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Dr Kiran Peddi



  • ERCP and endoscopic ultrasounds.
  • Double Balloon enteroscopy, enteral stents and other therapeutic procedures.
  • Colonoscopy & Polypectomies
  • Enteral stents, Variceal banding
  • Gluing of fundal varices, Oesophageal dilatations
  • Pyloric dilatations, Achalasia dilatations
  • Haemostatic techniques – Injection, Clipping, Gold probe, APC
  • PEG insertions, NJ tube placements
  • Acute pancreatitis, Fulminant hepatic failure, Decompensated alcoholic liver disease, Autoimmune hepatitis, PBC, PSC, LAM resistant chronic hepatitis B, Diuretic resistant ascites etc
  • Vast experience in anti TNF therapies (Infliximab, Adalimumab, Certolizumab) and other immunomodulators.
  • Founder and organizer of “Internal Medical Modules (IMMs)” for medical students
  • Co founder of "Osler’s Academy" aiming at promoting excellence in medical education
  • Gastroenterology PASTEST tutor for Northwest region (MRCP)
  • Active member of Medical student teaching program at Stepping Hill Hospital which extended to international students coming from USA.
  • Regularly teach SHOs for MRCP PACES
  • Faculty member of ALERT (Acute Life Threatening Events Recognition & Treatment) in ITU.
  • MBBS from Kakatiya Medical College, India in 1996
  • Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB), UK in 1997
  • MRCP from Royal Collage of Physicians, UK in 2000
  • ECFMG certification in 2001
  • ALS fom UK Resuscitation Council in 2006
  • CCT in Gastroenterology and General Medicine, North West Deanery, UK in 2008
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Gastroenterology at Salford University, UK
  • Lord Alport Prize 2000 for the work Clinical effectiveness of TIA in A & E, Essex Rivers Healthcare NHS Trust. This is a prize awarded to one person per year for best published / unpublished work (a research or audit) within the trust.
  • Best Departmental Audit for Clinical effectiveness of TIA in A & E, Colchester General Hospital in 1998 July
  • Secured 131 rank in Pre Medical Entrance examination among 30000 students
  • Best outgoing student – ‘A’ Levels, Vignan Residential College, AP, India.
  • International :Oral presentation - A randomized double blind, Placebo controlled study of VSL#3 versus Placebo in maintenance of remission in Crohns disease AGW 2009, Sydney convention centre.Posters as mentioned above in the following conference:DDW 2010BSG 2008DDW 2007BSG 2007UEGW 2006BSG 2006AGS 2001
  • Management of Oesophageal strictures at MSc training day, Salford University in 2007
  • Pharmacology of short bowel syndrome at MSc training day, Salford University in 2007
  • Poster presentations at Regional Lakes meeting, North West deanery in 2006, 2007
  • Non IBD Colitis at Regional Gastro teaching day, Liverpool in 2003
  • BSG guidelines on Oesophageal manometry and pH monitoring at Regional Gastro teaching day, Chester in 2002
  • Management of Acute Jaundice at Regional General Medicine teaching day, Liverpool in 2002
  • Clinical effectiveness of TIA in A&E - Oral presentation at the Regional A&E meeting held at Chelmsford in 1999.
  • A randomized double blind, Placebo controlled study of VSL#3 versus Placebo in maintenance of remission in Crohns disease - KK Peddi. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2009; Vol 24 (suppl.2) , Page A317
  • Precut Sphincterotomy : is it worth the risk? - KK Peddi, DF Martin. Accepted for poster presentation at BSG 2008; Abstract no 250 in GUT, Vol 57 (suppl.1)
  • Needle knife papillotomy in expert hands : Is it safe and effective? - KK Peddi, DF Martin. Abstract in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (GIE) 2007; Vol 65, Number 5, Page AB218 and Poster presentation at DDW, Washington
  • Experience with Endoclips in acute GI bleeds in a tertiary center - F.Mohammed, KK Peddi, C Babbs. Abstract in GUT, Poster presentation at BSG 2007
  • Muscle cramps in patients on Home parenteral Nutrition : Is there a predictable pattern? - KK Peddi, F Mohammed, J Shaffer . GUT Supplement 2007; Vol 55, Page A180 and Poster presentation at UEGW, Berlin
  • An interesting case of Jaundice with multisystem involvement - KK Peddi, D O'Riordan. Electronic case presentation BSG 2006; Vol 55, Page A32, Case no.120 in GUT
  • The Value of 24 hr Blood Pressure Monitoring in Geriatric Population - KK Peddi, T Shawis .Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 2001; 349 - 504, Abstract Number P154 and Poster presentation at American Geriatric Society Annual Conference, Chicago
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