General anesthesia where the patient is completelyunconscious.

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