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Ask a Psychiatrist

Ask a Psychiatrist online and get Psychiatry Second Opinion for mental health disorders that include: Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and phobias; Mood disorders, including major depression, and bipolar disorder; Psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia; Personality Disorders; Psychiatric disorders affected by or influencing concurrent serious medical illness (e.g. anxiety and thyroid disease, depression and heart disease, organ transplantation, etc.)

Psychiatric problems are increasing globally due to various factors. It has been seen that when psychiatric disorders are not treated at the right time, they can turn serious. Seeking help of a psychiatrist is very important in such situations. Since the types of such disorders are varied, you must ask a psychiatrist about the exact nature of your psychological problem. The psychiatrist can explain the problem and the possible treatments of the same.

Ask a Mental Health Expert Online for Psychiatry Second Opinion

Online Medical Second opinions in psychiatry are very important. This is the reason Best Doctor brings to you some of the best psychiatrists, who can be contacted online. Through our platform, you can ask a mental health expert all kinds of queries regarding the psychiatric problem and its possible cure and remedy. All correspondences take place through email on out platform and patients can get answers to their questions in the best manner.

If you Feel that Any of the Below Statements Relate to How You are Responding to Treatment, Please Seek a Psychiatry Second Opinion.

  • Current treatment is not working as expected
  • Symptoms get better but keep coming back
  • Not responding well to medication
  • Feel like giving up on your current therapy
  • Unclear diagnosis or coexistence of multiple conditions at once

Ask a Psychiatrist Questions Online

At Best Doctor, ask a psychiatrist online for seeking valuable psychiatry second opinion. The questions can be asked only via email now. Seek an appointment with the psychiatrist online and you can get answers to all your questions from the best mental health professional on our panel. Psychiatrists on our panel will go through all your reports and prescriptions and suggest if the ongoing treatment is correct or not. In case of changes, the doctor will recommend accordingly so that you are benefited.

Benefits of Asking a Psychiatrist Online

Ask a mental health question from the best online psychiatrist at Best Doctor. There are many advantages of seeking online consultation. They are:

  • No need of any physical travel
  • Saves time and energy
  • You can ask questions which you might be hesitant in asking while meeting doctor face to face
  • Seeking consultation from the best psychiatrists from home
  • Getting answers for all kinds of queries without moving an inch

Questions to Ask a Mental Health Expert about Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is one of the most common psychological disorders seen in people. Also termed as maniac depression, this needs immediate attention for complete cure:

  • What is bipolar I and bipolar II disorder?
  • Is bipolar disorder hereditary? Can my children inherit the same if I suffer from it?
  • How does lifestyle impact bipolar disorder?
  • Do anti-depressants help in treating bipolar disorder?
  • Are there any side effects of medicines which are recommended for treating bipolar disorder?

Questions to Ask a Psychiatrist online about Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a troublesome psychological disorder which needs immediate medical attention so that the problem does not aggravate beyond control.

  • What is schizophrenia and what are the symptoms of the same?
  • Are there any conditions which can lead to worsening of schizophrenia symptoms?
  • What is the best psychotherapy for treating schizophrenia?
  • Will I be able to lead a normal life and carry out regular activities with this disorder?
  • Can medications and therapies cure schizophrenia completely?

Questions to Ask a Psychiatrist online about ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a syndrome which affects children and adults alike. Sufferers have very low attention and concentration span and it hampers learning, performance, productivity etc greatly.

  • How to understand if I have ADHD?
  • What are the most common treatments recommended for ADHD?
  • Are there specific psychiatric therapies which can help in overcoming ADHD?
  • How long might it take for individuals to overcome the problem of ADHD completely?
  • Is the problem of ADHD hereditary in nature?

Questions to Ask a Mental Health Expert about Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the killing ailments today leading to 100 other problems in the body – both physical and mental. Get rid of the problem at the earliest to lead a healthy and happy life.

  • What are the identifiable symptoms of anxiety?
  • Can there be other physical problems contributing to anxiety disorders?
  • Are therapy sessions useful in treating anxiety? How long should I continue them?
  • If anti-anxiety drugs are recommended, how long should I take them?
  • Are there chances that anxiety symptoms will return?

Questions to Ask a Psychiatrist online about Depression

Depression can be killing from all aspects – mental and physical. Getting depression treated is important before it takes a toll on one’s life.

  • Are there different kinds of depressions? Which is the one from which I am suffering?
  • What are the symptoms of depression?
  • Can there be other physical reasons contributing to depression?
  • Do anti-depressants cause harmful side effects?
  • Can therapies help in treating depression?

Before the psychological disorders go out of hand, it is good to ask a psychiatrist  online and get proper treatment.

I was shocked when i learned that my skin rash and itching is not because of infection and its due to stress. I have been using all the topical creams from 1.5 years with no results and worsen my condition. I found the right treatment line when i opted to "ask a psychiatrist" option at BestDoctor. I shared the info with family doctor and got right treatment.

I would like to thank the psychiatry team, who helped me in coping with my distressed personal life due to divorce and consequences and saved my professional life. I have been diagnosed chronic depression and also they helped me with therapies and guided medication to cope up. Now i am waking up in the morning with good energy levels after using online psychiatry consultation.

Thanks, Ask a Psychiatrist service helped me understand my anxiety issues.

I have been addicted to mobile and youtube these days. I never cared about it until it affected my personal and professional life a bit. After consulting here i am working towards managing my time efficiently. Thanks, BestDoctor online Psychiatrist panel.

I have been suffering from depression and work aversion syndrome. BestDoctor ask a psychiatrist online helped me to get better with my condition. Thanks to the team.

Thanks for the reassurance on the medicine dosage of my brother's anxiety treatment and psychiatrist second opinion cleared our concerns about the side effects.

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