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Ask an ENT Doctor Online for Expert Advice

Ask an ENT Doctor (Otolaryngologist) Online for an ENT second opinion on complex ENT conditions or get expert medical advice on all Ear, Nose and Throat related ailments which include: Acoustic Neuroma, Balance Problems, Sinusitis, Streptococcal infections, Vertigo and Dizziness, Throat Cancer, Thyroid Cancer and more.

ENT issues are quite common in people of all age groups. While some of the problems get resolved on their own, some of the issues need attention from a specialist ENT doctor. This particularly happens when the ENT problem gets serious. It is important that the problem gets diagnosed properly so that the right treatment for the same can be started. If you want to ensure that the diagnosis and the treatment that is being carried out is proper and right, the best thing to do is to go for ENT second opinion. See that the ENT you are choosing is an experienced and veteran one.

You can easily avail our web based second opinion service where you can contact ENT consultant online, who are highly reputed. You can choose from the various specialists as per your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for ENT specialists for yourself or your friend or family member, you can easily get ENT second opinions from here and get excellent treatments for whatever kind of ENT problem you have.

Ask an ENT Specialist for an ENT Second Opinion Online

We know that many ENT issues can be highly baffling. Sometimes the problem cannot be diagnosed at all and the case becomes more complicated. You can consult an ENT specialist on BestDoctor for getting a second opinion online. In fact, if you are lucky you can ask an ENT for free as well. There are many ENT specialists here who offer free consultation online for fixed numbers of patients. With a second opinion, you can be sure that the mode of treatment that is being done is in the right direction. In fact, there have been cases when it was found in the second opinion that the problem was not as serious as it was thought to be. With our ENT second opinion, you can be relaxed that the problem is being treated in the right manner and in the right direction.

Best Doctor gives you the great opportunity of asking an ENT doctor questions online. It might happen that you or your family member is not able to visit a doctor’s chamber or needs a second opinion on some serious ENT issue. On our platform, you will be able to question ENT specialists regarding your problems. While talking online to the doctor about your problem, you can send the reports and the doctor will provide his consultation based on the reports. Online consultation saves the hassles of traveling and you can talk to a doctor in any part of the world.

When to Consult Our Expert Otolaryngologists for An ENT Second Opinion?

When it comes to regular ENT issues, you might not need a second opinion. But there are many cases in which it is better if you go for the second opinion from an experienced and trusted otolaryngologists. Suppose the problem with which you have been diagnosed is a serious one and the ENT specialist is thinking of an aggressive treatment. Instead of jumping into the treatment, it is always recommended to seek further consultation and second opinion to understand the real scenario. You might have doubts or questions about the tests or the treatments that have been suggested. On consulting the expert otolaryngologists at Best Doctor, you will get answers to all your queries and doubts will be cleared.

Benefits of Asking an ENT Doctor Online

There is no denying the fact that there are many benefits of asking an ENT doctor online. This is the reason that we at BestDoctor try to bring to you excellent ENT specialists so that you can get their consultation and opinion on all kinds of ENT matters. With online consultation, you will not have to take the burden of traveling. Right from appointments to sending reports to making payments for the consultation – everything can be done online, without moving an inch from your home.

Common Questions to Ask an Otolaryngologist Online

  • What are some of the most common causes of nasal obstruction? Is using nasal drop regularly safe?
  • What is meant by gastrointestinal reflux disease? (GERD)
  • What is sleep apnea? Why is it considered to be so dangerous? What kinds of treatments are recommended for this problem?
  • What is nasal turbinate enlargement?
  • What is the best treatment for sinusitis?
  • What are nasal polyps? What causes polyps? How can polyps be cured?
  • I have voice hoarseness. What can be the probable cause of the same? Is it a problem of the throat?
  • I suffer from tonsil infections frequently. How can I get rid of the problem? How can the problem of tonsillitis get cured?
  • What is primary snoring? What is the cause of primary snoring? Who are more prone to this kind of health issue?
  • What are the probable remedies for the problem of primary snoring?
  • What is postnasal drainage?
  • I have been diagnosed with the problem of fluid accumulation in the inner ear. How can this problem be solved? What are the possible complications that can take place from this issue?
  • I often suffer from ear infections – both major and minor infections. Is it okay for me to resume swimming classes? Do the chances of ear infections increase due to swimming?
  • I often get high-pitched ringing in my right ear. What is the problem with me? What kind of treatment do I need to follow to get rid of this irritating problem?
  • I have both sinus and migraine problems and suffer from terrible headaches from time to time.How do I differentiate between sinus headache and migraine headache? How do I get relief from the headaches?

If you are looking for a second opinion online for ENT problems, Best Doctor can offer you all kinds of assistance for the same. We have leading ENT specialities in our panel.

My ears seems to be having tinnitus problem based on my symptoms when I looked up online. They are runny and feeling some pressure and fluid secretions. A bit of hearing problem too. We do not have ENT Specialist appointments available near by. Hence i have chose to consult an ent online at BestDoctor. Quick response and the ENT answered my follow ups too.

My uncle had a heart-attack, due to which his kidney was affected and after that his hearing ability is reduced. We have consulted couple of doctors in our City and they recommended to go for the operation. But they are not sure about the surgery outcome and if he will be able to hear post surgery. Hence we wanted to take an experienced ENT surgeon's opinion, bestdoctor helped us to get a second opinion from two best ENT surgeons which made his decision easy with alternatives.

My headaches were really bad and I was on self medications with pain killers suspecting them under migraine attacks. One day in the last fall I couldn't take it anymore. Since I was busy with my exams I used online consultation here and my diagnosis came out to be sinusitis. The Doctor helped me understand what I was suffering from and gave some medications for quick relief. Upon his advice, i am going to plan my surgery next summer. Its indeed good experience with the service over all.

I recently got operated for sinus but still there were 2 sinus head ache attacks post surgery. I am on steroids and cleaning solution for not developing infection. My doctor said there is nothing we can do about that. I was worried and opted an ENT doctor's second opinion. This helped me to have more perspective towards my post surgery complications both short term and long term. I wish I could have taken the second opinion online before surgery!

I was suffering from sinus headache. The doctor has reviewed my reports and altered my medication slightly with some lifestyle changes which worked for me. I would definitely comeback for my future health issues. Consulting online is less painful than suffering or going to a doctor's visit.

It was my first time online consultation experience ever! And its halloween here. The Doctor answered about my ear pain and I got a feeling that I am in good hands. The OTC medicine helped me greatly, I am also gonna take ENT second opinion for my nose bleed that I was suffering from 2 years. The previous treatment nose cauterization didn't help me much. Hope he can give me a tested and results driven method to get rid of it.

My wife's throat got choked while eating and it was a non emergency condition. But it was bothering her, i ended up online for help. I must say BestDoctor ENT Doctor helped us with a quick solution that worked for us. Don't waste time reading home remedies when you need a small medical help. You can ask a doctor online!

My husband has sleep apnea and some other complications. He was planning for the surgery but we were not sure about the outcome based on the information available online. Then we consulted 2-3 specialists here as well as online. The ENT specialist at BestDoctor gave us elaborated explanation and we are happy with the interaction.

I so appreciate Dr. Chandrakant for his prompt response to my questions and will certainly follow his advice and follow up again with my Dr. ASAP. Thanks again!

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