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Ask an Orthopedist

We provide orthopedic second opinion for conditions involving the treatment of bones and muscles. Some of them are Back Pain, Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors, Broken Bones, Cavus Foot, Clubfoot, Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), Dwarfism and Bone Dysplasias, Flatfoot, Fractures, Hip Infections, Kyphosis, Ligament Strains, Overuse Injuries, Cartilage Tears, Scoliosis, Torn Ligament, Spinal Tumors, Spondylolysis, Spondylolisthesis and Sports Injuries.

Orthopedics are consulted in case of bone and muscle issues. Best Doctor offers a great platform for patients who want to ask an orthopedist about problems related to bones and muscles. We have some of the best orthopedic surgeons and general orthopedics in our panel and they can provide guidance and second opinion to patients as per needs.

Ask an Orthopedic Doctor Online for Orthopedic Second Opinion

Many patients are not sure if they are getting the right treatment for their orthopedic problems or not. This is where second opinion comes into picture. It is possible to get orthopedic second opinion online at Best Doctor as there are many eminent orthopedic specialists in the panel. Email all the documents, reports and prescriptions to the specialists and they will provide their valuable opinion. With the online medical second opinion, patients can be sure that the treatment they are undertaking is correct.

When to Consult our Expert Orthopedicians for an Orthopedic Second opinion?

  • To confirm whether your diagnosis is right
  • To know what are the alternative procedures and treatment options
  • To confirm that your medication regime is the best course of treatment
  • To find out if there are any side effects of the treatment that you are taking
  • To find out if you are doing the right exercise for your joint pains
  • To find out the pros and cons before and after the surgery

Ask an Orthopedic Surgeon Questions Online

There are patients who need surgery for overcoming their orthopedic problems. In this case, an orthopedic surgeon can be of best help. Ask an orthopedist surgeon about your problem and its details. Ask him whether surgery is the only remedy to the problem or if it can be cured with medication and exercises. Ask the surgeon questions online by mailing him at Best Doctor platform. The surgeon answers all the questions online.

Benefits of Asking an Orthopedist Online

There are many advantages of asking an orthopedist questions online. Some of them are:

  • One does not need to travel to the doctor’s chamber
  • There is no waiting time at the doctor’s chamber
  • There is no fixed time of reaching the chamber
  • It is easy on the pocket as only the consultation fee is charged in this
  • Availability of some or other orthopedic at any time

Questions to Ask an Orthopedic surgeon before Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgeries carried out people, particularly aged people. When problems like arthritis, joint problems get acute and severe, the bones in the knees fail to work causing pain and inability to walk and move. Knee replacement surgery can help in getting rid from this situation.

Here are few questions to ask an orthopedist regarding the surgery:

  • What is minimally invasive knee replacement surgery?
  • Are there chances of any complications after the surgery?
  • What is the importance of physiotherapy after the surgery?
  • How much time is needed to recover after the surgery?
  • Do both the knees need to be replaced for the surgery to be more effective?

Questions to Ask an Orthopedic surgeon before Hip Replacement Surgery

Generally hip replacement surgery is recommended when the hip bone gets damaged in an accident etc. It is recommended to ask an orthopedic surgeon online regarding hip surgery in details and prepare for the same accordingly.

  • What kinds of preparations are needed for the hip replacement surgery?
  • How many days will the total treatment take including the numbers of days needed to spend at the hospital?
  • At home will a hospital bed be needed?
  • I have other medical issues; will these affect the hip replacement surgery?
  • What can I do to make the hip replacement surgery more successful?

Questions to Ask an Orthopedic surgeon after Hip Replacement Surgery

There are things that the patient might need to know after the hip replacement surgery. You can ask an orthopedist the following questions post surgery:

  • What are things that I am restricted to do?
  • How quickly can I start walking with a walker or a crutch?
  • What precautions should I take at home?
  • How important is physiotherapy after the surgery?
  • In what ways can I take care of the wounds of the surgery?

Questions to Ask an Orthopedic Surgeon before Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is an outpatient procedure. There is no need to get admitted in the hospital for the surgery. Ask an orthopedist in detail about the surgery, its procedure and its after care methods:

  • What are the different types of arthroscopic surgeries recommended for shoulder?
  • What will be the time taken for the surgery to get completed?
  • Will there be immense pain and discomfort post surgery?
  • What is the length of the rehabilitation process after surgery?
  • How quickly can I get back to work?

My baby boy had distal radius fracture due to fall. We were worried about the way of treatment by the hospital people and there is so much billing. We couldn't get a chance to ask a pediatric orthopedic surgeon also about the post care instructions clearly. But by spending very less, we have discussed many concerns at BestDoctor.

My 1 yr old baby got Torus fracture of distal radius while we were in a small town. So we have taken Orthopedic second opinion on the ongoing treatment. The Orthopedic doctor at bestdoctor advised me some changes in the treatment and care instructions. Thanks for the support.

My son is training for triathlon, and he was dealing with a chronic shoulder problem. He was constantly going through cycles with his shoulder: extensive pain followed by rest and recovery. So we have finally taken Orthopedic second opinion online. We really wish we would have contacted them sooner. The tauma panel worked on the MRI reports to get to the real source of the shoulder pain. After a short and intensive treatment program, his shoulder is feeling better than ever. Now he has full range of motion, no pain, and moving much more efficiently. Thanks to ask an orthopedist online service.

I have been taking treatment for meniscus tear which was about to effect my knee when i consulted for Orthopedic second opinion here. I got an opinion on my reports with an immensely experienced and profoundly knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon, he recommended me the most appropriate treatment based on the severity of the injury, my age and health status, and everyday activity level.

Thanks for your valuable recommendations after my accidental fracture reconstruction. Orthopedic doctor online has peer-reviewed my MRI and scans. Thanks for the orthopedic second opinion and all your support.

This expert is wonderful. They truly know what they are talking about, and they actually care about your concerns. Ask the orthopedic doctor online got me an immediate response.

I just wanted to say thank you for the support you extended to my mother. The medication regimen that the doctor suggested was highly successful and she experienced great relief. Thanks for the entire team for your care, your concern and your fine work.

I am extremely satisfied with the online orthopedic second opinion and have already recommended BestDoctor to colleagues and friends. At first, I had all of these questions about knee replacement and was in the dark as far as what to do. But after connecting with an Orthopedic Surgeon like Dr. Veda Prakash Gowda who has done hundreds of these surgeries, I understood knee replacement considerably well and it made good sense to undergo the procedure.

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