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Ask a Pediatrician Online for Expert Advice

Ask a Pediatrician Online and get a Pediatrics Second Opinion on complex pediatric conditions, some of which include Allergies and Asthma, Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Behavioral issues and disorders, Growth and Development, Immune Disorders, Infectious Diseases, Sleep Disorders, Thyroid Disorders, Digestive System and Metabolic Disorders. Get expert medical advice about your child's common Rash, Coughs, Colds & Ear Infections; Diarrhoea & Vomiting, Fever, Food Allergies, Crying, Pooping, etc.

Ask a Child Doctor for a Pediatric Second Opinion:

Seeking a Pediatric Second Opinion is one way to learn more about your child's diagnostic or treatment recommendations. With the new medical advances and the number of treatment options that continues to multiply, getting a second opinion has become a common practice.

If your pediatrician is not certain what's causing your child's problem, or thinks your child has a chronic or serious illness, he will recommend a consultation with a specialist -- a doctor who specializes in the area of concern, be it an allergist, dermatologist, pediatric neurologist, pediatric ophthalmologist, or pediatric urologist.

Our online medical second opinion service provides access to leading pediatricians and pediatric surgeons, no matter where you live. If your child is facing a complex pediatric condition or tough treatment decision, having a pediatrics second opinion online from a world-class specialist can provide valuable guidance and put your mind at peace.

When to Consult our Expert Pediatricians for a Pediatrics Second Opinion Online?

  • You want to be sure that there isn't another course of treatment that would make a surgery avoidable for your child.
  • To ascertain that there are no new medical advances your current doctor may not be aware of.
  • When the diagnosis is unusual or very serious, you may want to consult with other specialists to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Your doctor's current treatment is not working - Say your child has been treated for severe allergies for two years and things just aren't improving.
  • If your child had been through a series of tests with no definitive diagnosis.

Questions To Ask A Pediatrician For Your Newborn:

  • How much should I feed my newborn?
  • Should I nurse or give my baby formula?
  • Should I wake my baby to feed him?
  • My baby spits up - am I doing anything wrong?
  • How do I care for my baby's umbilical cord?
  • What are the pros and cons of circumcision?
  • Are my newborn's sleep patterns normal?
  • My baby's hands and feet are always cold - should I be worried?

Common Questions To Ask A Pediatrician About Your Toddler:

  • At what age do I attempt toilet training?
  • My child is not talking yet - is this normal?
  • My child bites - should I worry?
  • My child in not walking yet - should I be concerned?

Common Questions To Ask A Pediatrician About ADHD

  • What are the different types of treatments used for child ADHD? Which one would be best for my child?
  • Does my child need medication, or can she be treated effectively without it?
  • Should my child be seeing a child psychologist?
  • Do kids ever outgrow ADHD? Does it change with age?
  • What are the long term effects of ADHD?
  • What are the key components for successfully managing the challenges of ADHD?

My son had an injury and now the wound is not suppressing, due to unavailability of non emergency medical system we had to ask a doctor online. The pediatrician here have guided me how to take care of it.

My son is 7 years old and showing some autism symptoms. The pediatrician second opinion helped us in planning the treatment options.

I have noticed that my daughter seems to be suffering from an eating disorder. I don't want to bring it too hard by taking her to a doctor directly. So I chose to ask a pediatrician to get a detailed analysis. The pediatrician online is really helpful and gave her diet changes , workout schedule and motivational tips. I can see the improvement in just span of one month.

My toddler bit a silica gel packet that comes in the packages . I know he hardly ate from the pack, no hurry to rush to ER. But we still visited a doctor. Just to calm down my anxiety we have used this online doctor service instead of googling online.

We were traveling and my son stomach becomes really hard and looks like something abnormal since he is playing well, we are undecided whether to visit a doctor in the midway or to continue our journey. The Pediatrician explained to us what could have gone wrong and guided us with simple solutions. Instead of google, it is the best thing to consult a doctor for advice in the child's case.

It feels good to have the comfort of sitting at home and asking an expert doctor online for my child's constipation problem. The doctor also suggested lifestyle changes. This service is very convenient as it can avoid picking up germs at the doctor's waiting room. Thank You!

My son has been complaining about few symptoms when all of the reports came out normal. I am worried and wanted to ask a pediatrician about his possible conditions, doctors went an extra mile and explained in detail. Thank you so much!

The response from the pediatrician was really quick. We liked the consultation experience.

My consultation with bestdoctor pediatrician for my son about Alopecia areata was helpful. I may consider in future to ask a pediatrician again if needed.

Thanks for the second opinion on my baby's brain scan reports. The response time is good.

My baby had fever and chills in the night and our pediatrician gave medicines. But due to some confusion, i don't remember the exact format. I have asked pediatrician opinion online at bestdoctor to use the correct dosage of the medicine

My new born son has been exposed to high decibel sound. We have consulted a pediatrician online. The pediatrician replied to all our questions. I am happy with this service.

It was a great interaction with the pediatrician online. We got help from 'ask a pediatrician' service at BestDoctor when we found out that our child is emotionally weak and harming herself. You just can't ignore such things since they are hazardous for your child's future. Thanks again!

My child has become impulsive like hitting and throwing things and stuff. As a single parent i am so much worried. My sessions with a paediatric psychologist was a relief and i have been following this strictly. I use this service very often.

This is one of the best options for pediatric second opinions. It is easy to get a second opinion from a reputed pediatrician online.

Me and my wife couldn't agree on the same phase on my son's behavioural issues that we have noticed. She didn't agree to initiate therapy for him. The pediatrician helped in convincing her and getting the treatment rightly.

We have consulted here for pediatric second opinion when our child was admitted in NICU. This service is really helpful. Do not hesitate to ask a pediatrician online about your child's hospitalization when needed.

Thank you for my baby's diet review. I have learned many new things and also how to avoid packaged food. Best regards to the entire ask a pediatrician team.

I am a diabetic mother and my new born had some complications due to IDM. Ask a pediatrician feature on best doctor is really helping us to solve our problems. Its really tough to visit a hospital every now and then. Many concerns are clarified with the pediatrician online.

My baby have had a difficult birth and he has been facing lot of health issues till 1 year. Bestdoctor's 'Ask a pediatrician' team has been a great support for us all the time.

The pediatrician second opinion of my baby's Bulging fontanelle condition was satisfying. We have been consulting many pediatricians and reading a lot online. The Doctor's reply seems to be up to the point and informative.

Our child is suffering from Intracranial haemorrhage. Thank you for your pediatric second opinion on his case.

I am a single mother, needed so much support to survive my child's hospital stay. I found bestdoctor to my rescue as my savior. Thank you.

I suspected my grand daughter is having some growth related issues, just as a precautionary measure, i consulted a pediatrician online. Thank you for helping us with the best and easy access.

Not going to the ER is a great help in many pediatric cases, thanks for helping us with the best pediatric consultation online. My humble suggestion to the team is to add other streams like pediatric neurologist online and pediatric counselor.

Ask a pediatrician option was very helpful in my niece's case. She has some growth issues. Thanks to the entire team.

We stay pretty far from the suburb and specialist availability was a big thing until we found this " Ask a pediatrician " helpline. We have used this service many times. Thanks for helping out with your expert advice.

I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I wanted to know all the neonatal complications in infants born to a diabetic mother. Researching online was not just enough for me, this online pediatrician team helped me so much with all the information I needed. Thank you for all the pediatricians in the panel.

This is a must have service for all the parents out there. Please feel free to consult a pediatrician online for your kids too.

We have noticed some psychological issues in my child, we just want to get a nod before visiting a hospital here. I really didn't want to start in a big way. I shared my observations with online pediatrician and this 'ask a pediatrician' service at BestDoctor is much faster than I expected. We then kept on asking follow ups. All my concerns are answered and it was easy for us to take it further.

My baby was suffering from stye, and due to busy work schedule we couldn't consult a pediatrician. Thank you for helping us with the immediate assistance.

It was a Sunday and my baby didn't go well with feeding, as a mom it is really worrisome to spend an entire day with my baby crying. And i don't want to take a chance by trying all the remedies. This portal came to my rescue when i searched for a pediatrician online.

We have taken second opinion from a pediatric cardiologist at bestdoctor for our new born. The Cardiac team here are highly experienced and most reliable specialists. The entire team is very supportive. You can upload your reports and take second opinion.

My daughter's health is a constant worry for me. I almost rely on every option available. Online pediatric help is a great help for me and affordable.

My 3 yrs old son had a medical issue when we were attending a wedding. We couldn't rush to the hospital and we have consulted a pediatrician online and followed the instructions, couldn't thank them enough for saving us.

This is the need of the hour for all the new moms out there! Great support team!

My sister's son was suffering from genetic disorder Muscular dystrophy. The pediatrician here seems to be well experienced in his specialty. Replied to all my questions and follow ups until I am satisfied. If any one wants to ask a pediatrician I would definitely recommend BestDoctor for them.

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