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Ask a Physician Online for Expert Advice

Ask a Physician online and get Physician Second Opinion on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment for ailments related to your general health.

Whom should you go to if you or any of your family members are feeling depressed and anxious, develop a cough, or just curious to know about a specific vaccine. Well, the answer is – your primary care doctor or the general physician. A general physician, also known as General Medicine Doctor, focuses on holistic health care. This implies that he/she is trained to treat a little bit of everything. A physician coordinates patient healthcare in one central location. If you have something to ask a physician, all you need to do is make an appointment to discuss any sort of health issues you experience, be it emotional, physical, or mental. Make it a point to assure that you choose a well qualified and experienced physician.

You can easily avail our web based second opinion service to easily consult and ask a physician online from a list of highly reputed online physicians, depending upon your needs and requirements. You can also easily obtain second opinions here and get the best of treatments for any sort of health issues that fall under the vicinity of a physician.

Ask a General Medicine Doctor for a Physician Second Opinion Online

Even a nominal health issue can take a serious form if not taken proper care or in lack of proper primary care. You can opt for online physician consultation at Best Doctor to get a second opinion online. Moreover, if you tend to be lucky enough, you can get a chance to ask a physician absolutely for no charges, absolutely free of cost. There are some online physicians who offer free online consultations for simple queries of a certain number of patients. Getting a second opinion makes you sure about the mode of treatment being provided for a specific health issue. Surprisingly, cases have been observed wherein it was discovered with a second opinion that the diagnosed problem was not as serious as it appeared to be. With a second opinion from a veteran physician to be assured that you are getting apt treatment for your problem.

When to Consult our Expert General Medicine Doctors for a Physician Second Opinion?

When we talk about general health issues, it might not be necessary to get a second opinion. However, you can contact a general medicine doctor on BestDoctor to avail a second opinion online. When experiencing a new medical diagnosis, it is natural to feel confused. It is wise to get a second opinion for any medical condition that can be life-changing or even life-threatening. A second opinion is beneficial to confirm that your diagnosis is appropriate. It helps you ensure that you have undergone all required tests and the reports have been interpreted properly or is there any other diagnosis that needs to be considered. Furthermore, it also helps you ensure that your doctor is following the correct treatment plan with all alternative plans have been discussed thoroughly. By getting a second opinion, you can stay assured that you have been diagnosed properly and that the most appropriate and optimal treatment plan is being provided to you. A second opinion can recommend treatments that may eliminate the need for any unnecessary invasive procedures or surgery.

Ask a Physician Questions Online

Best Doctor provides you with the wonderful opportunity to ask a general physician online. Sometimes, it is not possible to visit the doctor’s chamber on any serious health problem. If you have any questions to ask a physician, this is the perfect platform to retort to. When consulting a physician online, you can send your reports via email and the doctor will provide his consultation depending upon the interpretation of the reports. Above all, online consultation prevents you from hassles of traveling and you can consult a doctor in any corner of the world.

Benefits of Asking a Physician Online

Online consultation is a time saving process using telemedicine. This service is highly beneficial for those with time crisis.

This is a cost effective method to consult a doctor as there is no need to go to a doctor physically thus saving on travel expenses.

Another benefit of consulting a physician online is also important to maintain your privacy. It is beneficial for patients suffering from chronic diseases and wants to keep it to themselves.

Furthermore, the best feature of online consultation is all time availability. You can book an appointment at any suitable time depending upon your schedule.

Common Questions to Ask a Physician

Here are some common questions that you should ask your general medicine doctor during consultation.

A. What Are The Different Treatment Options?

It is a thing of the past when doctors used to choose the best course of action and dictated his choice to the patient. At present, it is a shared decision making process. The doctors believe to share all available options to follow during a treatment course.

B. Is There Anything I Can Do on My Own to Improve My Condition?

You can ask your doctor about the steps and measures you can take to improve your health condition. This includes bringing a change in your lifestyle for a better health condition.

C. What Are The Expected Outcomes?

You may presume that your life will return to normal after a surgery or any other treatment protocol. But, your doctor knows that the best possible outcome is just a little improvement in a couple of symptoms. If you get aware of what the doctor knows, you might change your mind to undergo the suggested treatment plan. Therefore, ask your doctor about the type of symptomatic and medical outcomes expected post treatment.

D. Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Depending upon the area of expertise of a doctor, his/her interpretations about your symptoms and related causes may vary from those of another doctor. A wise primary care online physician will guide you to consult the right specialist. This might cost you an extra copay, but asking your doctor who else could you consult for appropriate diagnosis is a wise move, especially if you are considering side-effect-heavy drugs or surgery.

If you are looking for a general physician online, Best Doctor offers all types of assistance for the same.

I am 19 and having facial hair growth, delayed period, lower abdomen pain, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss. I consulted an online doctor here. As recommended by the doctor i have done my physical and asked follow up now i am on my treatment.

Thanks for the immediate advice, and the support team very well responded. This has saved my weekend!

I am 70, having borderline kidney failure associated with high blood pressure. My health is not stable and everyday I woke up to some or the other issue. I thought I need a constant support and this is the easy way to be connected with a physician on the go.

My BP is constantly high and I am aware that high dosage of the medication can case symptomatic side effects. Aneurysm is one such possibility. I some how am not feeling comfortable with the new prescription. I went to consult another Gp and again, ended up with more questions because the doctor hardly spent 5 minutes. All these pulled me online to ask a physician. The Doctor changed the prescription a little by probing all the symptoms I have. It's been a week now and my condition seems to be settle down.

I know its tough to find a specialist at late hours, hence I opted for a GP consultation online. I got an expert level answer and my need of the hour was addressed.

I had always been scared and hesitated to ask a doctor about trusting health-related information that is available online. However with BestDoctor, I can be sure that the advice I get is from genuine doctors.

I am writing this immediately after I read the doctor's response. I actually can't tell you how I was pleased when I read what you have said about my case. Because, it was not just a medical reply you have added practical recommendations and way of explanation is exceptional. This is what I would expect from my physician.

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