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Ask an Oncologist

Ask an Oncologist Online and get Oncology Second Opinion for all types of tumours and cancers. Some of them are Brain Tumours, Cysts, Germ Cell Tumour, Pineal and Pituitary Tumours, Glioma, Cardiac Tumor, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Colon and Rectal Cancer, Melanoma, Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Bone Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Eye Cancer, Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Skin Cancer.

Oncologists are doctors with in depth knowledge in treatment of various types of cancer. There are mostly two types- clinical and medical oncologists. The former type of oncologists focuses on chemotherapy drug treatment while the latter deals with administration of radiotherapy. You can ask an oncologist online about ways to fight different types of cancer affecting you or anyone in the family.

Ask an Oncologist Online for Cancer Second Opinion

Treatment of cancer can be a tricky thing, for sure. Sometimes, you may feel unsure about the prospects of recovery from cancer even after getting treated by an oncologist. In some cases, you may feel it is prudent to seek cancer second opinion from another oncologist. That may happen when the first specialist you consulted suggests a specific treatment which makes you skeptical. Sometimes, taking online medical second opinion from a veteran oncologist for cancer treatment can be helpful.

When to Consult our Expert Oncologists for a Cancer Second Opinion?

  • Find out about all kinds of treatments that you can take
  • To confirm if it is a tumour or a cancer
  • To confirm which parts of the body are affected
  • To find out the chances to completely remove the tumour or the cancer
  • To confirm which treatment is best for your body
  • To find out about all the side effects which will affect your body
  • To find out if the disease can spread causing damage to other organs
  • To get additional information about your tumour or cancer

Ask an Oncologist Questions Online

Nowadays, you can seek second opinion on cancer therapy from reputed oncologists online. We have experienced oncologists who can answer your queries on different types of cancer, possible treatment and all related issues online. You can send your documents and queries through email and receive the answers in your mailbox. You can resort to our online oncologist consultation service anytime you want.

Benefits of Asking an Oncologist Online

There are numerous benefits of asking an oncologist online. You need not visit any clinic or healthcare setup and wait for the visiting hours of specialists. You can ask a cancer doctor online at your desired time. You may send emails to the oncologist from your home or any place. You will need to use an internet access device and an internet connection should be there. Sometimes, you may hesitate to ask doctors questions on cancer face to face but in online consultation, that hurdle does not exist.

Ask an Oncologist about Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer affects a number of women belonging to varying age groups worldwide. Below listed are the questions you can ask an oncologist regarding ovarian cancer during consultation

  • What type of ovarian cancer has affected me?
  • Has it affected beyond the ovary?
  • What are the best available treatment options?
  • Can there be any side effects of this treatment?
  • Do I need to adhere to any special diet?

Ask an Oncologist about Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer affects a huge number of people and it can affect other internal organs in human body. These are the questions you can ask a medical oncologist about Pancreas cancer treatment.

  • What kind of pancreatic cancer I have got?
  • In which stage it is now?
  • Has it affected any other internal organ?
  • What are the prospects of recovery?

Ask an Oncologist about Lymphoma

Lymphoma is the cancer affecting lymphatic system and lymphocytes-white blood cells in human body. It most affects young adults. It can be of two types: Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. For Hodgkin lymphoma you can ask an oncologist these questions:

  • What kind of Hodgkin lymphoma have I got?
  • What is the stage of the disease?
  • What tests are required to benefit from treatment?

For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma you Should ask the Oncologist these questions:

  • What are the treatment options available?
  • What risks and side effects can be there?
  • Is there any chance of its recurrence post treatment?

Ask an Oncologist about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is found mostly in women and it can be of several types. In most cases, a tumor is the root source or the milk producing glands can be the source. Rarely, cancer cells may not for ma lump in some victims. These are the queries you should ask the oncologist on breast cancer:

  • Has the cancer affected my lymph nodes?
  • At which stage is it now?
  • What are the chances of recovery?
  • Will I need to undergo any other tests

Ask an Oncologist about Lung Cancer

Lung cancer affects thousands of victims globally every year. When seeking second opinion on lung cancer, ask an oncologist following questions:

  • What stage is my cancer?
  • What treatment do you suggest and Why?
  • Will I need to undergo surgery?
  • What lifestyle habits I may need to alter?

My husband 50 years old having suspected for cancer, the first confirmed invasive T1 (lamina propria) urothelial, carcinoma, high grade, pappilary. We wanted to know the status if it is not in the muscle. oncology panel helped us to proceed with further treatment. Thanks to Bestdoctor team

Thank you for the oncology second opinion at, i got relieve after cross checked about my mother's mammo and biopsy results. The support team made it easy and quick.

I would like to thank Dr. Mohana Vamsy for his oncology second opinion on my medical case. He is one of the finest oncologist and we are fortunate to have such a highly qualified specialists in our country. We stay at a rural village. It used to be very tough to travel with a patient at 3rd stage. The bestdoctor team made it easy for us to get an immediate opinion.

When we signed up for the service, we’re assigned a personal care member who will guide you through the process. They compile a list of doctors available through the service who can provide an oncology second opinion for your case. We just need to upload the reports and sit back. Thank you Best Doctor Oncologist team!

When it comes to life-threatening illness like cancer, especially prostate cancer, this is the best platform for oncology second opinion. They provided me an Uro-Oncologist opinion, I proceeded with the best of the options available for my father.

Tumour panel Second opinion is definitely not expensive at They helped me to understand the progress of the tumour, I have uploaded my repeat MRI scans with just one-time subscription. I recommend ask the oncologist service to anyone in need.

I received health advice from an Oncologist. The information and advice provided was helpful.

I was diagnosed with 3rd stage ovarian cancer just 2 weeks before my daughter's wedding. I was in a dilemma and oncologist second opinion here helped me to plan everything in a better way. The counselling was really nice.

This is the best platform for Cancer Second Opinion. I am fully satisfied with their service. Keep up the great work!

My concern is not about how quick they are replying, its about how authentic the answer is. I am satisfied with the oncologist second opinion here.

We were running for a series of tests, there were so many tests we had to go through. At one point we just stopped and consulted here, we were revised with what was needed. Thank you!

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