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Ask a Surgeon Online for Expert Advice

We recommend you to ask a surgeon and get surgery second opinion, if you are trying to avoid surgery and are seeking alternative options to the procedure. Some of the most common surgical operations include Appendectomy, Breast biopsy, Carotid endarterectomy, Cholecystectomy, Debridement of wound, burn, or infection, Hemorrhoidectomy, Hysteroscopy, Mastectomy, Prostatectomy and more.

Knowing what to expect with surgery before getting into the hospital reduces the level of anxiety about the surgical experience. Also, lesser stress helps quicker recovery. There might be numerous reasons to get a surgery. Surgeons operate on patients to treat injuries like broken bones, diseases like cancerous tumors, and deformities like cleft palates. It is completely normal to feel anxious before a surgery. Even if the surgery can save your life or restore your health, most of the people may feel uncomfortable about “going under the knife”. It is, however, important to ensure that the anxiety and fears don’t get too overwhelming. To overcome all these anxieties and fears, you can get a surgeon consultation with BestDoctor from the panel of expert surgeons who are best in the profession.

Ask a General Surgeon for a Surgery Second Opinion Online

It can be really unsettling if you are diagnosed with a serious health ailment and recommended a surgery. If you have been diagnosed with a serious or rare condition that requires a surgery, getting a second opinion before surgery becomes extremely important. There is no harm in getting a second opinion before having the surgery. Many patients feel embarrassed or leery to ask for a second opinion when considering surgery. A second opinion regarding your surgery can help you confirm that your diagnosis is appropriate and also make you a better and more educated healthcare consumer. A second opinion also ensures you that the recommended treatment is appropriate. With a second opinion, you can also compare the outcomes of the treatments being offered.

Serious health problems can upset you and leave you baffled. It is your right to get acquainted with the nuances of the condition. Well, you can have prompt medical guidance and information on surgical treatments from experienced and certified surgeons. A surgical treatment doesn’t end with the surgical procedure. It requires post surgery follow up and care. Therefore, it is important to get a second opinion after surgery as well and not just before the procedure.

With Best Doctor, you can get access to top notch and reputed surgeon experts in the field depending upon your concerned health issue. Irrespective of your location, you can seek our services. It can act like a savior for you or any family member in case of any sort of serious or minor surgical concern. In such a situation, getting a second opinion from leading surgeons can ease your concerns and help you get better treatments.

When to Consult our Expert Surgeons for a Surgery Second Opinion?

When you are diagnosed with any health ailment that requires a surgery, it is obvious for you to get stressed and have questions swirling in your mind. You may find it difficult to understand complex terms and jargons on the subject and look for simple and detailed information about medications, symptoms, diagnosis, and follow up options for your health issue. This is where Best Doctor comes to your rescue! With a panel of veteran surgeons, capable of resolving all your woe, you can ask a surgeon about all your concerns that are bothering you. You can get answers to all your queries in the best possible way. With their help and guidance, you can get a better understanding of your health issues and the pros and cons of undergoing a surgery.

Benefits of Asking a Surgeon Online

Online medical consultation has come up as a boon to the urban populace of the country. It has brought about transformations in the health sector and changing lives of many people. For chronically ill patients, for a periodical consultation, and for those looking for a follow-up examination, consulting a surgeon online seems a great option.

Online consultation enables the patients to get immediate access to physicians and specialists privately and securely.

>The online consultation is not bound by location boundaries. You can easily consult your doctor even if anyone of you is not in town.

Secondly, you are not required to answer the same questions again and again. You have your medical history stored online and can be used easily for future reference. Adding further, you can get 24X7 facility through online consultation.

There is no need to wait for hours and days to consult a doctor. You can book an appointment at any suitable time depending upon your schedule.

Another benefit of consulting a physician online is also important to maintain your privacy. It is beneficial for patients suffering from chronic diseases and who want to keep it to themselves.

Common Questions to Ask a General Surgeon before Surgery:

Some common questions that you should ask your surgeon before undergoing the procedure are listed ahead.

A. What Is The Procedure (Operation) That Is Recommended?

Before you undergo the surgical procedure, ask your surgeon for a simplified explanation of the type of surgery, technique used, and the reasons for it to be performed. It is also important to know the reason for the choice of the particular procedure over other options.

B. Why Is The Procedure Necessary at This Point of Time?

Ask your surgeon if the procedure is being done to relieve pain, correct a deformity, diagnose a condition, cosmetic reasons, or what exact purpose. Also ask if it is necessary for the procedure to be performed immediately.

C. What Are The Alternative Options Other Than This Surgery?

You should ask your surgeon about the possible medical or non-surgical treatments available to improve the condition. What would be the result of the surgery is not performed? Can the surgery be performed at a later stage? Also, ask about the possible consequences of delaying or postponing the procedure.

D. What Are The Expected Outcomes of The Surgery?

This is the most important question to ask your surgeon before undergoing any surgical procedure. Ask about the exact or possible benefits of performing the surgery as well as the possible after effects.

These Are Just a Few Questions. Some Other Questions to be Asked to Your Surgeon Are

  • What are the specific risks involved in the procedure?
  • What about a second opinion?
  • What is the recovery process after this procedure?
  • Is this procedure covered by your insurance plan?
  • Where will the doctor perform the surgery?
  • What kind of anesthesia is required for the procedure?

I suspected there was some issue with my vasectomy surgery incision and my surgeon is too busy to ask him more questions. So before going to him I wanted to get clarification myself. Ask a surgeon opinion helped me overall. I would definitely look forward to coming back here again if needed.

I have taken a Surgeon second opinion for my Pilonidal cyst removal. I followed up before and after my surgery, they covered all the support through out in just one payment. Thank you for the Best time.

My grandfather is 81 and we have taken general surgeon opinion regarding the survival chances after his colorectal Cancer surgery. The report analysis and explanation was good.

The doctor answered my questions about ta-IPAA really well. I appreciate the General Surgery panel at bestdoctor.

My brother was going through a colorectal problem, he had a tough time post surgery recovery. General surgeon here helped him with quick recovery procedures.

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