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Ask a Urologist Online for Expert Advice

Ask a Urologist Online and get a Urology Second Opinion in diagnosing and treating urological conditions such as Urologic Cancers, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Pain, Urinary Stone Diseases, Male Infertility, Prostate Diseases, Priapism, Urethral Injuries, Genitourinary Tract Injuries, Hematuria (blood in the urine), Overactive Bladder, Erectile Dysfunction, Interstitial Cystitis.

Ask a Urologist for a Urology Second Opinion Online at BestDoctor:

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a simple or serious urology condition, a second opinion from a top urologist online can help you give peace of mind. Our Urology Specialists are here to answer the big questions if you are facing a tough healthcare decision. They are world-renowned leaders in the field of urology and experts in prostate cancer treatment. They specialize in every urologic disorder, condition and disease for both adults and children. BestDoctor’s Urology Second Opinion online is a secure, online service that connects you to the medical expertise of top urology specialists while eliminating the time and expense associated with travel.

After a thorough review of your medical records and diagnostic test results, a urologist will provide a online medical second opinion report that includes proper diagnosis, treatment options or alternatives based on the information provided.

It is a Good Idea to Consult our Expert Urologists for a Urology Second Opinion Online

To confirm a diagnosis
If you are deciding about an expensive or risky procedure or treatment such as a surgery
To find out if there is any alternative procedure or treatment
To find out if the disease can spread causing damage to other organs
To confirm that your medication regime is the best course of treatment
To learn more about your medical condition
To find out if there are any side effects of the treatment that you are taking

Ask a Urologist Questions Online:

Are you concerned about your urologic health? Want simple detailed answers about urology signs and symptoms, given diagnosis, possible diagnosis or medications you are on. We are here to help. Our expert urology doctors with lot of passion for their field will clarify all your doubts and will put your mind at ease. They help you get a better understanding of urologic conditions and disorders. 

Urinary problems and Sexual problems in men can lead to many questions. You have every right to be as informed as possible about your urologic condition, diagnosis and treatment options. Now you can get immediate medical advice about your urologic health from board certified urologists online. Just ask a urologist online on BestDoctor and get quick personalised answers to your questions directly to your inbox.

Questions to Ask a Urologist online if you have Prostate Cancer

What is my risk of recurrence after surgery or radiation based on my PSA, rate of PSA rise, Gleason score, and stage?
What is my risk of Progression over time without treatment? Do I need immediate therapy?
What is the chance that my cancer may spread beyond the prostate? What is the cure rate for this stage of prostate cancer?
Do you recommend additional tests to gain complete understanding of the stage and aggressiveness of my cancer?
What are all the treatment options available for this stage of cancer?
What type of therapy or treatment do you recommend? What are its benefits and side effects?
Will I have problems with bladder control or sexual function?
Will I have other urinary or rectal problems?
What other treatment(s) might be appropriate and why?
Is my cancer likely to recur?
What kind of follow-up can I expect after treatment?

Questions to Ask a Urologist online if you have Kidney Stones

What types of diagnostic tests will be performed to determine if I have a kidney stone?
What tests will be performed to determine the type, size, and location of my kidney stone(s)?
Do you recommend that I have a 24-hour urine collection analysis?
What type of kidney stone do I have?
Are there any other abnormalities in my blood test that may cause these kidney stones?
Should I follow a special diet or avoid certain foods to help prevent kidney stones?
What are the symptoms of kidney stone complications? What should I do if my symptoms worsen?
How will my renal stone disease be treated? Why was I recommended this treatment?
What are the potential benefits and side effects of this treatment?
If this treatment is unsuccessful, what are the other options available?
Do you suggest a Ureteroscopy, Lithotripsy, or Nephrostolithotomy to break up or bypass my stone(s)?
Is surgery needed to remove my kidney stones?
When can I resume daily activities after kidney stone treatment?
Am I likely to get kidney stones again?

The Urologist online consultation helped me in a great way. I was delaying to see a doctor for almost 3 months now. Uploading pictures and reports is a good feature indeed.

I have to postpone my urologist visit since I am not in my home town. I have been facing some discomfort, posted my question at BestDoctor with images. It turned out to be a condition of swelling of Urethra. After the consultation with an online urologist, followed the treatment and consulted a urologist immediately. Otherwise, my condition would have been worse.

My confusion has always been whether my condition is cystitis or prostatitis. The Urologist cleared all my doubts with multiple followups.

When I felt anxious, scared and depressed about my condition, I found a place for advice and comfort. The Urology panel is awesome, all the doctors are very knowledgeable and caring.

Happened to ask a urologist who is the best in his forte, I should have tried this option of asking a doctor online way earlier. Being an introvert, I feel this is an awesome option for people like us.

Thank you very much for your answer indeed it was helpful to have my surgery planned accordingly.

Thank you for your attentive service. I could not go to my doctor due to lack of time, but I consulted this website, and I got a detailed answer.

The consultation really helped me about the discomfort I am facing post ejaculation. Thanks a lot!

I was told that too much skin was removed during my circumcision. I have taken urologist second opinion about the expected issues. The urologist explanation was really helpful.

My wife has been suffering from Urinary Incontinence post her delivery, it was really disturbing her. We have consulted a nephrologist and urologist and multiple doctors. We have taken an expert urologist advice at best doctor which helped the most, she came out of it quickly.

My specialist recommend a minor surgery, it was very tough for me to be prepared for the surgery. Urologist second opinion at BestDoctor gave me confidence to go ahead with my surgery.

I have used this service for my UTI problem and it was really helpful. The urologist was friendly and answered all my questions.

You have helped me so much in my recovery. Your ask a urologist feature is awesome. Thank you to the entire team.

You have helped me so much in my post hospital recovery. My special thanks to the urologist team.

It would be very tough for me to get a consultation with a certified andrologist and urologist for a second opinion regarding my enlarged prostate condition. Tried 3 versions of treatment locally, but now it is recurring. Thank you for helping with the best urologist consultation online.

We just tried randomly for a urologist consultation online. Since my grand father's case came out something oncology related, They arranged a Uro-Oncologist consultation who is from a top hospital, which we didn't expect. It would have been tough for us to travel and have a physical consultation.

After the colo-rectal surgery i started facing uro issues. The urologist online helped me and guided about the right treatment for my complicate case. Thank you.

Good guidance by the urologist on external trauma. Thank your for the panel urologist second opinion.

Thank you for helping us, I was having pelvic pain and discomfort during our vacation. We were not sure whether to comeback by cancelling the trip, but with a little medication I felt better and we continued our vacation without disappointment. Thank you BestDoctor team!

I had some questions about bladder biopsy test and urogram. Thanks for clearing all my doubts.

I have been suffering from UTI and other issues from a very long time. The urologist at best doctor, recommended other options which helped me in speedy recovery. You can give it a try here!

Thanks for having the best urologist team available. We were going through a great trouble. The team's diagnosis was very accurate and helpful.

I am based in Dubai, Thanks for helping me with my urology consultation and second opinion from past 3 months. I would really appreciate the urology panel. Its very easy to ask a urologist online. Please don't hesitate.

An urologist answered my question and provided detailed information on my infection. Great Service!

When it comes to life-threatening illness like cancer, especially prostate cancer, this is the best platform for Onco Urologist second opinion. They provided me an Urologist second opinion along with the oncologist opinion, I proceeded with the best of the options available for my father.

It would be very tough to wait and keep on reading and guessing, when we are awaiting test results. It is very worrying and sometimes you cannot get to speak to anyone knowledgeable, just for information sake. I also don't live in my native country so this was an added problem to me. BestDoctor's ask a urologist is a rescue for people like me. The price is not even considered for the urologist second opinion what they provided. Thanks to everyone!

Among all the others, this is the best urology second opinion online service. If i need again, i would follow up and ask the doctor again.

After my 15 years of marriage and having kids, i have been experiencing erectile dysfunction. A urologist straight away prescribed me medication. After using ask the urologist option for getting a urologist second opinion here, he listed and guided non-medicine therapies and session to work on the psychological problem. Thanks to the urology second opinion team at BestDoctor.

The Uro-Nepho panel helped in my mom's Nephrotic Syndrome case. We had many questions when we heard the diagnosis for the first time. A friend of mine recommended to ask a Nephrologist second opinion online. We got answers for all of our questions.

I was rewarded with peace of mind when specialists endorsed my original diagnosis. Great Urology Second Opinion Online Service.

It was 3am and I was worried about what was happening to me. I was looking for online medical advice and came across I asked the urologist online who cleared all my doubts and gave a lot of information on what to do and expect.

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Q: What is urology?

A: Urology is a branch of medicine that deals with the kidneys, ureters and bladder.

Q: What is UTI?

A: UTI is urinary tract infection. Any infection starting from kidney or ureter or bladder is known as UTI.

Q: Why is UTI more common in females?

A: UTI is more common in females because of shorter urethra. In males, longer urethra gives flushing effect of urine which actually sterilizes the system. This is not possible in females because of shorter urethra.

Q: Do I have a kidney stone?

A: If you develop a sudden onset of severe lower flank pain which radiates downwards and associated with fever, chills, vomiting and burning micturation, then the possibility of kidney stone is high.

Q: Can diabetes and hypertension affect kidney?

A: Yes, uncontrolled diabetes and/or uncontrolled hypertension adversely affect the kidneys. So diabetic and hypertensive patients are at risk of kidney disease if they fail to control them.

Q: What is kidney failure?

A: The main function of kidneys is to excrete waste products from the body via urine. So, when the kidney fails to perform its function, waste products of the body damage other organs. This is a life threatening condition.

Q: What is dialysis?

A: It is a procedure done by a dialysis machine. It is done in kidney failure patients where kidneys fail to excrete body waste. In this process, the entire blood is filtered to remove body wastes.

Q: What are the symptoms of prostate enlargement?

A: If your urine stream is not proper, you feel more pain and pressure while passing urine, urine dribbles more with feeling of incomplete voiding, then the possibility of prostate enlargement is more.

Q: What is the difference between BPH and prostate cancer?

A: BPH is benign prostatic hyperplasia. In this prostate enlargement is seen due to aging and this is 100% benign. While in prostate cancer, prostate enlargement is cancerous.

Q: Why is my urine reddish orange?

A: Most common cause for reddish orange urine is dehydration. Dehydration causes concentrated urine which gives urine this Color. Certain drugs like multivitamins, anti tubercular drugs can also cause urine discoloration.

Q: Does prostate cancer run in the family?

A: Yes, prostate cancer strongly runs in the family. So, if you have a family history of prostate cancer, you should do regular check up in the form of PSA (prostate specific antigen) and ultrasound prostate.

Q: Is it possible to transplant a kidney?

A: Yes, kidney transplant is possible. It is the ultimate treatment for kidney failure patients.

Q: What should I do to prevent kidney disease?

A: One should maintain hydration, avoid unnecessary use of painkillers, do regular blood reports for kidney function, maintain diabetes and hypertension in control.

Q: What blood tests should be done to diagnose kidney diseases?

A: Blood reports like creatinine, urea, Sodium, Potassium, urine Routine and Microscopic examination, ultrasound KUB (kidney ureter bladder) should be done.

Q: What causes blood in urine?

A: Blood in urine is known as hematuria. Urine gives frank red color. This should be confirmed by urine microscopic examination. Most common cause for this is a kidney stone.

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