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The team of specialists will evaluate your medical case in detail and you will receive a detailed second opinion for your diagnosis and treatment options.

Dr Shashi Kanth Godey | Ask a Doctor Online | BestDoctor

Dr Shashi Kanth Godey

Dr B N Prasad | Ask a Doctor Online | BestDoctor

Dr B N Prasad

Dr Veda Prakash Gowda | Ask a Doctor Online | BestDoctor

Dr Veda Prakash Gowda

Dr Praveen Mereddy | Ask a Doctor Online | BestDoctor

Dr Praveen Mereddy


My son is training for triathlon, and he was dealing with a chronic shoulder problem. He was constantly going through cycles with his shoulder: extensive pain followed by rest and recovery. So we have finally taken Orthopedic second opinion online. We really wish we would have contacted them sooner. The tauma panel worked on the MRI reports to get to the real source of the shoulder pain. After a short and intensive treatment program, his shoulder is feeling better than ever. Now he has full range of motion, no pain, and moving much more efficiently. Thanks to ask an orthopedist online service.

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